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So you’ve just launched your new lifestyle blog and have a few posts up! Congratulations! But now you’re stuck for blog post ideas… It happens to all of us. So I’ve come up with more than 100 lifestyle blog post ideas (for 2024) that can keep you creating fresh new content, week after week.

These are lifestyle blog post topics that are fairly popular on Pinterest and you can easily adapt to make them your own in terms of your perspective or a relevant anecdote.

They’re also great blog topics for questions that your readers may have, that you can help answer.

Grab your notebook and pen, a cup of coffee or tea and let’s delve into blog post ideas that will get your readers loving your content!

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Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Blogs

When developing this list of lifestyle blog post ideas I looked at a few things:

  • How popular is this topic in Google searches?
  • Is this topic showing up in Pinterest searches?
  • Am I seeing these topics showing up in Facebook groups/posts?

This list doesn’t cover every niche in the lifestyle genre, however, it gives you some good starters.

Remember that you can always modify the basic idea to work for your specific niche!

But now, let’s jump to the blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs that I’ve researched and brainstormed for you.

General Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

These are general lifestyle blog topics that can be found in any lifestyle-focused blog. No special niche is required!

  1. A Sunday night routine for a great start to the week
  2. Your top productivity tips
  3. Top 10 ways you save money
  4. Top ways you deal with stress
  5. Cool DIY gift you can make for under $20
  6. Your tips for growing an Instagram account
  7. Your favourite blogging tips for other new bloggers
  8. A review of a new product you purchased (e.g. new mascara, skincare product, book, utensil etc.)
  9. How you stay organized
  10. A round-up of life hacks
  11. Technical tips you’ve learned as a new blogger
  12. Ten things you’d tell your 20-year old self
  13. Favourite quotes on a topic (e.g. inspirational quotes, travel quotes, parenting quotes…)
  14. Five favourite accessories in your closet the best way you use them
  15. An easy home renovation activity that anybody can do on a budget
  16. Five basic wardrobe items that every woman should have in her closet (e.g. capsule wardrobe)
  17. Date night ideas
  18. Frugal date ideas
  19. How to make a great first impression
  20. Ten awesome hostess gifts
  21. Five things you need to know how to fix (e.g. change car tire etc.)
  22. A book review
  23. Laundry tips for beginners
  24. Your very own list of blog post topics for lifestyle blogs!
  25. A list of the best museums in your area to visit on a rainy day
  26. Interview a veteran blogger
  27. Share a list of the best dance songs for parties
  28. Your workout routine: how you stay fit
  29. Time-saving tips for weekly activities
  30. Your top motivational quotes
  31. Five ways to live a healthy lifestyle
  32. How to let go of negative thoughts and feelings
  33. Your top 10 money-saving tips
  34. 10 fun activities to do in X season (whatever season is the closest coming up)
  35. How to throw a cocktail party/BBQ/birthday party (whatever kind of party) at home the easy way
  36. Five ways to reduce stress in your life
  37. Housewarming gift ideas
  38. How to set up your very own coffee station at home
  39. Five ways to keep yourself warm on the coldest days
  40. Interesting ways to store keepsakes and momentoes
  41. Kitchen essentials you can’t live without
  42. How you practice the hygge (or whatever is the latest trendy) lifestyle
  43. Ways to get a better sleep
  44. How to start Monday morning the right way
  45. Best tips for a great start to the day
  46. How to be a relaxed, happy parent
  47. How to be a great friend
  48. How to make a memory box or a time capsule
  49. How to make new friends
  50. How to be happy with your life

Beauty & Skincare Blog Post Ideas

Specifically for fashionistas! A brief but smart list of fashion blog post ideas to get you started.

  1. Your morning skincare routine
  2. Your evening skincare routine
  3. The best mascara on the market: do a product review
  4. Hottest shades of lipstick you’re wearing this season
  5. The five-minute make-up routine for busy women/moms
  6. How to apply skincare products
  7. Five ways to take care of your skin during X season
  8. Product review of a new skincare product
  9. A round-up of cool new products for hair/skin/make-up
  10. Face masks you can make at home with natural ingredients
  11. How to take care of your skin in Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
  12. Tips on what to do when you get a sunburn
  13. Gua Sha massages to keep your face looking young
  14. Easy facial massage techniques
  15. How to create at-home, natural face treatments

Food & Drink Blog Post Ideas

Some of the most popular blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs are your favourite recipes and food tips! Share these with the world.

  1. Your favourite easy and quick-to-prepare snack: share your recipe
  2. How to make a “XYZ” drink (e.g. choose a timely, classic or popular cocktail or a mocktail)
  3. The best mac ‘n cheese combinations
  4. Your ultimate sandwich recipe
  5. Tips for healthy lunches that don’t need to be heated up
  6. Bento box ideas
  7. Five comfort food recipes everybody should know how to make by age 25
  8. Your ultimate smoothie recipe
  9. Appetizer recipes that wow your guests
  10. Your favourite make-ahead batch meal you make Sunday night for easy meals throughout the week
  11. Five yummy variations on an easy spaghetti dish
  12. Salad dressings that taste awesome
  13. Easy lunches with five ingredients
  14. Delicious lunch salad ideas for work or school
  15. Favourite restaurant meal copycat recipes
  16. A round-up of your favourite comfort foods (partner up with other bloggers on this who may have recipe posts you can link to in this post)

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Wellness And Personal Development Blog Post Ideas

A few more lifestyle blog post ideas on general wellness and personal development.

  1. How to become more disciplined and reach your goals
  2. How to live life more simply
  3. How to stay motivated, even when things get difficult
  4. Tips for a less stressful life
  5. How to get past self-doubt
  6. Personal growth tips and goals
  7. How to build healthy relationships with others
  8. How to deal with conflict in your family
  9. Tips on how to get out of feeling depressed
  10. Things to focus on in your life for more happiness
  11. How to use a journal to help you balance stress
  12. Great habits to adopt to live a more balanced life
  13. How to let go of toxic people
  14. How to achieve your personal goals
  15. How to create a vision board for your life goals

Self-Care Blog Post Ideas

Self-care is one of the most popular blog topics within the lifestyle blog category. If you can add a few posts on this topic you’ll see traffic to your site.

  1. Your favourite self-care activities
  2. How to start a self-care routine that’s easy to follow
  3. What are self-care routines and why you need them
  4. A simple self-care daily routine to be your optimal self
  5. Self-care routine for your skin
  6. Mental self-care activities to reduce stress
  7. Simple ways to focus on yourself throughout the day
  8. How to fit in self-care during a busy day
  9. Mom self-care ideas
  10. College student self-care ideas
  11. The different types of self-care activities and how they help you on a holistic level
  12. How to squeeze in self-care activities during a busy week

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Home DIY And Home Decor Blog Topics

These lifestyle topics geared toward the home are popular, trendy blog post ideas. This is a great opportunity to show off your DIY and designer skills.

  1. Home decor tips for (enter season)
  2. Easy DIY home decor projects
  3. How to update your living room decor
  4. Easy ways to upgrade your kitchen
  5. Budget-friendly decor upgrades that elevate your home
  6. Home design styles: which one best suits you?
  7. Key elements of [enter style]: how to incorporate it into your home decor
  8. Your ultimate guide to Feng Shui: how to improve your home’s energy flow
  9. Organization and de-cluttering hacks for your home
  10. Eco-friendly home decor ideas
  11. How to create an outdoor retreat: tips for your deck or patio
  12. Color psychology: how paint colors reflect a mood
  13. Design solutions for small spaces: how to decorate your tiny rooms
  14. Design and decor tips from top designers
  15. How to infuse your home with Boho-inspired DIY decor

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Travel Blog Post Ideas

The travel life can be fun and people are always interested to read more about places they dream of visiting. These travel blog post topics can inspire you with some fresh ideas.

  1. Packing tips for a trip to XYZ destination
  2. Top things to see in XYZ as a tourist
  3. The best places to explore in [location name]
  4. The top then things to do in your city or regional area
  5. The best day trips from [location]
  6. Best countries to visit for [type of interest/travel style]
  7. Things to avoid when visiting [location]
  8. Local customs you need to know about in [location]
  9. How to score the best travel deals
  10. Airport do’s and don’ts before your flight

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More Blog Post Ideas For You!

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and come up with this list of the best blog post topics for lifestyle blogs to help you continue blogging.

If you’re a mom blogger, check out this HUGE list of over 300+ mom blog post ideas.

However, there are many more seasonal blog post ideas and monthly blog post ideas.

They are a great opportunity for a mini boost in blog traffic!

Seasonal blog post ideas:

Monthly blog post ideas:

If you’d like to learn how to always come up with fresh blog post ideas for a lifestyle blog that your readers will love, I offer coaching on content creation.

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Tips For Writing Lifestyle Blog Posts

Now that you’ve probably got several lifestyle blog post topics to write about, remember:

  • Do your research if it’s a topic you aren’t so knowledgeable about. Ensure that what you’re sharing is accurate and informative.
  • Provide as much information in a well-written, easily readable blog post that readers LOVE to read: remember to interlink with any other existing posts you have and add a few good outbound links for reference.

And don’t forget to write seasonal topics to consistently get more traffic. You can beat the summer blog traffic slump!

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Promote Your Lifestyle Blog Post Effectively

Once you’ve written your blog post based on one of these lifestyle blog post ideas, it’s time to promote!

This is the final step after publishing your post. Consider all of the ways you can share that post – aside from the usual social media channels and promoting blog posts on Pinterest.

And there are sometimes unusual ways to boost your blog traffic that you should consider trying out as a strategy as well.

Don’t forget about Facebook groups – check out my list of favourite Facebook groups for bloggers with promotion opportunities.

At the end of the day, find the blog promotion strategies that work with your blog niche and audience.

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Promote Your Content On Pinterest!

Don’t forget to include a Pinterest pin for each blog post you create. I’ve made it easy for you to create them in Canva (free & Pro).

Get 10 FREE Pinterest pin templates here:

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Learn How To Become A Content Generation Pro

Want to learn how to come up with the perfect blog posts for your blog niche?

As a blog coach, I offer coaching sessions on these topics as well as SEO. Let’s see how we can help you excel at blog content generation.

Happy blogging!

QUESTION: What other lifestyle blog topics should be added to this list?

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