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Write An About Me Page That Converts Readers Into Fans

Create a great first impression! Get a free 12-page workbook and template walks you through the process of writing your About Me page. 

Includes tips on how to develop your blog’s branding and a checklist of key elements you need for your About Me page.

 Attract readers, interested followers and clients with your personal and blog branding!

What You'll Learn:


How to organize your content on your About Me page so that it addresses reader’s questions and welcomes them.


How to effectively create your blog’s brand messaging.


How to position yourself as a credible, experienced niche expert (even when you’re on the way to getting there!). 

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What other say

"Margaret's About Me Page template help me craft my page faster and better - it looks professional!"

Margaret B Blog Branding Toolkit

A little about me

Hi, I'm Margaret

Blogging is my passion. My creative outlet and my hobby turned business. 

With over 20 years in PR, marketing and branding, I bring my knowledge from working with brands of all sizes to the blogging world. 

I teach you how to niche down, focus on your audience and create brand messaging that resonates with your target reader. 

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