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April is one of my favourite months as my area of Canada experiences warmer and longer days. We’re outside more and everything is fresh and new! It’s also a time when many are searching for tips and inspiration, and so I’m sharing 30 engaging April blog post ideas to inspire you!

Although you may find your blog traffic dipping a bit in April for generic, “evergreen” content, you’ll find people interested in Spring and April-specific content.

This is why it’s important to always include April blog topics for a little added “Spring” to your blog traffic stats. I couldn’t help myself with that pun!

I’ve developed this shortlist of 30 April blog post topics for your lifestyle blog to help you find at least one or two timely blog post topics to give more traffic.

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April blog topics

30 April Blog Post Ideas

These are general April blog post ideas on a broad range of lifestyle topics. There’s something here on this list for any kind of blogger in that category.

Since Easter is a moving date, you’ll find more Easter-related blog post topics

I always make sure the blog topics I come up with are popular topics that attract readers.

  1. Fun jokes to play on April Fools Day
  2. The best Peanut Butter and Jelly recipes (April 2 is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day)
  3. Ways to celebrate the Earth on April 22nd – Earth Day
  4. Cute Easter traditions for kids
  5. Tips on how to have a Spring picnic
  6. Things to do in your garden in April
  7. How to set up your garden flower beds
  8. Spring outdoor clean-up in April
  9. Outdoor living space tips
  10. Perfect Jazz tunes for your April dinner party (April 30 is International Jazz Day)
  11. Fun things to do with kids in April
  12. Fun things to do on April rainy days
  13. Delicious April recipes with fresh ingredients
  14. The perfect finger food recipes for April cocktail parties
  15. The best Asparagus recipes
  16. Spring cupcake recipes
  17. Enjoy your greens with tasty seasonal salads
  18. Spring picnic ideas and tips
  19. Things to photograph this April
  20. Spring clean your closet
  21. Home decor tips with April flowers
  22. Easy DIY home upgrades to do in April
  23. Best farms and petting zoos to visit this April
  24. April-themed nail designs
  25. Wardrobe must-haves for Spring April days
  26. Cute umbrellas for rainy April walks
  27. Stylish April outfit ideas
  28. What to wear on rainy days
  29. What to wear on a Spring hiking date
  30. The best self-care tips for April

A bonus idea: Skincare tips for early Spring weather!

PRO TIP: Add relevant Spring quotes to your blog posts to make them richer.

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April Blog Post Ideas PIN 2023

Publish Your April Posts In Early March

If you can, publish your April-theme blog posts by no later than early March, so when you submit your post to Google Search Console for indexing, it starts ranking quicker.

This also gives people enough time to plan and do some research. A good rule of thumb is to post no later than a month before if you’re writing on seasonal topics.

Spring Clean Your Blog!

Did you know that the summer period is the time when people spend the least time on their blogs? There’s so much to do! But if your blog includes tips for summer activities or events, Spring is the best time to write and publish.

However, what do you do when your blog is in need of an overhaul?

If you’ve been thinking of doing some upgrades to your blog, this is a good time to do it before the summer season keeps distracting you from your site!

Spruce up your:

  • Boost your site speed with one of the best caching plugins: WP Rocket has greatly speeded up my sites, going from approximately 39 on the Google Page Speed Test to 85+, loading it quickly for site users.

It’s also a good time to update old blog posts that need fresh information and new links.

And don’t forget to update keywords and tweak your on-page SEO for blog posts – especially older ones that have been sliding in ranking over time.

Get my free on-page SEO keyword worksheet and checklist to help you organize your updates.

Finally, don’t forget to create a new batch of Pinterest pins – it’s always good to keep these fresh.

More Than April Content Ideas: More Blog Post Ideas

If these April content ideas aren’t enough and you need some more inspiration for blog post ideas, check out these posts:

Also, if you need the best Spring hashtags for all of those gorgeous, colourful visuals I bet you’re going to take and post, I’ve got you covered too. For outdoor activities and adventures, check out my list of over 100+ nature and outdoor activity hashtags.

Before you go, I’ve got a curated collection of beautiful Spring aesthetic wallpapers for your phone lock screen too!

Now enjoy your Spring and start writing!

QUESTION: Are there any other April blog post ideas you think should be added to this list! Share them in the comments.

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April blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

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