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Don’t want to spend hours promoting your blog posts on social media? It’s time to learn how to repurpose blog content for social media and other channels start using your content creation time wisely!

There are 10 smart ways to repurpose blog content – on social media and using other channels – to showcase your expertise and build your personal brand.

While you’re probably reading this to see how to use your blog content to attract people to your site, there’s more to it.

Using blog content on social media, in podcasts, videos and newsletters can also build your position as a niche expert.

It’s a win-win situation.

This is why using your blog content smartly can save you time and effort. Creating content from scratch can take much extra time.

Content marketing is a skill that you can easily learn with a bit of ingenuity. It all starts with the information. The rest is easy.

I wrote this post backward: it originally started as an Instagram post on repurposing blog content and became a blog post. Let’s look at the 10 ways you cleverly can use existing content to grow your blog and online presence.

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How To Repurpose Blog Content For Social Media And More

There are a few reasons why a blogger will want to learn how to repurpose blog content for social media and other marketing activities.

  • Drive traffic back to their site
  • Build awareness of their blog
  • Grow their personal brand as a niche expert
  • Build a trusted follower base that can be converted into customers

I repurpose my blog content for all four reasons.

These 10 ways to repurpose your blog content may not work for you. Not everybody has a podcast. Some shy away from TikTok and Instagram reels.

That’s fine. However, you have a list of options to turn blog content into 50-plus pieces of fresh content for marketing purposes.

Start with these content marketing tips and see how your blog will explode.

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1. Podcast

One of the coolest ways to repurpose blog content is to use it in a podcast.

This gives people an opportunity to discover your blog through a different format.

You can take each heading in your blog post and break it down into short podcast episodes. For example, this post can be all about how to repurpose a blog post for a podcast episode.

You can speak to how to use the tips to create an outline, then record it and promote it.

Share the general tips with a call to action to delve deeper into all of the tips in the post.

PRO TIP: Want to start a podcast of your own? It’s a fantastic way to grow your blog traffic and build your personal brand. Look into Captivate to host your podcast – it’s easy to use, with many tools for monetizing and promoting your podcast. You can create unlimited podcasts with the entry package.

2. YouTube Video

Repurposing your blog content through video is like taking a podcast and layering on visuals.

You may have started a YouTube channel, but you’re not sure what to share visually with your readers and viewers.

You can:

  • Do a mini-recap of the points you raise in your blog post
  • Show the process if your post is a tutorial
  • Create a brief video infographic

Add the video to YouTube so you can embed it in your blog post. This keeps people longer on your blog, which is good for your SEO.

PRO TIP: Add a link to your blog post in the description. If you mention affiliate products in the video, this is where you add them as well.

3. Newsletters

One of the most genius ways to repurpose blog content is to use it to create an editorial calendar for your newsletters.

When you’re lost for ideas, your older blog posts will be an inspiration for your newsletter content.

For example, one post on the many different types of cookies can be a series that delves into the intricacies of chocolate chip cookies, macaroons, madeleines, oatmeal raisin cookies, almond cookies, etc.

What I like to do with blog content is to promote it as “Recently Published” or “Stories Of Interest”.

Here’s an example:

Examples of how to repurpose blog content for social media and newsletters - newsletter example.

PRO TIP: Use your newsletter as a means to drive people back to your site. Spark their interest to learn more.

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4. Instagram Post

While Instagram posts may not generate too much traffic for most blog niches, they can certainly spark interest in checking out your site over time.

Repurpose blog content into useful carousels and infographics.

For example, I’ve used some of my content from my blog post ideas posts to create this carousel post:

Notice how that caption has a call-to-action to click on the link in my profile to get access to the full post.

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5. Instagram Stories

I love using Instagram Stories and you can repurpose not only your blog content but Instagram posts.

You can repurpose your Instagram post and make it into an Instagram Story with a link sticker that points to the blog post.

Take your static Instagram post that you just created, and resize it to work with Instagram stories.

You can repurpose it in Canva:

  • Show only the first carousel post image
  • Design a story with the blog post title and a list of tips or steps
  • Create a short video or boomerang

Add the link sticker and include a call-to-action to the blog post link.

One of the smartest and quickest ways to repurpose blog content is to use a Pinterest pin image you’ve already designed and added to it. Include a link sticker and you’re done!

See what I did here:

An example of how to use a Pinterest pin image for Instagram stories and a link sticker - how to repurpose blog content.

6. Instagram Reels

The most successful reels are short and sweet. Here are some of the best practices for repurposing blog content into Instagram reels:

  • Hook your reader with the problem your blog post answers
  • Provide one solution or a brief walkthrough of the steps.
  • Your visuals can be as simple as a list or text on one video, or more than one scene that explains something
  • Use your caption to provide more information and include a call-to-action to find your blog post link in your profile.

Reels may not drive much traffic for most niches, but it’s a great way to build your online presence if you’re consistent.

7. TikTok

See the Instagram reels above.

Hook your TikTok viewers in with a tip, step by step or before and after. Spark their interest to find out more.

PRO TIP: Instagram reels and TikTok videos that capture interest in the first two to three seconds do the best. Use them to build your personal or blog brand by becoming an interesting/valuable resource for your niche.

8. Pinterest Pins

Anybody who’s promoting content on Pinterest knows how easy it is to generate traffic and build your online presence through pins.

You can get past the simple pin design with brief text and attract interest in unique ways.

You can repurpose your blog content in many ways using static Pinterest pins:

  • Listicle blog posts can be made into informative list-text pins
  • Use your original photos
  • Create an infographic based on your content
  • Do a step-by-step checklist
  • Highlight the freebie you’ve embedded in your blog post

Here are a few examples of Pinterest pin images that go beyond the simple pin + text formula.

How To repurpose blog content example of Pinterest pins
How to repurpose blog content pin to quote
How to repurpose blog content lists

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9. Pinterest Video Pins

They used to be called Idea Pins – Pinterest video pins are a great way to generate interest through a series of tips or information.

Like Instagram reels and TikTok videos, video pins are best used when they take content from your post and show a before and after transformation, share a short list of tips or solutions, or answer a question.

You can link to your blog post in the description to drive traffic to it.

PRO TIP: Many content creators reuse their TikToks or Instagram reel content for Video Pins. This is what I did with this video about Google algorithm updates that I originally created as an Instagram reel.

10. X/Threads

While X and Threads are good places to grow your personal brand, they are also useful for promoting your blog.

BUT… you have to be careful. X, in particular, is focusing on keeping people on its platform longer.

So, create a series of threaded posts based on your blog content.

A smart way to do this is to take the blog topic and share all of the key points from the headings of your post. Summarize them!

Make the last post the one where you share a link.

Go Beyond The Basics With Content Marketing

Marketing your blog content and blogging business means doing a bit more work than just relying on SEO and Pinterest.

While these two blog promotion strategies can be great, why not start:

  • Growing traffic with repurposed content
  • Build your personal brand
  • Grow awareness of your position as a niche expert
  • Grow awareness of other things you offer on your site

All of these things go hand-in-hand. Get started today and see what kind of results you’ll get!

Now That You Know How To Repurpose A Blog Post…

What should your next steps be?

Create a content calendar for social media posts.

You can use tips about how to use Airtable – a free organization and productivity tool – that I shared in my post on how to create a blog content calendar.

Just switch out the focus on blogging to social media posts.

Take all of your older posts and start repurposing them for fresh new social media posts, podcasts, newsletters and more.

Add quotes – like these quotes from the top digital marketers – to enrich your content.

Before you go, do you need some fresh Pinterest pin templates to quickly repurpose content into pins?

Happy repurposing!

QUESTION: Which of these content marketing strategies will you take to repurpose your blog content?

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