Winter blog post topics for lifestyle blogs

Ahh… winter. The time to cocoon, stay home and catch up on quiet times. It’s also a perfect time to blog and share your ideas, information and tips with others. This is why I’ve got 100 Winter blog post ideas if you’re stuck on this season’s hot topics.

There are so many fun things to do in the winter! From Christmas blog topics to winter activities.

And yes, there are the Winter blues.

You can help your readers get through the dark wintery days!

Fall is the best time to start writing your winter blog posts, so let’s get you started sooner than later.

To get you inspired to blog on topics that people will be searching for this Winter, I’ve developed this handy list for lifestyle bloggers.

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100 Cool Winter Blog Post Ideas

Get Started With These Winter Blog Post Ideas

The one thing I’ve tried to do with these topics for winter posts is to make them “evergreen”.

This means you can write about these Winter blog post topics and have minimal updates the next year.

They are Winter content ideas that survive the test of time – they aren’t trendy.

At most, you’ll need to update affiliate links and products, if you decide to feature them in your posts.

You’re welcome! I’ve just saved you some valuable time, so you could do fun stuff, like Holiday shopping and playing in the snow.

So, let’s get started with writing Winter blog posts!

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General Winter Topics

These are broad winter blog post ideas that are perfect for kicking off the season, and for the worst part of it when we’re feeling the winter blues.

  • How to survive the Winter blues.
  • Top things to do during the winter period (a winter bucket list).
  • Ways to keep connected with others this winter.
  • How to deal with shorter days during the Winter.
  • Best ways to enjoy cold winter nights at home.
  • Top Winter quotes to get you into the mood this season
  • Instagram ideas for this Winter season
  • Hobbies you can start this Winter at home
  • Movie and TV marathons that are perfect for Winter nights.
  • Productive things to do at home on cold winter days.
  • Why Winter is the best time to work on your procrastination list.

Winter Food & Drink Blog Post Ideas

So much amazing, delicious food and drinks during the winter period!

If you’re a food blogger, this is the best time of the year for amazing blog posts.

So many blog post topics to write about. Here’s just a sample.

  • Whisky cocktails to make this winter at home.
  • Warm up with these five winter cocktails.
  • Non-whisky cocktails for winter sipping.
  • Five retro adult coffee drinks to revive this winter (alcohol added).
  • Apple cider drinks to make this winter.
  • The best comfort food for dreary winter days (round-up post).
  • Easy-to-make soups for weeknights.
  • Rich and easy pasta dishes with winter vegetables.
  • The best chocolate chip cookie recipes.
  • How to stretch your leftovers into delicious comfort food recipes
  • Healthy winter dishes to keep your weight down.
  • Best winter recipes for kids: simple comfort foods for weeknight dinners
  • Winter dessert recipes that delight.
  • Hearty winter meals that are healthy and low calorie.
  • Your January meal planner for post-Holiday light meals.

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115+ Delicious Food Blog Post Ideas

Winter Parenting Blog Post Ideas

Cabin fever is every parent’s nightmare. When the kids keep telling you they’re bored. I’ve got you covered with these winter parenting blog post ideas!

  • How to beat the winter blues with your kids: fun, unusual activities that beat boredom
  • Winter traditions your kids will remember for years to come
  • Tips for creating the perfect snowman
  • Snow removal tips: how to get your kids engaged in helping out
  • Tips for teaching little kids how to put their snow gear on and off
  • Winter indoor activities for the family 
  • How to prep for Spring in wintertime (teaching kids about planting seeds, etc)
  • Easy baking recipes to make with your kids this winter
  • 5 family movies to introduce your kids during a snowstorm 
  • Outdoor winter activities to keep your family healthy.
  • Tobogganing and sledding safety tips for parents and kids.
  • Best family-friendly activities (in your local area)
  • Family-friendly TV shows to enjoy this winter.
  • Delicious, comfort-food recipes to make with your kids this winter.
  • Why creating a weekly family fun night is the best way to beat the winter blahs.

Fashion And Beauty Winter Blog Post Ideas

For fashion and beauty winter blog post ideas, there are many general topics you can add to your list. Just customize them to this year’s trends!

  • Skincare tips for dry winter days
  • Simple hairstyles for winter
  • How to deal with hat head: hairstyles for winter hats
  • Winter-themed nail polish designs
  • Makeup trends for this winter 
  • The closet essentials for a cozy winter style 
  • Best new boots for winter style
  • How to take care of dry, cracked hands and nails this winter
  • How to change up your skincare routine for the winter months
  • Ways you can do an at-home spa treatment for your face

Winter Self-Care And Wellness Blog Post Topics

With all the extra time on your hands during the winter period, you can focus on self-care and your wellness.

This list of self-care blog post ideas and wellness topics will be top-of-mind for January and February.

  • Why it’s important to create quiet moments throughout the day this winter
  • 5 self-care activities for the winter period that make you feel refreshed
  • How to create a spa-like feel in your own bathroom 
  • 5 books you need to read this winter for your mental well-being 
  • The power of prayer, meditation and mindfulness on getting us through the darkest months
  • Winter self-care tips to balance your life.
  • Simple ways to keep happy during winter months.
  • The benefits of Winter outdoor activities for your wellbeing
  • How to make self-care and a focus on your well-being a priority this winter.
  • Self-care tips for your mind and body this winter
Winter Blog Post Ideas outdoor adventures
So many fun winter topics to write about!

Winter Health And Fitness Blog Post Ideas

Here are some useful Winter blog post ideas that your readers will be searching for year.

  • How to stay fit without going to the gym this winter.
  • Five ways to transform your basement into a gym.
  • Fun winter activities that burn crazy calories.
  • How to balance comfort foods and an active lifestyle this winter.
  • Ways to avoid winter weight gain with these simple changes.
  • How to boost your immune system to keep healthy this winter.
  • How to keep the Holiday weight gain down this year.
  • Ways to keep motivated to work out during the winter months,
  • Simple exercises you can do while doing your winter movie or TV marathons.
  • How to beat the winter blahs with these serotonin-boosting exercises

The Home & Home Decor Winter Blog Post Ideas

So much to do during the Winter period when it comes to the home and home decor. Not only Holiday decorations! Here are winter blog post ideas that go beyond Holiday decorations.

  • Simple Holiday decorations for your home you can make yourself.
  • This year’s hottest Holiday decor trends.
  • How to recycle Holiday decorations and make them look new again.
  • Easy Holiday decorations you can make with your kids.
  • A round-up of Holiday decor ideas to drool over.
  • Winter decor tips to brighten your mood.
  • How to make your home cozy this winter with these simple tips.
  • Self-isolating this winter in style: easy ways to upscale our decor on a dime.
  • Ways to make your home office into a cozy winter escape.
  • Living room decor tips for winter life.
  • Holiday decor storage tips to keep your home organized this winter.

Winter Outdoor Activity And Travel Blog Post Tips

We may not be able to travel far, but local travel might be possible. Focus on what’s doable and plan for the future.

  • 10 local places to visit this winter (customize it to your local area or region)
  • Fun winter outdoor activities you can do in your area.
  • How to keep safe this winter on hiking trails.
  • Local winter destinations and events to support this year.
  • Safe driving tips for winter road trips.
  • What to pack for a winter day trip.
  • Top winter day trips from {insert city}.
  • Ways to get more out of nature hikes this winter.
  • The best winter outdoor gear for long walks and hikes.
  • Unusual winter activities to try for the first time this year.

Winter Holiday Blog Post Ideas

The Holiday season is always a BIG source of blog traffic for many people. This year, there’s a new level of interest in making the Holiday season awesome. Here are just a few winter Holiday blog post topic ideas to get you started.

  • How to survive the Holiday season.
  • Simple ways to enjoy Holiday festivities at home this year.
  • How to use technology in unique ways to connect with family members this Christmas.
  • Celebrating Christmas on a budget: tips for making it festive without breaking the bank.
  • Creating new Holiday traditions: ways people plan to celebrate Holidays 2023.
  • Tips for going all out this Holiday season: how to celebrate Christmas 2023 to the max.
  • How to make the Holiday season super fun for your family.
  • The top Holiday 2023 trends.
  • Fun ways to do gifting games.
  • Cool ways to deliver Holiday gifts.
  • Local/handmade gift options for Holiday gift-giving,

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