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Many bloggers – new and old – stick to key strategies for growing blog traffic including SEO for getting found in search engine results, Pinterest and social media activities. But you may be wondering how to increase blog traffic fast, easily and smartly.

There are a few genius tricks for boosting blogging traffic for 2023 that I’ve used that require minimal effort. A win-win, in my books!

I like to call it “low-hanging fruit”. It’s the stuff that’s easy to do!

It’s just, that we sometimes get bogged down with trying to get a completely new blog post published that we forget that there are easy wins for generating blog traffic.

As a reminder, I’ve compiled just a small list, that gives you quick ways to increase your blog traffic.

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How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast

What I’m sharing with you today are quick boosts that don’t require too much of your time. Don’t obsess over these small methods of boosting blog traffic.

They should be quick activities that you do once a month or every little while when you’re feeling like you need a blogging break from your routine.

If they start taking up too much of your time, stop!

There are more important things to do.

Remember, this is just a small way to give your blog a traffic boost. It should be easy and quick.

Not all of these ways to drive traffic to your blog will work for you.

Perhaps you don’t have enough older blog posts to update. Or you have a fear of appearing on camera (that’s another issue we’ll tackle in a future post).

Do one or two things and you’ll see a jump in traffic.

1. Featured Posts In The Sidebar

I’ve always been a proponent of keeping a sidebar for your blog posts. It’s one of the easiest ways to increase blog traffic fast, with minimal effort.

You can entice readers by including an image with a link to a “featured” blog post or a page that you want people to check out.

The bump in traffic won’t be huge, but it will be there nevertheless.

This is one of mine on this site!

How to increase blog traffic fast by using the sidebar and four other methods.

Here are the steps I recommend you take:

  • Check your analytics in Google Analytics to see which blog post is growing in views, but is not in the top five. This means it’s doing OK but maybe needs a little boost.
  • Create an “ad” or image with text. It’s a bit like a Pinterest pin, but it’s to the dimensions that work for my theme’s sidebar. (Check your theme’s recommendations for image sizes for yours – this helps keep it looking centered).
  • Add it to your sidebar as an image, along with the link to the post URL you want to promote.

PRO TIP 1: If your sidebar has a sticky feature that keeps your last few widgets/images showing as a person scrolls down to the bottom of the post, add your new “image” to the end. This is what the reader will continue to see while they read the post they originally landed on.

PRO TIP 2: Change your featured post on the sidebar every month or so to keep things fresh and give other great posts a chance to grow in traffic.

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2. Update Your Interlinks Once A Month

If you’ve posted fresh blog posts, one of the best ways to boost blog traffic is by making sure they are interlinked with related older posts.

Why? It’s GREAT SEO to have older blog posts pointing to your new content.

Older blog posts have more page authority than your new posts. By including links to your new ones, your old blog posts are signalling to Google that the content is related, great content.

This helps boost your new blog posts’ search engine results, and it helps your new posts get found by those reading your older posts.

Interlinking for the win!

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3. Update, Republish And Promote An Old Blog Post

Sometimes you have great older blog posts that might just need a little refresher. Maybe you created it last year and things have changed.

It might be getting a bit less blog traffic, or it’s fallen in rankings in Google searches.

One of the best ways to boost blog traffic without having to create completely new content is to do this:

  • Make the changes to a blog post: update the content, images, and headings and tweak the SEO keywords (add a few new fresh ones in a way that flow nicely with what you’ve written). Make sure to update your SEO title with new keywords as well.
  • Re-publish it (change the date – in WordPress, in the section in your blog post editor, change the date where it says “Publish”)
  • Promote it like a new blog post across all of your social media accounts.
  • Create fresh pins for it and add them to Pinterest.

I did an experiment by updating two blog posts. I promoted them to my email newsletter list, created fresh Pinterest pins, and promoted them on my Facebook page, Facebook group and Twitter. I saw a bump in traffic by 10%.

Need a reminder of what makes for good on-page SEO? Get my FREE SEO printable cheat sheet and checklist for blog posts:

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4. Promote Yourself On Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook groups that allow you to add your blog link to them, and to promote yourself. This is one of the easiest ways to increase blog traffic.

My Facebook group – The Blog It Better Society – has a Saturday thread for promoting your site, freebie opt-in, service or digital products for sale.

When you see a thread for promoting your site and yourself as an expert, ADD YOUR LINK and a short intro telling readers about what your site is all about! Don’t be shy.

Here’s one of my Promotion threads on my Facebook group:

Example of a Facebook thread for blog promotion -  how to increase blog traffic fast.

I like to do this for these kinds of threads:

  • I add a short intro to explain what my blog is about (mission statement summary): “A blog for new and growing bloggers, with tips, content and courses that help them transform their blogs into a successful online business.”
  • Then I add my link to my blog’s MAIN URL.

This gives the person who’s reading it more enticement to click and check out my site. Since they’re landing on my main page, they will more than likely click through it, boosting the time spent on my site.

PRO TIP: Although this is one of the easiest ways to increase blog traffic, be careful to read what’s acceptable and what’s not to post. If you have a business similar to the owner of the Facebook group, unless you have permission to post yours, you really shouldn’t. You wouldn’t want somebody to be poaching existing and potential clients from you, would you?

5. Do A Short Tip Video For Facebook Or Instagram

One of the easiest ways to boost blog traffic is to head to your Facebook page or Instagram (wherever you have a larger audience), to do a short video clip with a tip or two from one of your blog posts.

This is something I’m working on for my Instagram account, as it’s not only a great way to drive people to your blog post but also a way to put a human face to your blog.

People love to know who’s behind their favourite blog. If you’re a coach or consultant, video is one of the best ways for people to figure out if they would be interested in working with you.

So… here’s how you can go about it:

  • Take a blog post that’s for a hot topic, but maybe isn’t getting much traffic.
  • Pull out one of the tips you share in it and create a one-pager with this: 1) the context of the problem your followers may be having on the subject; 2) your tip as the solution 3) a call-to-action to click on the link (in your profile for Instagram) for more on this tip and more great ideas.
  • Make sure you’ve added your link to your profile if you’re using Instagram.

It can be a pre-recorded video with your branding, or it can be a simple live video on Facebook or IGTV/Reel on Instagram.

Make sure you have a description that tells the viewer what they can expect to learn.

PRO TIP FOR INSTAGRAM: If you’re using Instagram, create a separate landing page on your blog for all of the links you reference in Instagram posts/reels/IGTV. Add it to your profile as the main link. This way if it gets found by somebody, and they want to find out more, they click your link, find your page from your site and then click on the relevant blog post.

How Do I Get 1000 Views On My Blog?

This depends on how popular your blog niche is, the quality of your content, how much content you’ve consistently published, whether you have optimized it for SEO, and where and how much you’re promoting it.

Consistently publishing fresh content, and promoting it on platforms which your audience is using, will boost your views to 1000 within a few months.

How Do I Attract Readers To My Blog?

This is a question every new blogger has, and one that you should figure out for longterm success.

There are several ways to attract readers to your blog, including:

  • Writing well-researched, quality content that answers questions readers have
  • Publishing content optimized for the right keywords
  • Consistently publishing content over a period of time
  • Creating a great site visitor experience with a fast theme, caching, easy navigation and formatting: make your blog a professional blog
  • Infusing your blog with your personality: focus on your personal branding

There You Go… Five Ways To Increase Blog Traffic Quickly & Easily

While it’s important to keep to your usual blog promotion strategies, adding in one or two of these small strategies will increase your traffic, even a little bit.

Every little boost for blog traffic counts!

The five ways are:

  1. Use your sidebar to advertise posts that need a boost
  2. Update your interlinks to include new relevant blog posts
  3. Update, republish and promote old blog posts
  4. Promote yourself and your blog on Facebook group promo threads
  5. Use video on Facebook or Instagram to share a tip from a blog post to entice readers to click for more

See which strategy gets the most traffic for you!

Remember that words do matter. You want to use powerful sales words that will entice somebody to click and check out your content. Here’s a great list from Sumo to help you pick out these “power words”.

QUESTION: What are some ways to boost blog traffic that you’d recommend adding to the list?

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