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Ready To Start A Blog?

What if starting a blog wasn’t so overwhelming? What if you had a guide or checklist that helped you go through each step, with tips along the way?  

There are many steps and things to learn when you’re starting a blog for the first time. But it can be a smoothe(r) process when following a step-by-step course, designed with new bloggers in mind!

Enrol in a Start A Blog free course that takes you step-by-step from planning your blog, choosing a blog name and niche, setting up your self-hosted site in WordPress, and getting started with all the key essentials. 

This blogging course includes useful worksheets, printable checklists and templates to help you get started faster and with less overwhelm!

What You'll Learn:


Find clarity for your blog niche, mission and branding. Set up your WordPress site, including essential plugins, and key pages to create a great visitor experience.


Get started creating blog posts that are optimized with SEO best practices.


Develop a general blog promotion strategy to help you start building your blog traffic faster!

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This free course includes checklists, tips and “how-to’s”.  You also get a list of the best tools and resources that I’ve used to grow my blogs. AND, you get $40+ of templates, worksheets and more to get you all organized and working on launching you blog quickly!

Get a special deal on my SEO for Bloggers e-book, and my Pinterest course for beginners. As well as a special offer on Legal Page templates. Get started as soon as you launch in optimizing your site for Google searches, and boost your traffic by using Pinterest the right way!

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Margaret Bourne

Meet The Coach & Course creator

Hello, I'm Margaret

I’m a blog coach and blog strategist, course instructor and blogger with a passion for creating online content. 

I’ve taken my years of experience in PR and marketing, blogging, business and creating content of all types and started a blog coaching business.

My goal is to help and inspire other bloggers to start and grow their sites into fulfilling, successful online businesses.

Read more about how I help bloggers like you!

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Launch It: Start A Blog Free Course & Toolkit

Start planning and launching your very own blog. Go at your own pace, with this free step-by-step Start A Blog free course and toolkit!

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