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MargaretBourne.com is a resource for new and emerging bloggers, who seek the skills and knowledge to blog confidently and profitably. 

Here you’ll find the information, tools and resources for blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, digital content, email marketing, sales funnels and more. 

My goal, as a blogging coach, is to help you get past your challenges, feelings of frustration and overwhelm when starting and growing a blog into an online business.

Develop your blogging skills, adopt a business mindset and create a strategic plan that’ll help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals!

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I've been where You Are...

What if blogging was easier and more profitable?

I almost quit blogging in 2014.

But by tackling the key things that were holding me back from success – blogging skills, knowledge and the right business tools – I transformed from an unsure hobby blogger to a “rise to the challenge” online business owner. 

I want to share this positive approach with you!

You’re ready to give up. Learning everything about blogging seems impossible. More importantly, you aren’t making much, if any money with your blog… not even to cover the cost of self-hosting each year.

Your goal is to turn your blog into a full-time career.
However, there are so many things to learn and figure out. You’re seeking blogging tips for beginners, but there’s so much information out there. What’s accurate, and what’s not? You’re ready to throw in the towel.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Blogging and starting and online business can be easier, more fulfilling and profitable. Whether through taking online courses, or using one-on-one blog coaching services, you can master blogging and create a site that achieves your goals!

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About The Coach

Hi, I'm Margaret

PR Pro. Marketer. Blogger. Blog Coach. Online Entrepreneur.

Blogging is my passion. My creative outlet and my hobby turned business. 

I started out in the public relations and marketing agency world in 2000. Back then, blogs didn’t exist. Fast forward to 2010 and I started Suburban Tourist. After the birth of my son, I re-branded it from an outdoors and travel niche to a lifestyle blog for women over 40. 

With many seeking blog coaching sessions with me, it was time to start MargaretBourne.com

Now I help others, by sharing my blogging tips for beginners and those scaling up to online businesses. I help them achieve their blogging success and online business goals!


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4 Things To Know


Working With Bloggers

My goal is to help other bloggers gain the skills and knowledge they need, in a way that makes them feel confident about blogging, with a strategy in place to become profitable.


What I Don't Do

There’s no BS here… although this is a business, my success is your success. I don’t do the work for you. I teach you how to do the work yourself, but better!


What I truly believe in

Every blogger’s journey to achieving their goals is different. Some require more hands on support than others. But building a successful online blog business is always doable!


A Few Interesting Fun Facts

I run on coffee. I’m first generation Canadian of Polish background. I have an Master of Arts in History (Medieval). My greatest joy is my family!

My Mission

to Help Build skills and Share knowledge that make Bloggers Feel confident And profitable

Core program

Grow It: From Blog To Business

Learning to blog can be chaotic. Grow It gives new bloggers a strategic roadmap with key goals for the first year of blogging. Like a layer cake, build your blog foundation so you’re ready to scale up your blog to a full online business.

About Course

Want to start a blog, but overwhelmed as to where to begin? Get clarity in deciding on a niche, setting up your hosting, and mastering all the nitty-gritty before you launch and start publishing posts.

Transform your beginner blog so it’s ready to begin making money! Fine-tune it with new customer-focused content, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, digital products to sell and other monetization opportunities. 

Turn your blog into a part-time or full-time business. Learn how to start a consulting or coaching business, take your personal branding to the next level, and turn your expertise or hobby into a source of income.

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