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Does life end after 40? Definitely not and if you’re a lifestyle blogger over 40, struggling to figure out what to write about, there are so many blog post ideas for midlife bloggers!

Mostly it’s lifestyle blog topics that you’d write about if you were a Millennial, but with a twist. A bit more maturity, experience and in some cases focus on aging gracefully.

But we also have unique topics that are of general interest to our reading audiences.

There’s a growing audience who want to read on topics relating to them, so that’s why it’s great to have a Gen-X blog or midlife blog.

Mine is Suburban Tourist – which I’m revamping for an audience in my age group.

To give you a bit of inspiration, I’m sharing a curated list of popular blog post ideas for midlife blogs, so you can get started, delighting your readers!

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Best Blog Post Ideas For Midlife Blogs

I’ve broken down the ideas into niches because not every midlife blog is about fashion for women over 40.

Many of these blog post ideas for blogs over 40 and for Gen-X readers can be adapted to suit your specific niche and focus.

Blog Post Ideas For Entrepreneurship And Blogging Over 40

There is a growing number of people over 40 who are starting their own business, side hustle or blog.

Write on popular blog topics on entrepreneurship and business topics for your Gen-X readers.

  • How to start a business over 40
  • How to start blogging over 40
  • How to become a midlife social media influencer
  • Content ideas for social media posts
  • Best productivity and design tools for blogs and businesses over 40
  • How to leave the corporate world and become a small business owner
  • How to balance work and life as a midlife entrepreneur
  • How to quickly scale up your skills as a midlife entrepreneur 
  • 10 niche business ideas catering to a Gen-X customer 
  • Side hustles you can transform into full-time businesses when you’re 40+

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Travel Over 40 Blog Post Ideas

Whether you are over 40 with a family to travel with or an empty nester, blog post topics on travel over 40 are a hot topic.

  • Travel tips for empty nesters
  • Travel gift ideas for moms
  • Travel gift ideas for dads
  • Best capsule wardrobe for travel
  • Best light and innovative luggage and travel gear
  • What is a momcation and why do you need one?
  • What is a dadcation and why does he need one? 
  • Best destinations for older adults
  • The pros and cons of group tours
  • Solo travel safety tips

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More Travel Blog Post Ideas For Inspiration

Fashion and Style Over 40 Blog Post Ideas

Ok… So fashion over 40 is a thing. So here’s a list of ideas if you’re writing on this topic.

  • Capsule wardrobe inspiration for women over 40
  • Figure-flattering jeans for women over 40
  • How to look stylish over 40 
  • Cute easy to manage hairstyles for women over 40
  • Should you go gray? The pros and cons of not colouring your hair
  • Cute short haircuts for women over 40
  • 5-minute makeup tips for women over 40
  • Midlife style makeover: a before and after
  • Essential wardrobe accessories for women over 40 
  • Wardrobe essentials for men over 40 
  • (Don’t forget the guys!)

Food & Drink Blog Post Ideas For Midlife Bloggers

Nostalgia, clean eating, entertaining and food from the garden. There are so many ways you can go with food and drink topics for midlife blogs.

  • How to simplify your home bar for essential classic cocktails 
  • 10 classic cocktails from the 70s & 80s to make in your 40s
  • Rework a classic ’60s or 70’s recipe you grew up with and make it healthier
  • Easy recipes for everyday meals that are amazing for your health
  • Tips for throwing an amazing cocktail party without stress
  • Healthy herbs and easy recipes that use them
  • 5 superfoods and how to incorporate them into your meals
  • Clean eating recipes for women over 40: tips and recipes
  • Meal plans for a clean eating challenge
  • Anti-inflammatory diet: how to clean your gut – food checklist and tips

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Blog Post Ideas For Self-Care Over 40

It’s a hot topic: taking care of yourself for overall happiness is something many women strive for when they’re over 40.

Look at physical, mental and spiritual self-care topics. These are some of the most popular blog post ideas for midlife bloggers.

  • Self-care activities for midlife women
  • How to reduce stress through easy exercises
  • Stress relieving practices you may not have heard of that are perfect for women over 40
  • Skincare routine tips for aging skin
  • Why spiritual retreats can greatly improve your physical and mental well-being
  • Why it’s finally time to get rid of toxic relationships in your 40s
  • 50 affirmations for women 40+
  • Emotional self-care guide for midlife women
  • How to enjoy a “Me Day”
  • How to fit in exercise every day

Blog Post Ideas For Personal Development Over 40

You never stop improving yourself!

When you hit 40, it’s like something clicks into place: you know it’s time to get things you wanted to change about yourself finally changed. From mindset to doing things differently.

  • Signs you’re in a toxic friendship: how to let go of long-term friends
  • Life changes you should make in your 40s
  • How to reinvent yourself in your 40s: 10 tips
  • How to reignite your relationship with your partner
  • How to plan for your (semi) retirement now
  • How to switch careers in your 40s
  • Mindset shift after 40
  • How to find your top strengths and skills by starting a business
  • Top self-help and personal development books for over 40s
  • Interview a life coach for their personal development tips

Tips To Make Your Blog Posts Awesome For Your Readers

Before you rush off to write on one of the above topics, what do your blog posts look like?

I ask this question because I see many blogs with a few key issues that affect an older reading audience.

Here are key things to consider:

  • Make your font size larger for aging eyes.
  • Use white space: make sentences and paragraphs short
  • Avoid annoying pop-ups that don’t close easily
  • Make it engaging: ask a question at the end of the post

Read more about how to fix blog post issues that have people leaving your site and not sharing it with others.

And if you’re stuck in a rut and don’t feel like writing the same type of blog post, here are ideas on 16 types of blog post styles that get traffic.

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Need More Blog Post Ideas?

If these blog post ideas for midlife bloggers aren’t enough, I’ve got way more that will keep you writing for months to come.

Read about how to brainstorm and find blog topics for your blog.

Or check out the blog post ideas I’ve compiled for you to make life a bit easier:

I’ve got many blog post topics in the works.

Instead of keeping them in many different notebooks, scraps of paper and lists online, I organize them in Airtable (my favourite project management tool).

Get a free Airtable template for my blog post content calendar here:

And now you’re all set with some blog post ideas for blogs over 40!

Wow your Gen-X readers, and keep them coming back for more.

QUESTION: What are some additional blog post topics for midlife bloggers that I should add here?

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