A desktop with a green leaf, glass of water with lemon and a notepad and pens: personal branding for bloggers and why it's important.

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering about personal branding for bloggers and if you should focus on it. I say yes – you should be, as there are several very good reasons why personal branding is essential for bloggers and solopreneurs!

Consciously building one’s brand is intensive, but the rewards are great.

Yes, it’s tough working on the basics of starting and growing a blog or a solopreneur business. However, if you want success, you will also need to add personal branding as a growth strategy.

Many of the top successful bloggers and solopreneurs all do one thing: they have a personal branding plan in place.

Branding your website or blog is one thing. However, your readers and site visitors want to know who is the person behind it! People are naturally attracted to other people and their ideas.

I made the mistake of hiding behind my Suburban Tourist blog. Not focusing on my personal branding ended up holding me back for many years. I could have been farther ahead!

When I changed my mindset and decided to focus on myself as the key driver behind my site, things changed drastically.

Still not sure this is something you should be doing?

I’ll take you through the top five reasons why personal branding is important for bloggers and solopreneurs. I hope you’ll be inspired to develop and implement your own personal branding plan and strategy!

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Reasons To Invest In Your Own Personal Branding

What Is Personal Branding?

Before we jump into the reasons why it’s important to create a personal branding plan, we need to first understand what it is!

Personal branding is the conscious act of growing one’s personal brand.

Personal branding is the systemic, strategically planned process of building your brand so that people perceive you in a specific way that helps your blog/business flourish.

It’s an ongoing process that can take months, if not years to get you to a point where you are successful and recognized as an expert.

So, it’s good to start sooner rather than later!

Personal Branding For Bloggers: 5 Reasons Why It’s Important

Still on the fence about spending extra time branding yourself alongside your blog or business?

Personal branding for bloggers is a method to achieving success. I hope these reasons why personal branding is important will motivate you!

This post is for:

  • New bloggers thinking about how to position themselves as niche experts, right from the start.
  • Those who have been blogging for a while but without consciously focusing on how to position themselves.

Many bloggers fail to realize that the blogger can attract readers to a site. Hey, I did, so don’t beat yourself up over it, if you thought so too.

Unfortunately, hiding behind one’s blog or site does not reap any rewards.

Some may be using various tactics and activities to subconsciously brand themselves.

For some, growing a personal brand is a priority, but don’t know where to start.

For example, writing about oneself on an About Me page is sometimes the extent of “personally branding” yourself. It’s a good start.

Whichever camp you’re in – either afraid, doing it subconsciously and haphazardly, or actively considering growing your personal branding – the key steps for personal branding are:

  1. Research
  2. Strategize and plan
  3. Implement your strategies

I hope to encourage you to start your personal branding journey!

So let’s get started with the list of why it’s important to grow your personal brand.

1. Build Personal Credibility, Authority And Trust In You

Personal branding for bloggers is a way to build credibility and authority.

You’ve just started a blog. Nobody knows you. Site visitors don’t know if they can trust you!

If you’re hiding behind your blog, they aren’t sure if the content they’re reading is credible. People like to know who the author is and their background experience. This adds a level of trust.

Secondly, you build authority in your niche topic.

Over time, if you’re actively promoting yourself, and sharing valuable content freely with your key readers and potential customers, they will see you as an authority on your topic.

They will be more likely to purchase digital products and services that you offer as they’ll see you as credible and helpful.

PRO TIP: If you haven’t heard of EEAT in terms of SEO, you should! Ranking factors now include experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness. Guess how you develop this? You guessed it – through building your personal brand.

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2. Boost Visibility And Grow Your Audience

When you’re actively putting yourself “out there”, you’re attracting interest in yourself and what you do!

I can’t tell you how many interesting people I have found through Facebook groups and Instagram.

These people have decided to engage with others and share content on topics that interest me.

Your key objective is to build awareness for yourself and your blog/business. When you actively post on social media, in active, well-run Facebook groups, and reach other to others via email or comments, you’re making yourself known!

As a result of boosting your visibility you’re growing your audience because if people find you interesting, they will follow you and your blog/business.

Growing your audience grows your blog/site traffic. And you know what that can bring! More profits and income over time.

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Reasons why personal branding is important for bloggers and solopreneurs - two women sitting at a desk, working together.

3. Grow Your Network And Leverage A Broader Audience

One of the top reasons why personal branding is important for bloggers and solopreneurs is that it helps you grow your network.

Your broader network of industry-related friends can help your business grow so much faster. Consider how your network of contacts can help you:

  • With testimonials for your products/services
  • Sharing your free lead magnet with their followers, your new product launches, etc.
  • Referring people to you for your services
  • Giving you a boost in exposure via guest posts, Instagram interviews, podcast interviews

And so much more!

Use personal branding to build your blogger network and watch your business thrive.

4. New Business Opportunities And Collaborations

Another reason why growing your personal brand is beneficial is that it attracts new business opportunities and collaborations.

Consider this: when you have a strong personal brand, that aligns with another brand or another blogger/solopreneur, the chances are they will want to partner with you on a collaboration.

You can do things such as:

  • Working together to create a summit
  • Partnering for a joint training that leverages you and the other person’s strengths
  • Share each other’s offers to newsletter subscribers, social media followers
  • Do product reviews, promote courses, and digital content (especially beneficial if you have an affiliate program – as I do!)

The options are endless.

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5. Ask For More Money!

The last reason why personal branding is important for bloggers and solopreneurs is that it gives you the ability to ask for more money.

With all of the above benefits of nurturing and growing your personal brand, comes a greater audience. A larger audience and community mean more blog traffic and engagement.

It also means you have more credibility and a position as a niche expert. You become an influencer.

Brands love working with influencers who can help them create awareness and interest in their products and services. If you have a large, engaged audience and you’re getting traffic, you can ask for more money for sponsored campaigns.

The same applies to your services. Consider this: as you become known as one of the top experts in your niche, your coaching or consulting rates can go up.

Instead of $125/hr for a one-hour coaching session, you can be asking for $150 + based on your years of experience, results, and your position as an expert.

PRO TIP: Look professional in how you sell your products and services! Invest in quality platforms such as Podia to sell your coaching services, as well as courses and digital downloads. I’ve been using it to house all of my digital offerings and to coordinate payment for my blog coaching services. Read my Podia review and check it out yourself by trying the free trial version!

Keep consistent with your visual branding – here’s a free printable that helps you organize your fonts, colour palette (HEX #’s), and more!

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Create Your Personal Branding Strategy

Now that you know more about personal branding for bloggers and solopreneurs, the next question is, where do you start?

The easiest is with a personal branding strategy.

Plans take time to research and develop. If you’re serious about positioning yourself as a niche expert and as somebody who attracts readers, clients and customers, do it right, from the start.

One thing that you can do today is to tweak your About Me page to better position and introduce yourself to readers.

Start with this About Me page worksheet, that will guide you as you figure out your audience, your mission and how to best position yourself. It’ll be part of your personal branding strategy.

Next, sit down and start researching what others are doing, and how you can grow your own personal brand.

Create an official plan with objectives, strategies and tactics. Include measurable goals.

And then implement it!

Be original: avoid copying content from others (you’ll be caught and labelled as a plagiarist). Have an opinionated – share your stories and thoughts. Be a leader in your niche.

When you start to consciously grow your personal brand, you will see weekly, monthly and annual growth with your blog or business.

Don’t give up when something doesn’t work 100% as you anticipated it would. Change strategies, and keep moving forward! You will succeed!

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QUESTION: Are you starting or planning to start to grow your personal brand?

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