Laptop on a white bedspread and pink roses - summer blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs

Flirty summer dresses, deliciously cool salads and summer cocktails are just some of the fun summer topics you can write about for your blog during this hot season. However, there are many more summer blog post ideas for your lifestyle blog that you explore.

The blue summer sky is your limit!

Just as much as I love writing about the Spring season, there are many summer blog topics that people love to read to get inspiration.

Since you’re reading this blog post, I assume you’re feeling a bit stuck as to what to write. This post with 100 summer blog post ideas will help with that!

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Summer Blog Post Ideas To Inspire You To Write

Perhaps you’ve just started a blog and are dealing with a bit of blogger’s block.

Maybe you’re searching for blog post ideas and are getting stuck.

Or perhaps you want to start a blog (I recommend starting a self-hosted blog with NameHero, as it’s fairly inexpensive for the first year with very good support for beginners. I use it for this site) and are looking for inspiration to get started!

Just as I did with my Spring blog post ideas post, and Fall blog post ideas, I’ve done the legwork for you and have a long list of summer blog post ideas broken down according to niches in the lifestyle category.

So let’s get blogging about summer… and beat the summer blog traffic slump!

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Hot Summer Blog Topics – For Lifestyle Blogs

Here are some general summer blog post ideas that are broad and don’t fit into any specific niche.

  1. Reasons to love the summer period
  2. How to fall in love with the summer season
  3. Summer season bucket list goals
  4. The best things about the summer season
  5. Why summer is the best season of the year
  6. The best songs for your summer playlist
  7. Summer staycation goals
  8. The hottest summer trends for this year
  9. Top ideas for outdoor summer proposals
  10. Summer date ideas (like a romantic picnic for two!)
  11. Your summer goals for living better
  12. For the love of long summer days
  13. How to get the most out of long summer days: the best daily routines
  14. Why waking up early in the summer is the key to a happier life
  15. Top things you need to do this summer
  16. How to beat the summer heat: tips on keeping cool
  17. Fun backyard activities for a staycation

Summer Travel Blog Post Ideas

We all want to get away during the summer months. This is the perfect time for travel-related summer blog posts.

Make it work for your niche and your audience! For example, “Best destinations for families for short summer day trips in XYZ”.

  1. Best destinations for summer day trips in XYZ
  2. What to take on a short day trip
  3. Best summer campsite near XYZ
  4. Best hiking trails near XYZ
  5. Camping packing list for awesome getaways
  6. The best B & B’s for weekend trips in XYZ
  7. The best XYZ shops in XYZ for a weekend shopping trip
  8. The top beaches near XYZ
  9. The best farmer’s markets in XYZ to check out this summer
  10. The best places 100 miles from XYZ to explore this summer

Summer Food & Drink Blog Post Ideas

One of the most popular niches is food and drink – so it makes sense to focus on summer post ideas if you’re a food blogger.

There are so many great summer recipe blog posts that you can share if you’re a food blogger.

  1. Top 10 summer cocktails
  2. Refreshing gin cocktails with simple ingredients in your fridge
  3. Delicious mocktails with fresh fruit
  4. Food festivals throughout the summer: peach festival, a corn festival and so on (take one and do a post with relevant recipes).
  5. Summer wine and appetizer pairings
  6. Easy finger foods that are easy to make
  7. Simple summer salads with five ingredients
  8. Delicious BBQ meals that make for amazing leftovers
  9. Sandwich recipes for hot days when you don’t want to cook
  10. Ways to beat the heat with easy-to-make in-advance meals (that require a quick reheating in the microwave)
  11. Recipes for the perfect picnic
  12. Seasonal vegetables: recipes with summer vegetables
  13. Recipes that use popular herbs you can grow in your garden
  14. Fresh finger food alternatives to chips for summer entertaining
  15. The best fresh vegetable side dishes
  16. Backyard party menu ideas
  17. How to throw the best summer party on a dime

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Summer blog post ideas for food bloggers

Summer Fashion Blog Post Ideas & Summer Beauty Post Ideas

For anybody focusing on the beauty and fashion niche under the lifestyle category, here are some specific stories for summer blog post topics.

  1. How to keep cool on the hottest days of the year
  2. Tips on how to reduce the shiny glow on your face on hot days
  3. How to keep your pores unclogged during the summer
  4. A summer skincare routine that keeps your face looking fresh
  5. How to make your eyes look awesome with simple make-up tricks
  6. The five-minute summer makeup routine
  7. Ways to treat a sunburn
  8. How to prevent getting a sunburn
  9. Stylish hats that look amazing while protecting your skin
  10. Stylish items that keep you looking cool and protect your skin from getting sunburned
  11. Things you need in your purse to look your best this summer
  12. Hot summer styles for the at-home lifestyle
  13. How to feel put together even if you’re hanging out at home
  14. The most comfortable flats and sandals of the season
  15. Cute short and top combinations for hot days
  16. Fun hairstyles that aren’t a bun for hot summer days
  17. How to avoid thigh rub!
  18. Ways to get the easy wavy beach hair
  19. How to get a natural make-up look in five minutes
  20. Summer hairstyles you can easily recreate yourself
  21. Cute sundresses for hot days

Summer Home Decor Blog Post Ideas

There’s much to do around the home during the summer period. Here are a few home-related summer blog topics.

  1. Summer decor tips: bring the outdoors into your home
  2. Five home renovations you should tackle during the summer
  3. Easy garden routines to maintain the perfect lawn and yard
  4. Tips for getting rid of weeds
  5. Outdoor living trends: outdoor furniture and decor ideas
  6. Front porch inspiration: how to decorate your entry way
  7. How to maintain a simple vegetable garden
  8. Key summer maintenance activities around your home
  9. Landscaping ideas you can tackle by yourself
  10. Outdoor space ideas for small gardens

Summer Parenting And Family Blog Post Ideas

The kids are out of school, so it’s a time when parents are constantly searching for solutions to a multitude of problems and challenges.

This list of summer parenting and family blog post ideas will get your readers loving you!

  1. Why summer is the best time to potty-train your toddler
  2. Fun activities to do with toddlers in the summer
  3. How to create a kid-friendly backyard for fun summer play outside
  4. A perfect summer routine for kids and parents: how to time outdoor and indoor activities
  5. Classic summer activities to introduce to your kids this year (think running through the sprinkler, slip & slide, classic crafts, making juice popsicles, etc.)
  6. How to keep your kids hydrated and healthy in the summer heat
  7. Basic First Aid tips for scrapes from outdoor play
  8. Easy summer recipes you can make with your kids
  9. How to teach your child to ride a bike (steps you can take and how to keep your sanity)
  10. Creating an obstacle course in your backyard
  11. Swimming safety tips for parents and kids
  12. Delicious BBQ recipes that kids love
  13. Easy craft ideas with things you have around the home
  14. Summer hiking tips with little kids
  15. Best ways to introduce your little kids to camping

Summer Health & Fitness Blog Post Ideas

Staying in shape, healthy food options and good mental health are all great summer blog post topics.

With longer days, people have more time to be outdoors and active. So they’re seeking stories that inspire them.

  1. The perfect weekend summer day routine for mental health
  2. Fun ways to work out during the summer period and keep in shape
  3. How to set up a yoga space in your backyard
  4. Ways to keep fit on hot days
  5. How to work on a beach body
  6. Summer smoothies with seasonal fruits and vegetables
  7. How to keep the weight off during summer BBQ & party season
  8. Low-calorie alternatives to your favourite summer foods and drinks
  9. Delicious, low-calorie summer snacks
  10. Hydration alternatives to a bottle of water
  11. Tips on how to get the most out of yoga on the beach
  12. How to find serenity by hitting the trails this summer
  13. Delicious keto (or whatever hot trendy diet you’re on) summer recipes
  14. How to work out in the park using adult jungle gyms
  15. How to get up early in the morning to squeeze in a morning workout

Other Popular Summer Topics

If the about list doesn’t inspire you, here are general topic buckets for which you can brainstorm summer blog post topics:

  • Weddings
  • Showers
  • Family Reunions
  • Summer Break
  • Summer Vacation
  • Cottage/Cabin getaways
  • Camping
  • Road Trips
  • Beach or Pool Days
  • Picnics
  • Backyard Entertaining
  • Gardening
  • Outdoor Life
  • Hiking
  • Special events (Canada Day, Civic Holidays, Fourth of July, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Summer Solstice)

That’s 100 Summer Ideas For Blog Posts!

Although I could go on with more summer blog post ideas, these are just a few to get you started. I hope they help you find inspiration to write!

You can add some great summer quotes and short sayings to your blog posts to delight your readers.

A tip for you: the summer holidays are also a great time to get your blog in top shape for the busy Fall and Winter season when people have much more time to spend reading blogs.

They’re interested in Fall home ideas and Holiday-related gifting stories, etc.

So take the time to fix up your blog during your summer break to get it ready for your reading audience.

Start with these summer blog post topics and begin thinking ahead to Fall and Winter.

It’s also a great time to update your blog posts and make sure you’re creating AWESOME blog content. Read my tips on how to write blog posts that readers love to read.

And if you’re stuck writing the same old blog post style, change things up with these 15+ popular blog post styles that drive traffic.

Need more ideas for other months?

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And one last thing – if you love a fresh seasonal wallpaper for your iPhone lock screen check out these summer wallpapers for phone lock screens!

Have a GREAT summer!

QUESTION: What are your plans for summer blog posts? If you use one of these blog post ideas, come back to leave your link in the comments!

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