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Before we know it, it’s going to be pumpkin spice season. I don’t know about you, but I love this season. It’s going to be a fun time coming up with fresh Fall blog post ideas for your lifestyle blog.

Fall content ideas are plentiful, just like a good harvest.

However, sometimes we all hit a brick wall with fresh post ideas.

If you’ve been blogging any length of time, as I have, you’re probably getting to the point where ideas sometimes don’t flow too easily.

It can be hard to come up with blog post ideas that excite you.

I like to call this blogger‘s block”. Well, sister, or brother, I’ve got your back.

Like with my lifestyle blog post ideas, and my Spring blog post ideas, and Summer blog post ideas, I’m coming out with a list of over 120 fabulous Fall blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs.

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What Readers Are Interested In This Fall 2024

Pinterest trends show people searching for much of the same traditional things we’ve always enjoyed in the Fall.

They’re looking for fun things: nails, hair colour trends, and fall fashions. These are always popular topics. As are pins on harvest foods!

Think pumpkin spiced this, pumpkin spiced that… and pumpkin pie!

At-home activities are still a big thing. Some might be dealing with soaring gas prices and difficulty with travel. So, topics that are on activities close to home will be a big hit.

Consider a frugal twist on every post.

This is even more important as we’re heading into a Global recession.

People still want to have fun and a break but need to be conscious of their budgets. Give them great ideas on a dime.

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Fall Blog Post Ideas – General Lifestyle Post Topics 2024

Here are some general blog post ideas for this Fall 2024 season to get you started! This year is all about celebrating the season and enjoying the colours of nature.

Fall blog topics on a general Fall theme include:

  • Reasons to love the Fall season
  • Ways to enjoy the Fall season
  • How to tap into the autumn aesthetic and add it to your life
  • Five things to do during the Fall season before it’s over
  • Fall birthday ideas for kids: how to make it special
  • How to make the most of shorter Fall days
  • Tips for preparing for Christmas in early Fall
  • Five ways to prepare your home for the Fall season
  • Practical ways to make your home cozy and prepped for the Fall
  • It’s time to get back to hygge life: how to enjoy quiet time at home
  • Learning the art of Fall cocooning: how to slow down your life
  • Why chilly, gloomy Fall days should be enjoyed and celebrated
  • Why I love the Fall season
  • Things to do during the Fall you can’t do at any other time of the year
  • My Fall 2023 bucket list
Fall blog post ideas

Fall Event Blog Post Ideas

Fall is a big season for many in North America. We’ve got the Canadian Thanksgiving, followed by Hallowe’en, and then the US Thanksgiving.

Sprinkle in a few days of Jewish Holidays, and you’ve got a busy schedule.

A few Fall Holiday blog post ideas and general Fall event ideas include:

  • Tips for throwing the best-ever Thanksgiving feast
  • All the things to be thankful for this year
  • Simple ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your loved ones
  • The key traditional foods for Thanksgiving: how to make them from scratch
  • How to use technology to celebrate Thanksgiving with your extended family
  • Hallowe’en costume ideas for kids
  • Hallowe’en costume ideas for adults
  • Hallowe’en safety tips for families and kids
  • How to throw a Hallowe’en party at home
  • The scariest Hallowe’en movies to watch this year
  • Spooky treats to make at home that aren’t candy
  • Fun tips on decorating your home for Hallowe’en

Fall Food & Drink Blog Post Ideas

Bring on the pumpkin spice recipes!

Fall is a great time to explore food-related blog post ideas.

Autumn is my favourite time of the year for food. With the harvest in, and colder days calling for a nice whiskey drink, I’m in cuisine and cocktail heaven.

With everybody settling into school and work in the Fall, it’s a busy period for many – so posts focusing on convenience and easy cooking are always popular.

  • Best foods to stock in your pantry in Fall 2023
  • Simple methods for food preservation: canning tips
  • Hearty Fall recipes to make this season
  • Top comfort food you should master
  • A round-up of pumpkin recipes that delight
  • The best Fall cocktails and drinks to make at home
  • How to stock your home bar with Fall favourites
  • How to enjoy whisky: learning the different types and how to drink them and love them
  • Hearty casseroles for busy Fall nights
  • The best pumpkin pie recipe
  • Best pecan pie recipe
  • Doing Thanksgiving – a simple (or extravagant) Thanksgiving menu
  • Fall comfort foods that are super healthy
  • The best Fall pasta dishes
  • Simple and delicious Fall salads
  • Meals that make for perfect leftovers
  • Healthy alternatives to rich pumpkin-spice desserts
  • The best chocolate chip recipe
  • Travel the world each night of the week with this menu plan
  • Five pantry ingredient recipes to make tonight
  • Spooky Halloween recipes: a how-to make scary finger foods and other dishes

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Fall Travel Blog Post Ideas

This is a hot topic right now, mostly because everybody’s got travel fever. So these Fall travel blog post ideas are very timely.

I have to add that outdoor adventures and hiking activities can fall under this category umbrella.

So if you’re the type who loves to travel, here are a few recommendations on Fall-related travel posts.

  • The art of doing a short day trip this Fall: planning for travel restrictions and limitations
  • Easy-to-do Fall trips and destinations (in your area)
  • Where to go apple picking in (insert your area)
  • 5-day trip destinations to consider for your Fall travel bucket list
  • How to blend armchair travel with the hygge lifestyle
  • Why you should consider travelling at home: the chances of getting infected while travelling
  • Fall day trip must-haves; the backpack packing list
  • Planning future travel trips on cold Fall days: why it’s a great way to beat the travel ban blues
  • How to get into virtual travel, if you can’t go where you want to go!
  • Fall day-hiking tips for beginners
  • Hiking trails that are amazing in the Fall
  • Fall camping tips
  • Fall outdoor safety tips: how to ensure you’re protecting yourself from the elements
  • What to wear while hiking in the Fall
  • Best new outdoor gear for Fall outdoor adventures
  • Fall hiking trail etiquette: the do’s and don’t on public trails
  • Travel books to read this Fall
  • Movies with stunning Fall scenery that inspire travel
  • How to travel this Fall without leaving your home
  • Places to add to your travel bucket list this Fall
Fall blog post topics

Fall Parenting Blog Post Ideas

Fall is a super fun time for families—so many cool things to do with kids fuel Fall parenting blog post ideas.

Here are my favourite Fall blog post ideas that you can write about:

  • Five Fall activities for families that celebrate the season
  • Easy Fall family recipes to make on weeknights
  • Fall baking ideas to do with kids
  • Teaching kids about where our food comes from: celebrating the Fall harvest season
  • Five Fall outdoor activities to do with your kids to keep them active
  • Easy and fun ways for kids to help decorate your home this Fall
  • How to celebrate Thanksgiving with kids: connecting with extended family members remotely
  • Teaching children gratitude and Thanksgiving during a difficult time
  • Fun ways to enjoy Hallowe’en without trick-or-treating

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Fall Fashion and Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Shawls, hats and boots are the perfect reason to love Fall fashion.

Stuck on Fall blog post ideas with a fashion or beauty niche?

I’ve got a few that are key questions your readers might have about looking awesome during the Fall period.

Consider all the Fall Instagram photos to take!

These Fall Fashion blog post ideas might help inspire you.

  • Cozy Fall fashion trends 202X
  • Outerwear and accessory ideas for Fall walks in the neighbourhood
  • Sweater weather: 5 stylish pairings with jeans
  • The art of Fall leisure wear: how to be comfortable but stylish at the same time
  • Fall Work from home outfits that make you look put together on Zoom calls
  • 5 ways to wear a plaid shirt
  • The best Fall boots
  • Cute ways to wear a scarf
  • Fall-themed masks: make it fashion
  • Best Fall hairstyles for 202X
  • Best Fall hair colours for 202X
  • Best Fall haircuts for 202X
  • Cute Fall outfit ideas for your Instagram posts
  • Hot makeup styles for Fall 202X
  • Skincare routines for chillier days
  • Stunning Fall-themed nail polish designs

Fall Home Decor Blog Post Ideas

This is probably the most fun thing to blog about during the Fall season.

Since it’s such a colourful season, it makes for some fun home decorating.

Aside from home decor, there are also ways to prep your home for the Winter that are hot Fall blog post topics too!

  • How to create a DIY Fall wreath for your front door
  • Fall decor tips for your front door and porch
  • How to incorporate Fall colours into your home decor
  • Tips for bringing a hint of Fall nature into your home
  • Easy DIY Fall home decor projects to make this season
  • Simple ways to decorate your home for Thanksgiving
  • How to create a Fall-themed bouquet of wildflowers
  • Classy Hallowe’en decorations for your front door
  • How to create a spooky front door wreath
  • Ways to winter-proof your home before the first snowfall

Fall Health and Wellness Blog Post Ideas

These are some of the most popular Fall lifestyle blog post ideas.

We’re spending more time at home, and beginning the seasonal cocooning stage. Shorter days can be depressing. So take care of yourself!

  • Fall self-care tips on a dime
  • How to learn to colder, shorter days
  • Taking the time to Fall in love with yourself
  • Getting your Vitamin D: foods that help boost your intake during the Fall
  • Creating great Fall evening routines that set you up for a good morning
  • Why it’s so important to go for nature walks in the Fall
  • Practicing the hygge lifestyle: how it can lead to happiness
  • How to keep organized during the busy Fall season
  • How to Fall clean your life before the New Year
  • Prayers and meditations of thankfulness this Fall season

How To Get Your Fall Posts Trending On Pinterest

One of the things I’ve noticed with my Fall-themed posts for this blog (yes, even this business-themed site works with seasonal content) is that it gets a bump in traffic from my Pinterest pins.

If I time it right and pin my Fall-themed posts about a month or two before the season starts, the pins get indexed. And voila! A bump in fresh traffic.

Here’s what I do:

  • Create a batch of fresh Pinterest pins
  • Schedule them directly to Pinterest in early August to be published in late August to early September

Super easy.

Check out my free Pinterest pin templates for your Fall posts:

Get Blogging Now About Fall Topics!

It’s August as I post this long post full of blog post ideas. Before we know it, cooler days will be here and we’ll be all about the Fall aesthetic.

I always try to write my blog posts in August, so they can begin ranking on Pinterest in time for September.

Happy blogging!

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And if you want to try writing different types of blog posts, I’ve got a list for that too! Get out of your comfort zone and explore different blog formats to drive traffic and engaging your readers.

REMEMBER: If you’re posting your blog post, promote it on Instagram with popular Fall hashtags!

And you may love these 100+ Fall quotes for Instagram.

You’ll need some travel quotes for posts and captions on Instagram related to Fall travel, and top nature and outdoor hashtags as well.

QUESTION: What else should I add to my list of Fall blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs?

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Over 120 Fresh Fall Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Blogs

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