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Kind Words from My Clients & Customers

The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes!

I always approach working with a client as if I was their partner, supporting them on their journey to blogging success. 

Check out what they’re saying about our work together and my blogging resources and tools.

Contented Reader - Victoria

"I wish I had worked with her sooner!"

“Before working with Margaret, I had an endless list of goals for my blog that I was struggling to meet. With Margaret’s knowledge and experience, I have changed the way I approach blogging and her advice has set me up for success. She’s professional, patient and positive — a real pleasure to work with. I’m excited for my blog’s future and am thankful to Margaret for her support and guidance…”

Testimonials KImberli headshot

"Margaret made an incredible difference in the aesthetics of my blog and also in my approach to my business."

“Before working with Margaret on a blog audit, my site was in need of a rebrand, a strategy and focus on how to attract my audience. Margaret’s positive support and insights have inspired me to continue to work with her as my blog coach as I grow my blog!”


PoojaP Nurse Bestie T

"Margaret gave me the clarity and structure I was so desperately looking for while building my blog."

“Before working with Margaret as my blog coach, I constantly felt like I wasn’t doing enough or missing out on something. When I started working one-on-one with Margaret, things just started to make more sense… My blog got on a clear path because of her, and I can’t thank her enough. Her guidance is so valuable… She took a confused, overwhelmed girl and turned her into a confident, focused blogger!”


Erin LaFond - Testimonial for

"I loved working with Margaret!"

“When I realized I wanted to work with bloggers, I sought out someone who had the knowledge and experience to help me figure out how I should go about it. Meeting with Margaret was very helpful because we went through where to direct my energy and how to go about appealing to my ideal client. She was so helpful when it come to hammering out my exact services, both what would make sense for me and what would be the most helpful to my ideal client.”


Testimonials Jacob headshot

“I reached out to Margaret to learn what aspects of creating a blog were important. She teaches the details of design, SEO, marketing, and social media. Not only that, but she is willing to invest time and energy in improving your specific website down to the minute details.”


Mary Callan

“Margaret has helped me transform my blog, get clear and excited about my message, and given me the confidence to move ahead. 

Blogging as a career had previously been a dream, it is now becoming a reality. I’m so grateful to Margaret for the skills she has taught me.”

Dana Lynne headshot noir

"I highly recommend Margaret if you're feeling stuck on your blogging journey!"

“I was struggling with defining my niche on an existing website. And then I took Margaret’s ‘Refine Your Niche’ workshop and afterward knew exactly how to move forward. Margaret gave clear, actionable steps for each attendee after a review of our blogs – and then followed it up with a detailed, step-by-step workbook! I was impressed by Margaret’s blogging knowledge and her easy, comfortable teaching style. {…} Today I know exactly how to move forward, and that feels pretty amazing.”

Christine Leibbrand Testimonial 3

"Get the help you need to move forward with your blog!"

“I was feeling really nervous about my blog and wondering if I should give up on it and Margaret gave me the steps I need to move forward and feel great about my blog! I super appreciate you and your Refine Your Niche workshop Margaret!”

"Margaret's blog audit was worth its weight in gold!"

In the audit session Margaret walked me through several simple changes that made an immediate improvement to my blog. I’ve booked up follow-up coaching sessions with her and can honestly recommend her services.


Amanda Newbery Mumtastic life Blog2 1
Krystian from With Love Me blog - testimonial for How To Win Over Readers Clients and Customers ebook

“Margaret’s Grow It: From Blog To Business course is a MUST HAVE to create your dream blog and growing it as a business!

Her Grow It course is filled with easy to understand lessons and workbooks that helped me define my blogging goals and get started on my blog journey. It helped me create a plan and implement it.  Margaret’s tips for SEO, content creation and promotion have helped me grow my blog from Day 1! Not only did I love this course, but my audience loves how my blog changed positively because of it!


Christina Woodcock10795 1

“If you are looking for an SEO e-book that teaches you the basics and is easy to follow, then Margaret’s Optimize It: A Guide To SEO For Blogs is the one for you. The book is packed with tips that you can implement immediately and without expensive apps.  But the best thing is that it is EASY to follow, even if you are not tech-savvy!  It is the most informative SEO e-book that I have found and without the high price tag. I can’t wait to tell my current client’s that they need this e-book.”



“There’s so much value in this course! I was struggling with how to grow with Pinterest because of the algorithm changes when I found Margaret’s Pin It Better course. I had a clear understanding of the updates, pinning strategies, and finding the right keywords…”

Chris Cole - Testimonial for Blog Traffic Booster course

“Margaret’s Blog Traffic Booster course gave me practical tips that I used right away, and I was able to see positive results in a short period of time. I improved not only my content but how I promoted it.”


Chloe Grande 2

"Easily one of the most skilled, professional and approachable blog coaches out there."

Margaret’s Grow It: From Blog To Online Business course helped take me from feeling overwhelmed to feeling encouraged. Margaret breaks down blogging into manageable steps, with activities to put your knowledge into practice on everything from SEO to branding to monetization. I came out of the course with a solid plan to rebrand my blog and better connect with my audience. I can’t recommend Margaret enough! 


Ready to build and grow your blog and business? Let's do this!

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