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When you’re a travel blogger, you know that sometimes you can’t come up with popular travel blog topics when you’re not travelling. You’re here because you’re looking for inspiration for travel blog post ideas.

I know the feeling – I used to run an outdoor adventure and travel blog when I just started blogging.

When I wasn’t travelling, I was a bit stuck on fresh travel blog topics.

Since then I’ve learned how to find the best blog content ideas. Now I’m sharing travel blog post ideas with you.

This is so you’re not stuck with “blogger’s block”.

My list of travel blog post topics (for 2024) ranges from destination posts to tips and more. They’re great if you started a travel blog or have been blogging for a little while.

Let’s get started!

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Travel Blog Post Ideas About Destinations

First up is a list of general travel blog post ideas about destinations.

This list will grow as I add more ideas over time, so bookmark this post!

  • 10 Places to visit in your 20s
  • 10 Places to visit in your 30s
  • Best hotels in [Destination]
  • Underrated places to visit in [Destination]
  • Hidden gems you can’t miss in [Destination]: unveiling the unexplored
  • Best day trips from [Destination]
  • [Destination]’s top beaches for ultimate relaxation
  • Digging into [Destination]’s rich past
  • Eating your way through [Destination]: top 5 restaurants
  • [Destination]’s top # best-kept secret spots
  • Exploring [Destination]’s cozy towns and hamlets
  • # bucket-list activities in [Destination]
  • Free activities in [Destination]
  • Best museums in [Destination]
  • Nature’s beauty unleashed: [Destination]’s spectacular landscapes
  • # Urban treasures in [Destination] explored
  • A guide to [Destination]’s geography
  • The perfect travel itinerary for [Destination]
  • The most beautiful churches in [Destination]
  • Top historical attractions in [Destination]
  • The safest places to visit in [Destination]
  • Top unusual attraction in [Destination] you won’t want to miss
  • Best street food to try in [Destination] while travelling

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Travel Tips And Guides Blog Post Ideas

Some of the most popular travel blog topics are “how to” posts and guides.

Make sure to include some of these on your travel blog.

  • Packing tips for trips: an ultimate checklist for any destination
  • How to pack a carry-on for any trip
  • How to navigate [Destination] like a local
  • Wellness tips for travelers
  • How to travel solo: an essential guide for safe trips
  • How to not annoy the locals in [Destination]
  • Travel on a budget: Exploring [Destination] without breaking the bank
  • [Destination]’s culture etiquette 101
  • How to travel green in [Destination]
  • # [Destination] culinary hotspots you must check out
  • How to plan a vacation on a budget
  • Kid-friendly activities in [Destination]
  • Tips for stress-free trips with babies and toddlers
  • Tips for stress-free trips with little kids
  • How to save money for your dream vacation
  • How to get the right travel insurance for you
  • What are the must-have travel essentials for [Destination]
  • How to book cheap flights
  • How to book the best cost-effective hotel rooms
  • Tips for long-haul flights
  • Tips for driving in other countries
  • The best gifts for travellers
  • The best travel credit cards
  • Best suitcase organization hacks
  • Best ways to pack a duffel bag
  • Best hacks for travelling light
  • Best destinations for remote work
  • Best travel apps
  • Best travel guides for [Destination]
  • Best places to stay with pets

TIP: I used to write many travel-related posts. Always think about what the key problem is for your reader. In this case, I know that many Torontonians are looking for destinations that are close to home. This is how my blog post “10 Places One Hour From Toronto” came to be on my Suburban Tourist blog.

Personal Travel Story Post Ideas

Sometimes you have a personal experience that makes for a good travel story.

With these kinds of posts always remember to share some sort of tips or a “moral of the story” so that your readers learn something from them.

I’m sharing a list of blog post ideas for travel blogs that are heavy on personal insights. Consider adding these are they are entertaining reads and often lead to writing opportunities from magazines and newspapers.

  • My epic adventure in [Destination]
  • How I discovered myself in [Destination]
  • My travel love story: how I managed a relationship abroad
  • How I conquered challenges head-on while travelling in [Destination]
  • Living like a local: My immersion in [Destination]’s culture
  • Getting in the Spirit of [Destination] Through The [Name] Festival
  • How long-term travel changed me
  • Exploring [Destination]’s historical sights
  • My travel evolution from backpacker to jet-setter
  • Why I decided to celebrate [name] with a trip to [Destination]
  • My crazy night in [Destination]
  • The time I got lost in [Destination]
  • The most fun things I did exploring [Destination]
  • What I did in 24 hours during my layover in [Destination]
  • Why I’ll never do this again on my next trip to [Destination]
  • How I learned about XYZ the hard way in [Destination]

Photography And Visual Journal Travel Blog Post Topics

A picture can be worth a thousand words.

If you’re sharing photo posts, make sure to include context and some explanation for SEO purposes and for your readers.

  • A photo diary of [Destination]
  • Portraits of locals and culture in [Destination]
  • [Destination]’s most Instagrammable views
  • A [Destination]’s urban photowalk
  • [Destination]’s wildlife and landscapes
  • The architectural wonders of [Destination]
  • Sharing [Destination] through a video journal
  • How to enhance your travel shots
  • Sketches inspired by [Destination]
  • How to craft a [Destination] travel scrapbook
  • Tips and tricks for how to get the best shots at busy attraction sites
  • How to photograph in dim museums (when you’re permitted to do so)
  • Best camera travel bags
  • Best cameras for easy travel
  • What items from your camera kit to leave at when travelling
  • How to use your phone camera for gorgeous travel shots
  • Best poses for gorgeous travel photos

Outdoor And Adventure Activity Travel Blog Topics

This is a brief list of outdoor adventure travel post ideas that are great for the outdoorsy types of readers.

  • The best hiking trails near [Destination]’s
  • Exploring [Destination]’s best dive spots
  • The best places for extreme sports in [Destination]
  • The best places for overnight camping in [Destination]
  • Yachting in [Destination]’s beautiful waters
  • Best rock climbing fun in [Destination]
  • Top places for skiing and snowboarding in [Destination]
  • Top surfing spots in [Destination]
  • Cycling routes through [Destination]’s
  • Eco-adventures in [Destination]’s wilderness
  • Best places for kitesurfing
  • The world’s most dangerous hiking trails

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Travel Writing Tips For New Bloggers

You’ve got a list of blog post ideas for travel bloggers. I’m sure you’re capturing a few from my list above.

If you are a new travel blogger, I highly recommend you look at how the top travel bloggers write their posts.

How do they excite you to travel, or to purchase an item?

There is an art to travel blogging: tell a story, share your personal insights and paint the picture of what they can experience.

Be honest about the pros and the cons, so that you can be seen as a credible, helpful expert in your travel niche.

And don’t forget to write captivating blog post titles that will grab their interest.

Need help writing your blog posts faster? I’ve got you covered – get my free blog post outline template so you can write down your notes and organize your thoughts.

Writing becomes easier when you’ve got your ideas in an outline. Here’s the one I use to generate kickass blog posts faster.

Promote Your Travel Blog Posts

Now that you have a long list of travel blog post topics, you’re ready to write.

Travel blogging is a bit different from other types of blogs. Learn how to write sensational travel blog posts that will get your readers planning their next trip.

If English isn’t your first language use Grammarly for your grammar and spelling.

Since you’re going to be busy travelling, you can set your posts to publish at optimal times. You can also schedule your social media posts.

Use any of these schedulers:

  • Later – schedule your Instagram posts and reels, Pinterest, Meta and more
  • Tailwind – schedule your Pinterest pins, Instagram posts
  • SmarterQueue – schedule new and older content for automatic posts

Get over 100 travel hashtags for your Instagram posts.

And if you’d like to include some great quotes in your blog posts and Instagram posts and captions, check out these 100+ travel quotes.

Before you go, brush up on writing blog posts that readers will love. Start with amazing blog post outlines and formats.

Finally, brush up on your SEO! The travel niche is a popular one, so optimizing your blog posts is extremely important.

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QUESTION: What other travel blog post ideas should be added to this list?

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