Blogging Courses

Blog courses are the best way to get ahead faster with your blog. After all, knowledge is powerThis collection of online blogging courses is designed to help you grow – whether you’re a beginner or intermediate blogger, ready to take your site to the next level and start making money! 

Each blog course has life-time access, and can be taken at your own pace. So study up and become a master at blogging and monetizing your site!


Start A Blog
Course & Toolkit

Get a step-by-step guide to starting a blog, and get past the overwhelm that goes along with the process. Includes handy tools, templates and printables to help you through the process.

Grow It From Blog To Business Course

Grow It: From Blog To Business

When working with a blog coach isn’t monetarily feasible, the Grow It course gives you the skills, mindset and tips to get started on the road to creating a money-making blog!

Blog Traffic Booster Course ASSET (1)

Blog Traffic Booster Course

Finally start getting the blog traffic you’ve always desired, without the frustration and guessing. Learn strategies for growing your blog traffic consistently and smartly – without burnout! 

Affiliate Marketing 101 course

Affiliate Marketing 101

Wishing you could get an extra income in each month without the effort of a service-based business? Learn how to get started with affiliate marketing and effectively promote affiliate links to start generating extra money each month!

Pin It Better Course from Margaret Bourne

Pin It Better
Pinterest Course

Losing hope in figuring out how to use Pinterest? Don’t give up. Learn everything Pinterest for bloggers: from setting up an account to tested pinning strategies that work for a new and growing account. 

Pinnable Pinterest Pins Course Podia (Facebook Post)

Pinnable Pinterest Pins Course

Learn how to create stunning Pinterest pins in Canva quickly and easily. Start boosting your clicks with gorgeous designs and optimized pins. 

Blog Tools & resource library

Learn & Design Faster

Whether you’re needing professional blogging courses, blogging workbooks, Canva templates or “how to” guides to speed up your blogging process, I’ve got you covered!

Check out my Confident Blogger Academy And Resource Collection!

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