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Whether you’re seeking to grow your blog audience, launch something on your site, or grow traffic, Facebook groups are an important tool in your promotion strategy. How can you use Facebook groups to grow your blog traffic and your business?

Before we go any further, I have to say that I’ve found Facebook groups to be useful in many ways.

They’re one of the best ways to give your blog traffic a quick boost.

They help with research, insights into my potential clients, to promotion boosts when I need it the most.

They also help me identify services and products I can create for my ideal customers.

When I started promoting my Suburban Tourist blog heavily, I used Facebook groups to promote my posts. It grew 200% in one month primarily through promotion threads on Facebook!

They are also a community of like-minded people who LOVE to talk about the group’s key topics. They have similar interests and goals and are often in Facebook groups to truly help each other out.

This is why I always tell my students to start growing their blog with Facebook groups.

It’s also why I created a Facebook group The Blog It Better Society – so that new and intermediate bloggers, as well as veteran bloggers, could share their tips, their insights and wins. We all learn from each other!

You are more than welcome to join my group, and I hope to see you there.

Now back to the topic at hand – why should you use Facebook groups to grow blog traffic?

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Reasons To Use Facebook Groups To Grow Blog Traffic And A Business

What Different Types Of Facebook Groups Are There?

There are many different types of Facebook groups out there. Some will be more useful to you than others.

The ones I recommend for bloggers are Facebook groups for:

  • Niche topic Facebook groups that are open to everybody, not just bloggers. For example a Facebook group for cat lovers.
  • Niche topics for bloggers only, where you all blog on the same topic (e.g. a Facebook group for parenting bloggers)
  • About blogging and other related topics, to share your expertise and knowledge with your fellow bloggers

Let’s look at how we can use these Facebook groups to grow blog traffic and your business.

General Facebook Groups For Niche Topics

For these types of groups, you can often share your blog posts to boost traffic. Just check with the rules or ask the admin in advance if you can do so (this is good etiquette).

Sometimes you can share your business links if the group allows it (read the rules).

Niche Topic Facebook Groups For Bloggers

These will allow you to share your posts in “threads” for promotion, and other links as noted.

Just be sure to check the rules about affiliate links, and product promotion. Some of these groups have rules about them.

They might have special threads for promoting your business, products or services.

Facebook Groups For Bloggers

You can use Facebook groups to grow blog traffic by leveraging the powerful networks of other bloggers.

In these groups, you’re learning from others, and helping each other by promoting posts, doing click-throughs to the site (to improve blog traffic, etc.) and support with pins and so on.

Check the group’s rules regarding affiliate links and business/product links. Some don’t permit that kind of promotion, especially if the group owner has their own business they want to promote.

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The Blog It Better Society Facebook Group

My Blog It Better Society Facebook group is a blend of bloggers helping each other, asking questions, with weekly promotion activities that boost your visibility outside your own network.

Blog it better society group 7

My goal is to make it a safe space for bloggers to ask questions, no matter how silly or simple, or how complex.

Your concerns and questions are valid!

Why You Should Use Facebook Groups To Grow Blog Traffic And Your Business

There are several key reasons why you should use Facebook groups to grow blog traffic and your business.

Once you’ve joined a few Facebook groups, you’ll need to see if they are well-maintained, posting threads regularly and if they are doable in terms of the reciprocation requirements.

Sometimes Facebook groups are spammy and full of people posting whatever they want. These are often not well-maintained. Time to move on to others!

But first, let’s delve into the benefits of Facebook groups to grow your blog.

1. Learn From Each Other

You can’t possibly read every article out there on the topic of blogging. Facebook groups offer bite-sized nuggets of information, perfect for a busy blogger.

I find with Facebook groups, I get awesome insights into blogging best practices and tips from questions people ask. The replies are often gold nuggets of information.

From which new plugins to check out for your WordPress site, to new tools and resources that others are using to grow their blogs.

2. Blog Promotion Opportunities

When I have a new blog post, one of the first things I do is share them on a few of my key Facebook groups that have promotion threads.

However, you need to always reciprocate. So you need to do this when you know you have the time needed to support your fellow Facebook group members.

If you really want to quickly boost your blog traffic, spend a month focusing on Facebook groups. It’s going to be intense, but worth it.

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3. Networking And Collaboration Opportunities

One of the other ways you can use Facebook groups to grow your blog is to network and secure collaborations with other bloggers.

Some threads (including one that I have on my Facebook group) permit you to ask for help with your posts or projects.

For example, you can ask other bloggers if they have blog posts on a certain topic that you can use for a round-up post.

If you’re doing a post on the 25 Best Cookie Recipes, ask other bloggers in your group to share their links to their cookie recipe posts. They’ll get a do-follow link, and they’ll be happy to promote YOUR post to their audiences, boosting your blog traffic.

This is good for your blog SEO. A Win-Win situation!

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4. Get Inspired To Write Posts People Want To Read

Facebook groups are a goldmine of inspiration for blog posts because people are asking questions all the time!

If you’re noticing a trend in questions in a number of Facebook groups, you’ve got a blog post topic that will possibly generate great blog traffic.

It’s always a good practice to spend a bit of time once in a while to scroll through your Facebook groups to see what people are talking about. Make notes on trends for future blog post inspiration!

5. Test Out Your Ideas

If your blog is also a business, how do you know if your service or product ideas will get traction with potential customers?

If your Facebook groups are heavily visited by your target audience/consumer, this is where you can do a bit of market research.

Here’s an example of somebody asking for insights into what people are wanting to learn.

Example of a FB post in Group

Makes you sound like a marketer, right?

Well, you are if you’re promoting your products!

Some Facebook groups are open to posts where you can ask if people are in need of what you’re thinking of offering.

Find out if people would be willing to buy a course or e-book on a topic.

Gain Potential Blog Followers And Clients… Organically

You can use Facebook groups to grow blog traffic and your business, organically.

Participating in blog promotion threads helps build potential readers.

As for growing your business, this is not the time for a hard sell. Rather, Facebook groups are a great way for people to get awareness of you and your brand/business.

That’s the most important thing to remember.

Build positive awareness for your blog, business and you by letting people know:

  • What you do (when permitted, Facebook groups give you an opportunity to share your blog, business, products)
  • What your abilities are by providing them with great tips, support, etc.
  • You’re awesome to connect with and are supportive with responses to their questions (let your personality shine through!)
  • You share useful content, that helps you build blog traffic and your community of followers.

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Always Remember To Follow Group Rules

While it’s great to promote your blog or business in Facebook groups, you need to be very careful of not abusing group rules.

Unfortunately, many don’t realize that if they are promoting their site or business and encroaching on the admin’s business, it’s a big no-no. Don’t leverage somebody’s hard work to boost your own without effort.

That kind of behaviour will get you kicked out.

Get knowledgeable about Facebook group rules and etiquette before you really start participating fully.

Create Your Own Facebook Group

Aside from being a member of other Facebook groups, you can also start your own Facebook group!

Plan what your Facebook group will be all about, who it’s going to be for, and determine what kind of content you’ll be sharing to engage with people.

It can grow your blog and business very quickly with a Facebook group community where you can showcase your expertise.

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What Next? Join Some Awesome Groups!

Aside from my Blog It Better Society Facebook group, there are a few others that I LOVE participating in regularly.

There’s also my full list of the best Facebook groups for bloggers.

I hope to see you in my Facebook group soon!

Need help with coming up with a blog promotion strategy that works for your blog niche? Let’s connect and see how I can help with my coaching services.

QUESTION: Why do you think bloggers should use Facebook Groups to grow blog traffic? What are the best kinds of promotion threads you find the most useful?

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The Benefits Of Using Facebook Groups To Grow Blog Traffic And Your Business

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