Spring blog post topics for lifestyle blogs

Spring is here and I’m so excited for warmer days, Spring showers and all the May flowers! It’s also time to switch gears with your blog. And so, I’ve got 75-plus Spring blog post ideas for your lifestyle blog.

Wake up from winter hibernation!

If you’re like me, you like to cocoon: drink hot drinks (coffee please!), watch movies or TV series marathons, and just take it easy. Enjoy the hygge lifestyle.

Blogging is usually the furthest thing on your mind because it’s just better to do other comforting things.

But now that there’s warmer weather here or just about here (depending on where you live), it’s time to start writing Spring-themed posts. I’ve got a great list of Spring quotes for Instagram posts, but I also have a list of blog post ideas for your lifestyle blog.

Your readers are going to want to get inspired.

They’re going to want solutions to the problems that arise during Springtime: at home, in the kitchen, with their wardrobes and families.

Time to give them what they want!

I’ve brainstormed a whole bunch for you to get started!

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Spring 2021 Blog Post Ideas

Spring Blog Post Ideas: Let’s Get Started!

Before we jump into fresh Spring blog post ideas, have you looked at your past ones?

Are there any old blog posts from past Spring periods that need an update? Perhaps they need some fresh graphics or images?

Spruce them up with:

You can re-publish them with this year’s date if you change much of the content.

Remember to submit the URL to Google Search Console to get the post crawled and re-indexed sooner!

However, if you don’t have enough older content that can be repurposed, it’s time to create fresh Spring blog posts.

General Spring Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

This is where you get a hodge-podge of Spring blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs.

  1. 10 reasons why you love Spring
  2. 5 ways to celebrate the first day of Spring
  3. # of Spring quotes to get you inspired
  4. # unusual facts and celebrations about Spring
  5. What does the Spring season mean to you?
  6. Any memorable Spring activities you did as a kid
  7. Your Spring bucket/goal list
  8. Spring rebirth: how the Spring seasons inspire you to re-start your life fresh
  9. Inspiring things to do this Spring
  10. A round-up from other bloggers: why they love Spring!
  11. How to be productive this Spring
  12. Find your happiness this Spring
  13. Self-care ideas for the Spring
  14. Starting a new you: doing something new this Spring
  15. How to move forward this Spring: ways you can get past toxic things/situations
  16. New hobbies to start this Spring
  17. Ideas for celebrating Earth Day
  18. How to get excited about Spring activities
  19. Spring things you can do around the house
  20. Spring recipes with fresh ingredients
  21. Boredom busters during the Spring period
  22. The big Spring-cleaning guide
  23. Spring activities to do with your kids at home
  24. How to enjoy a Spring moment while working at home
  25. 10 activities to do in your backyard for stress relief
  26. Vegetables and herbs to plant in your Spring garden
  27. Spring-themed quotes that’ll uplift your spirit
Spring is here Blog Post Ideas

Spring Fashion Blog Post Ideas

Spring is an awesome time for beautiful, colourful beauty and fashion blog post ideas.

  1. Must-have Spring clothing and accessories you need in your closet this year
  2. The best Spring shoes
  3. How to accessorize with Spring in mind
  4. This year’s Spring colours and how to wear them
  5. Spring haircut trends
  6. How to change your makeup for the Spring season
  7. Spring fashion trends: clothes, hair, and makeup
  8. Celebrity inspiration this Spring
  9. Cheap chic Spring fashion options for high fashion items (high-low)
  10. Easy hairstyles for Spring
  11. Spring make-up routines
  12. Skincare routines for the Spring season
  13. Your new look for this Spring
  14. Spring nail polish tips and trends
  15. How to Spring-clean your make-up drawers and bags
  16. Spring-cleaning your makeup brushes: a reminder on how to do it properly
  17. Your favourite Spring lipstick shades
  18. How to do a natural-looking Spring-inspired make-up
  19. How to change up your skincare routine in the Spring
  20. New Spring makeup and skincare products

The Home, DIY, Cleaning & Organization Spring Blog Post Topics

The home is where so many Spring activities happen.

I’ve shared some of the Home-related Spring blog post topics that you can write about this season.

  1. Tips for Spring cleaning and organizing your closets
  2. Easy and inexpensive Spring decorations to liven up your home
  3. Spring decor trends and tips
  4. Things to fix up in your home after Winter
  5. Prepping the garden for the Spring season
  6. Top home DIY renovations and upgrades you can make on a budget this Spring
  7. Your secret Spring cleaning and organization hacks
  8. Easy 10-minute DIY upgrades you can do this Spring to your home
  9. How to Spring Clean your garage/shed
  10. Top Spring garden activities to do in March / April/ May
Over 75 Spring Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers Garden inspiration

Spring Blog Post Topics For Parenting Bloggers

These are simple Spring blog post ideas for parenting bloggers that you can do on your own or as blog post round-ups with other parenting bloggers.

  1. 10 Spring activities to do with kids
  2. How to deal with muddy Spring family hikes
  3. Ideas on how to celebrate the first day of Spring with your kids
  4. How to get kids loving Spring outdoor activities: ideas on what to do with them
  5. 5 Places to take your kids in the Spring-time
  6. Spring DIY crafts with kids
  7. How to paint Easter eggs with kids
  8. Tips for decorating Easter baskets
  9. Unusual Easter activities for kids
  10. Tips for teaching kids how to plant in gardens

Spring Blog Topics For Food & Drink And Entertaining Niches

Food, drink and entertaining tips are hot topics for Spring blog posts.

Everybody is out, getting together and enjoying warmer weather. And with many seasonal celebrations, there’s always something to cook up in the kitchen.

  1. Easter recipe round-up
  2. Spring cookie recipes
  3. Seasonal Spring vegetables and a recipe round-up
  4. Classic cocktails with a Spring twist (cool flavours, garnishes that scream Spring – break out the gin., prosecco…)
  5. Baby and wedding shower trends and tips
  6. Tips on throwing a Spring cocktail party
  7. Celebrating Spring with the first backyard/patio BBQ
  8. Spring herbs and how you can enjoy them
  9. Spring vegetable salad recipe ideas
  10. Spring celebrations and what to prepare: St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, Ramadan, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
  11. Spring side dishes you can make in a matter of minutes
  12. BBQ tips and a grilling refresher
  13. Your favourite Spring BBQ recipe
  14. Decoration ideas for various seasonal celebrations (St. Patrick’s, Easter, etc.)

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Spring Activities Blog Post Topics

There are so many things to do… many of them outside… during this season. I’ve shared general Spring blog post ideas for activities you can do alone or with others.

  1. Hot Spring date ideas
  2. Tips for Spring picnics
  3. Places to explore this Spring
  4. Spring hiking trails near your area
  5. Tips on how to get warmed up for your favourite sports season (write about whatever sport you enjoy playing – e.g. golf, volleyball, etc.)
  6. Cool Spring events happening in your city/town to enjoy with friends and family
  7. Spring camping tips
  8. Planning and planting your garden this Spring
  9. Spring TV shows you’re watching
  10. Spring birthday gift ideas

Spring Travel Blog Post Ideas

Spring travel has its own needs – particularly when it comes to temperature, weather and what to pack. Here are some Spring travel blog post ideas to get you started.

  • # Best places to travel in the Spring
  • Spring travel packing list for [destination]
  • Best things to do in [destination] in the Spring
  • Spring festivals to experience at least once in your life

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Summary: Getting Blogging About Spring Now!

Remember… It’s good to get started blogging on Spring blog post topics in late February and early March. April will be here before you know it.

Why do I recommend late February and March?

This gives you enough time to get your Pinterest pins into circulation and ranking high (if you follow the proper Pinterest SEO rules!). It also helps Google index your blog post.

Make sure you follow good SEO practices with keywords, and repurpose your blog posts for social media and other channels to grow blog traffic.

I’ll be adding ideas to this list as I come up with additional ideas, so bookmark it!

Pin it on your blog post idea board and share it (thank you for that!).

If anything inspires you in this post, drop me a line and let me know. I’ll be happy to re-share your blog post with my audience!

Before you go – need some help with getting your Spring blog posts ranking in Google searches?

Here’s a little cheat sheet on SEO terms, a keyword planner plus an SEO checklist for optimizing your blog posts:

And finally, just a little something to brighten up your phone lock screen: 30+ Stunning Spring Wallpapers For iPhone Lock Screens

Enjoy the Spring Season!

QUESTION: What is your favourite Spring activity? What else should I add to this list of Spring blog post ideas?

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