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One of the things many beginner and growing bloggers struggle with is creating a blogging schedule and maintaining a blogging routine.

Consistency is one of the key factors in successfully growing your blog.

Despite blogging part-time and juggling work and family commitments, I’ve developed a blog schedule that works to keep my blog growing.

I know it’s hard to balance being a budding blogger – and it’s harder when balancing motherhood and growing a blog business.

I’m sharing some of these tips with you so you can try them and see if they work for you too!

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Tips For Creating A Blogging Schedule

Before I share my tips and a blog schedule template, you need to know how to create a blogging schedule that works for your circumstances.

Here are key considerations for creating a blogging schedule:

  • Understand that your schedule will be different from another blogger’s schedule
  • Analyze your current weekly blog traffic flow: publish posts a day or two before your usual increase in weekly traffic
  • Write short posts during busy weeks – you can always add more content as a blog post update later
  • Set SMART goals for achieving your blog goals: make your blogging schedule realistic and achievable
  • Give yourself a day of rest: don’t burnout
  • Accept life’s curveballs – it happens and you need to prioritize family, work, and home commitments first

Remember why you started blogging in the first place. What is your ultimate goal?

A realistic, achievable blogging routine will balance your dreams with your lifestyle and commitments.

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When Should You Schedule A Blog Post?

Although I think it’s OK to publish your post as soon as it’s ready, some bloggers want to create a consistent schedule.

Different blog niches have reading audiences that have different peak traffic days.

For example, a family recipe blog will have more traffic on Thursday and Friday (shopping days) for weekend cooking (batching casseroles, etc.).

The same applies to a travel blog about weekend trips – people make plans a couple of days before.

But a parenting blog may work better for new content on Monday or Tuesday when the kids are at school and the mom needs some help with challenges.

Traditionally Tuesdays are the best day to publish fresh content: they are when people have settled into the week.

PRO TIP: If you are strapped for time, publish your post as soon as you’re finished writing it. You can promote it steadily throughout the week when you have time. Your readers will discover it through your promotion and SEO.

My Blogging Schedule Example

There are some weeks that I don’t publish a new blog post because I’m working on creating digital products to sell.

However, when I’m in content creation mode for new blog content, here’s my usual blogging schedule:

Monday – Final edits and formatting

Tuesday – Publish new blog post and begin promoting (Pinterest, Facebook group, Facebook page)

Wednesday – Continue promotion and prepare a newsletter that’ll include new blog posts

Thursday – Newsletter promotion; researching and drafting the new blog post

Friday – Drafting the new blog post

Saturday – Drafting new blog post, creating visual assets (Pinterest pins, feature image, etc.)

Sunday – Day of rest

As you can see, I try to publish on Tuesdays. I noted before, that your publish day may be Thursday.

Aim to get in front of your readers on the days that they are most likely searching for information on your topics.

Adapting Your Blogging Schedule When Monetizing

What happens to your blogging schedule when you focus on making money with your blog?

Your mindset and focus will change from content generation to activities that make money.

When you have 100-plus published blog posts your blog traffic should be fairly high enough to generate income opportunities.

By now you should have started your email newsletter list and are steadily growing a community of followers.

Your next focus should be paying more attention to monetization activities (affiliate marketing, creating and selling digital products and potential services).

Here are a few ways to adapt your blogging schedule:

  • Reduce the number of blog posts you publish per month
  • Update older blog posts and promote them to save time
  • Batch your blog content creation and schedule your posts once a week
  • Schedule blog promotion using tools like Later or SmarterQueue
  • Spend more time on developing products to sell, and create sales funnels, launches etc.
  • Increase time spent on promoting affiliate products

Once you’ve switched your mindset from content creation to making money mode, your priorities will shift.

Create A Monthly Blogging Schedule

Want to be super organized?

You can use your blog editorial calendar and create a monthly blogging schedule.

  • Plan your posts in topic clusters
  • Consider seasonal blog posts for timeliness
  • Determine the days you want to publish
  • Create a promotion schedule in advance

Many content creation tools like Canva have scheduling tools that can align with your blog post publishing schedule. Just remember to update links!

PRO TIP: Get organized with a content calendar. I use Airtable – a free tool that’s like Google Sheets-plus. Create blogging lists, schedules and more.

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How To Keep Consistent With Your Blogging Schedule

It’s easy to fall off a blogging routine. Life can get in the way and that’s OK. Sometimes you need to take a blogging break.

But it’s important to get back onto a blogging schedule.

There are some things you can do to keep consistent:

  • Have a list of blog post ideas ready, so you’re not searching for blog topics
  • Batch create blog post outlines and blog posts
  • Have a few prewritten blog posts ready to be published during busy weeks
  • Tap into guest bloggers who can write blog posts for you for those busy weeks
  • Use an editorial calendar
  • Consider shorter blog posts that you can expand on at a later date – explore different types of posts

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How To Schedule Blog Posts To WordPress

Have you batched a whole bunch of blog posts and want to schedule them to be published over time?

You can certainly do so with many blogging platforms, including WordPress.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Under the Post Summary, click “Immediately” by “Publish”
  • Click on the calendar to set your preferred publish date and time
  • Click the x to close the calendar
  • Click Schedule

Get A Blog Schedule Template

Need help getting organized?

I’ve created a pack of four printable pages – daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists and schedulers that will help you get organized and keep on track.

Print them out and write down your plans so you’re keeping consistent and managing your time wisely!

QUESTION: What is your blogging schedule like right now? What do you think will make you most successful and consistent?

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