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Ahh.. summer! We crave an escape from work, school and responsibilities. Taking time off to enjoy time exploring the outdoors. It’s also the time when your readers are looking for summer inspiration. So I have a list of 31 fun July blog post ideas on topics of interest to your lifestyle blog readers.

Seasonal posts are an important part of any blog’s editorial calendar.

I have a list of summer blog post ideas on general summer topics. This list is specific to activities and interests for July.

Adapt these July blog topics and make them work with your niche!

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31 July Blog Post Ideas PIN

31 July Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers

This list includes a variety of blog post ideas for July for different types of lifestyle bloggers.

Choose those that work with your audience, or adapt them as needed!

  1. July 1st – Canada Day celebration ideas at home
  2. 5 memorable ways to celebrate July 4th
  3. Summer road trips for July weekends near XYZ (insert the region/city)
  4. The best annual July festivals in XYZ
  5. Five fun things to do with kids in July in XYZ (insert your region/city)
  6. The perfect fried chicken recipes for July 6 – National Fried Chicken Day (US)
  7. Ideas for celebrating Teddy Bear Picnic Day (July 10) with your kids
  8. Easy family meals for picnics and day trips
  9. A long list of fun activities (July is Family Fun Month)
  10. How to keep kids from being bored during summer vacation
  11. Tips for keeping cool on hot July days
  12. Cute outfits for hot July days
  13. Stylish sandals for summer days
  14. The perfect hairstyle for this July
  15. Simple makeup tips for hot July days
  16. July nail polish inspiration
  17. The art of wearing hats – hat ideas for summer days
  18. The perfect playlist for July BBQs/patio nights, etc.
  19. Easy cool salad recipes for hot July days
  20. No-cook meals for July: sandwiches, salad, finger food and other tips
  21. July get-together menu ideas
  22. July cocktail ideas
  23. Gin and tonic cocktail recipes for summer days
  24. Self-care tips for July days-off
  25. How to reduce your stress as a parent during the crazy summer months
  26. How to keep cool without using the AC
  27. How to keep active on hot summer days
  28. Easy fitness ideas that won’t overheat you on hot summer days
  29. How to get some precious me-time as a parent in July (getting a break from kids during the vacation period)
  30. Prepping for the new school year in July: how to get ahead and easy into August/September
  31. Living the outdoor lifestyle: tips on how to set up the perfect garden/patio/deck

There you go! 31 July blog post ideas to inspire you.

Write 2 to 3 blog posts on these topics, and watch your traffic bump up! This is a great way to get past the summer blog traffic slump.

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Other Blogging Activities For July

While many people are taking long breaks in July from their blogs and websites, I usually am not. That’s when you’ll find me doing some key blogging activities, in prep for a busy Fall season.

July is a slow time for many things: from business (everybody is on vacation) to online traffic.

You will see a dip in blog traffic during this time in most cases unless your site is about traffic, outdoor activities and parenting and kid activities.

The first thing to do is to NOT PANIC.

This is the perfect time to do some “blog cleaning”.

  • Update your old blog posts including SEO
  • Update old Pinterest images on your posts with fresh ones
  • Design and schedule Pinterest images for the next 2 to 3 months – use my free Pinterest templates to help design them faster!

I can go on and on with the blog “housekeeping” activities list.

Once Fall bucket list season arrives, you’ll be too busy with other things. Make July a time to get yourself organized and ready for the Fall season.

Because you know, people will be indoors more as the chillier weather sets in. They’ll be looking for things to do during shorter days and cooler nights.

So aside from writing some fabulous July-themed blog posts, look to do some work to get ahead.

Here are free Pinterest templates to help you design fresh Pinterest pins for your posts!

Need more inspiration? You can learn how to find blog post ideas through brainstorming, researching and more.

But, if you’re looking for quick ideas, I’ve got you covered.

Check out these blog posts for more blog post topics:

And for fun, check out these 30+ free summer wallpapers for phone screens!

QUESTION: What would you add to the list of July blog post ideas?

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