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The Christmas and Holiday seasons are coming soon, and everybody is going crazy trying to find the perfect gift, looking for entertaining tips and more. So, write about topics people are interested in, and you can start with this list of 31 December blog post ideas!

This is more than a list of gift guide types. Frankly, you should have published those in mid-October or early November at the latest.

No, this list is about more than just that. It’s about food, parenting, fashion, home and entertaining niches and the best December blog topics that work with them.

I’ve delved into what people are searching for during this period. There’s so much fun stuff to write about.

Also, remember that you’re looking into January at this point. People are getting a head start on New Year’s resolutions. So I’m adding a few bonus blog content ideas to post in December with January in mind.

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31 December Blog Post Ideas: Give Your Readers A Gift Of Inspiration

The word of the month is “inspiration“. People are looking for it – from decorating to recipes, nail polish and more.

I’ve created one list, but it flows through different niches. Choose the topics that work for you, or modify them to work with your audience.

  1. Easy Christmas cookie recipes
  2. Delicious Christmas dinner recipes
  3. Holiday cocktail recipes that wow
  4. Healthy Christmas food ideas
  5. A Holiday entertaining guide
  6. Holiday entertaining must-haves
  7. The best Christmas table decorations
  8. How to set the Christmas table
  9. Last-minute Hostess gift ideas
  10. Holiday traditions to start with baby
  11. Family Christmas party ideas
  12. DIY Christmas craft ideas for kids
  13. Fun things to do during Christmas break in XYZ (enter your city/region)
  14. Top cute winter boots
  15. Cute winter outfits
  16. Holiday party outfit ideas
  17. How to make a DIY ugly Christmas sweater
  18. Easy Christmas hairstyles
  19. Gorgeous Christmas makeup looks
  20. Cute outfits for winter outdoor fun
  21. Ice skating outfit ideas
  22. Holiday nail design ideas
  23. Nail design ideas for December
  24. How to have a stress-free Christmas Holiday
  25. How to practice self-care during Christmas
  26. Tips for goal setting for the New Year
  27. Tips for setting realistic New Year’s Resolutions
  28. Top Holiday movies for families
  29. Top romantic Holiday movies for at-home dates
  30. Holiday break date ideas
  31. Romantic New Year’s Eve ideas

A Few More General December Blog Topics

Although I’ve shared many blog post ideas for Christmas and Holiday themes, there are more general ideas to consider.

Many people have a Holiday break during Christmas time, and it’s a great time to focus on self-care, mental health and family activities.

I’ve developed a short list of lifestyle blog topics for December that might be of interest to you too!

  • Stress-relieving winter activities at home
  • How to take a day off
  • How to reconnect with yourself through self-care and “me time”
  • Activities that help you re-energize your life
  • Best books that will change your life
  • Winter recipes for keeping cozy and warm
  • Low-stress family activities
  • How to keep your kids entertained during the Holiday break
  • Easy and quick recipes with Holiday leftovers

These are just some topics that you may want to consider publishing.

Also, check out my list of 130+ blog post ideas on general lifestyle topics. There may be something in this list that works for your niche and this time of the year!

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How To Save Time Blogging In December

With so many things happening in December, you’re bound to find little time to write blog posts.

So November is the best time to get prepared. If you’re smart, you’re reaching this post on December blog post ideas in early November. This gives you enough time to write several posts. and schedule them for publishing in December.

Batching is your best strategy. You can batch:

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Social media content
  • Pinterest pins

These productivity hacks help you keep your blog organized and your stress levels down!

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One Cool Tip To Save You From An Instagram Ban

If you’re planning to publish a post about New Year’s Eve, AVOID using the hashtag #NewYearsDay. It’s on the list of banned Instagram hashtags. Using it may get you blacklisted.

And if there’s a snowstorm during your Christmas break, don’t use #snowstorm.

I’m sharing this with you as a little gift, to avoid Instagram troubles in the New Year!

Check out the best Christmas hashtags and winter hashtags for your social media activities.

Write These Posts And Give Your Blog A December Blog Traffic Boost

I hope you find this short list of December blog post ideas useful and inspiring.

There’s always a frenzy of interest in anything related to Christmas and the Holiday season. December blog topics are plentiful – so you have no fear of running out of ideas!

Whatever topic you decide to write on, remember to research your keywords to see if they get traffic.

Practice good on-page SEO practices and try to publish your posts at least a month or so before any events mentioned in your posts.

Read up on the best free ways to promote your blog content and generate traffic.

To write posts faster, consider different blog post types, from listicles to round-ups of your existing content.

And finally, don’t forget a strong call to action at the end of your post. Like this one – I’m sharing my FREE Pinterest pin templates so that you can promote your December blog posts!

Need More Winter Blog Post Topics?

Check out my posts with more winter-themed topics:

If you’re focused on creating your blog content calendar for the following year, here are a few more niched-down blog post idea lists:

And one last thing: if you’re feeling burned out remember that the Holiday season is the best time to take a break from blogging! Avoid dealing with blogger burnout in the New Year.

Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays!

QUESTION: What other blog topics for December should be added to this list?

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