How to overcome blogger burnout - how to deal with burnout as a blogger.

Are you dealing with blogger burnout? Wondering how to manage blogger burnout while keeping your blog momentum going?

Every writer and blogger goes through the same. How do you find inspiration to write a blog post when you’re in a writing rut? Should you take a break from blogging for a while?

Sometimes getting out of a rut means you need to take a break. And that’s totally fine.

I’ve forced myself to take many blogging breaks over the years. The great thing is, that I’ve learned how to switch my focus to other blogging activities that are less demanding.

Sometimes overcoming blogger burnout means doing things differently. I’ll share five ways that work for me in getting past the blogger burnout slump. I hope they work for you too!

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Blogger Burnout: The Struggle Is Real

It’s more than just a simple case of not having blog post ideas, although that’s part of it. It may just be that you’ve reached blogger burnout.

Sometimes bloggers push themselves to come out with a whole batch of blog posts in a couple of days so that they can schedule them throughout the next few months.

Wow – that’s great! When you have the motivation to blog, just do it!

But oftentimes the quality of the work just isn’t there. Churning out blog posts quickly may mean you’re not focused on producing top-quality content.

On average, it takes a blogger about 4 hours to write, edit, format and publish a blog post that’s informative and shareworthy.

If you’re on a roll and don’t have any other interruptions (like let’s say, little kids, work… you know what I mean – life responsibilities), it takes a day.

If you’re like me, and you’re balancing family, motherhood and a full-time job with blogging, this can stretch into a few days.

How to overcome blogger burnout

I truly believe it’s worthwhile to write a draft of a blog post, set it aside for a night and then re-visit it the next day with a fresh pair of eyes. You may have missed something or made a glaring error the first time around.

Sometimes, finding inspiration to write a blog post just isn’t happening. Inevitably you end up in a writing slump. Or “Blogger’s Block” as I like to call it.

So I’ve been thinking about how I motivate and inspire myself to get back on track with my blogs, and want to share my tips on overcoming blogger burnout.

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How To Overcome Blogger Burnout

Let’s talk solutions!

That’s why you’re here – because you want to manage your love of blogging with the physical, mental and emotional toll it can take on you.

The struggle is real, especially if you’re a new blogger who desperately wants to turn their blog into a full-time online business!

1. You’re Out Of Blog Post Topics

THE PROBLEM: Lack Of Inspiration To Write

It’s hard to find inspiration to write a blog post when you’ve got no topics to write about.

There’s no motivation to blog because you’re stuck with no ideas. Or the ideas you have just don’t excite you!

You’re having trouble finding topics to write a blog about your niche and nothing seems to be interesting enough for your readers.

A woman's hands on a keyboard and Blogger's block is real text over the image.

THE SOLUTION: Take A Break To Research New Topics

It may be that you just need to step away from writing to do something more important instead.

That is… reading!

One of the best ways to deal with blogger burnout is to switch up your activity. Taking a break from content creation helps you rediscover your passion for blogging.

What I like to do is to research with other bloggers in my niche are doing. I extend this into a general brainstorming and research activity to see what other related blog post topics I should be writing about.

I create a blog post idea list by:

  • Looking at popular topics for my niche in Pinterest and Instagram posts (and see which ones are getting most engagement!)
  • Checking out Google search auto-prompts – as Google includes popular phrases people are using to search for specific content.
  • Reading my competitor’s blogs

I write down blog post ideas as they come to you. Whether it’s an old-school notebook or a running document on your computer, always note down ideas as they come to you. You will forget them later!

See what others are writing about. What kind of titles and keywords are they using?

There are many more ways to come up with FRESH blog post ideas. I have a long list of 50 sources of inspiration for blog post ideas for you to check out!

You can also check out blog post idea lists like these ones:

2. Deal With Blogging Burnout When You’re Tired / Sick / Busy

THE PROBLEM: Life Is Kicking Your Butt

Whether you’re tired, sick or busy, it’s hard to find motivation and time to blog.

You don’t have the energy to sit down and write a great blog post that you’re readers will find interesting to read.

How to overcome blogger burnout

THE SOLUTION: Don’t Beat Yourself Up About It

Overcome blogger’s burnout by taking the time to give your body and your mind a rest from blogging.

Practice some self-care to refresh your brain and body and get yourself back on track.

In the meantime, you can do something that helps inspire you to come up with fresh content, build networks and keep you in the loop.

What I’m talking about is Facebook groups!

Participating in Facebook groups to grow your blog doesn’t have to be time-intensive.

Stop creating content, and re-share your old posts that need some love. Get to know your Facebook group members. See if there are ways you and work together on collaborations.

Participating in Facebook groups can build a network that can motivate you or support you as you struggle with writer’s block or lack of passion for your blogging.

However, in the meantime, get some rest.

Focus on self-care!

Catching up on sleep can help you get your brain back on track so that you CAN write great blog posts again.

Take care of yourself and the effects of blogger burnout will start to disappear.

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3. You’re Not Happy With Your Blog

THE PROBLEM: You No Longer Love Your Blog

How to overcome blogger burnout when you no longer love your blog?

The blog theme is driving you nuts as it’s out-of-date. You’re not pleased with the blog’s visual aesthetic and it’s in need of a re-brand and re-design.

The technical aspects of a WordPress blog may be annoying as well!

It’s dampening your motivation to blog because you know you have other issues you need to address.

THE SOLUTION: Rebrand Your Blog

Make time to update your blog!

Doing a rebrand of your blog can reignite your drive to blog, create content and promote it.

However, while you’re updating your WordPress theme, blog logo and messaging, look at some of your old blog posts.

Re-post old blog content to keep the momentum going.

This is the easiest way to keep your blog from losing traffic.

It also gives you the inspiration to develop content for your blog, as an old post may spark an idea for a new one, leading you to create a series of posts.

When I last did a blog refresh on my Suburban Tourist blog, I came up with so many new ideas by reviewing my existing content.

I saved it in my blog post idea list I created in Airtable (a free platform where you can build databases and workflow lists).

You can also update your feature post images and blog post graphics.

Whether you take your own photos or use stock photo membership sites, give your content a new look.

When I did my upgrade with my visuals my blog looked more polished and appealing to my audience. In addition to this, I was more inspired to blog.

As for technical issues – hire somebody to help you!

There are many reputable WordPress, technical SEO and web development experts that can help with tough technical issues.

You may also want to spruce up your blog’s branding, starting with your About Me page. Does it need an update?

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How to Rebrand Your Blog And Change Your Blog Niche

4. You Don’t Like Writing In Your Current Work Space

THE PROBLEM: Your Workspace Doesn’t Inspire You Or Doesn’t Help You Focus

You’re not comfortable in your current working space where you do your writing. This results in no motivation to blog.

Whether it’s writing in bed on your laptop, at a desk, or the kitchen table…if it’s not working, you need to change things up to get your creative juices flowing.

THE SOLUTION: Find A Place That Inspires You To Blog

Search for the perfect spot that will inspire you to write blog posts without negative distractions. Make it comfortable, cozy and conducive to your writing process.

If you need soft music in the background, make it happen!

Some people have a special room in their home, while others head to a coffee shop to get inspired.

Perhaps all you need to overcome your blogger burnout is to create a mini-office with all the necessary tools and resources to write well.

Or, like my blogger friend Daphne from Free at 50, you may need to be in a public space, on your own, to focus on your work. She often blogs from a coffee shop (as her Instagram posts show!).

Find a fresh setting where you find the right inspiration to create content for your blog.

5. Your Brain Is In Chaos

THE PROBLEM: You’ve Got Way Too Many Ideas And You Don’t Know Where To Start

Another way to avoid blogger burnout is to build a process to organize your ideas, blog goals and editorial content calendars.

The problem may be that you have a jumble of blog post ideas and you’re bopping from one topic to another. The result is your blog isn’t coming across as cohesive or with a clear niche.

Your published posts just don’t flow well with your other recent blog posts or aren’t timely. For example, Spring activity content being published when it’s only Thanksgiving!

You just want to walk away because there’s way too much to do and not enough time to figure it out.

THE SOLUTION: Get Organized

Banish the chaos and overcome blogger burnout by taking a much-needed break from blogging each quarter.

During this break, reassess your blog goals. Make them realistic!

At the same time, clean up your editorial calendar, remembering that Google needs some time to index your content, as does Pinterest.

Plan ahead!

How to overcome blogger burnouot

I created my editorial calendar in Airtable, nothing during which month I would publish the post. This way I can keep track of my content creation and at the same time, not freak out if I miss a deadline.

Here’s a good trick for creating content that makes sense to your reader – flow-wise:

  • Take all of your blog categories and list them out
  • Under each category add an evergreen or timely blog post topic for each season
  • Add a note as to during which month the post should be published

I like to create a topic calendar and give myself fresh new deadlines. This inspires me to write a blog post at least once a week.

I can visualize what topics I’ll be writing about and how they flow from one to the other.

If there’s a category I haven’t written about recently, I work on coming up with fresh blog posts for relevant topics.

PRO TIP: Sometimes having a quiet time to work is the best way to get things done – without interruptions! Try focusing on writing before 9 AM for a boost of productivity.

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Just Do It!

It’s easy to manage blogger burnout. I know it’s hard to deal with the occasional thought of “Is what I’m doing all worth it?”

You may be thinking of quitting blogging.

But I encourage you to take the first step again. You’ll get back into it!

If you’re still stuck on writing, be productive with your blog!

Do some fine-tuning that will take it to the next level.

I’ve developed a list of 50+ Blog Resources & Tools to help you get started.

If you’re REALLY feeling burnout, it’s OK to take a break from blogging for a while. At the end of it all, you’ll come out as a better blogger than before.

QUESTION: Where do you find inspiration to write a blog post? What are your tips for overcoming blogger burnout?

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How to Overcome Blogger Burnout

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