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From blogging courses to Canva templates. The Confident Blogger Academy and Resource Collection has everything you need to build your blog into a success.

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Blogging Courses

Supercharge your blogging knowledge and skills with blogging courses: learn key blogging skills, explore blogging strategies and discover marketing tips and tricks. Grow your site, confidently.

Elevate your blog into a biz

Grow It: From Blog To Business

Learn the foundational blogging skills and strategies you need to build your blog into a successful business.

Determine your niche, audience and branding, create content your readers want and need, build a powerful promotion plan, grow your community and start monetizing your site to build income streams that work!

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Read All About it!


From SEO, Personal Branding and Instagram strategies… learn how you can build your blog’s presence online with this collection of blogging eBooks. 

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Build Your Blog's Brand

Blog Branding 101 Tookit

Build your blog’s visual branding and brand messaging with a mini-guide and guided Canva-based workbook template and one-page brand guide.

Get past branding obstacles: learn how to brand your blog and captivate the right readers and potential customers!

Blog Branding Toolkit


Shop the Confident Blogger Academy – a collection of useful Canva templates for bloggers: Pinterest templates, social media templates and lead magnet templates that’ll elevate your blog or online business. 

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