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Want to start blogging confidently and profitably? Working with a blog coach with one-on-one private blog coaching sessions can help you break through the craziness of trying to determine your roadmap to success. Learn key skills step-by-step, find the best strategies for your blog niche and launch yourself into a successful online business!

Blog Coaching

Is this frustrated, clarity-seeking blogger you?

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Why are you seeking a blogging coach? 

You have big goals of turning your new blog into a profitable business. 

But holy moly – where do you really start? There’s so much to learn! How can you grow your blog faster?  How to monetize it?

Facebook groups, free courses and blog posts can only help you out so much. 

Learning on your own is not getting you the results you want.

You’re frustrated, overwhelmed… You wish you had a clear strategy in place to get you from point A to point B.

You’re determined to succeed, but you need somebody to share their knowledge, guide you, and keep you accountable. 

You need somebody to be your cheerleader, sharing blogging and online business knowledge that keeps you motivated, moving forward and actually succeeding!

Your life without a blog coach has you feeling:

Your life with a blog coach changes everything:

It's time For one-on-one Blog Coaching Sessions

It might be time to work with a blog coach!

Working with a blog coach can help you get your questions answered, develop a strategic plan, and get results with somebody who’s done it all before.

Blog Coaching Grow Blog

Go from just starting out as a beginner, or growing into a confident blogger with a growing blog.

Blog Coaching Start Monetizing

Get support as you start your next journey: from blog to business. Learn how to monetize your blog.

Blog Coaching Pro Level

Elevate your blog business with personal branding and positioning as a niche expert for podcasts & interviews.

Meet The Blog Coach

Let's Get To Work!

Hi – I’m Margaret, a blogger, blog growth strategist, course creator and blog coach, with over 13 years in blogging, and 20+ years working in public relations and marketing communications positions. 

I help bloggers blog confidently, growing their sites into profitable online businesses through my blog, courses and one-on-one, customized business and blog coaching services.

Blog coaching sessions
Margaret Bourne - blog coach

I’ve made all the mistakes and faced the challenges of starting a blog and growing it. Now, I’m taking all my learnings and skills, and passing them on to others – so that they don’t deal with them as well!

If you’re determined to succeed with your blog and seeking to work with a blog coach who will give you the customized strategies, support and accountability you need, read on!

How I Can Help you

Blog Coaching Services

Blog coaching services with Margaret Bourne

One-on-One Blog Coaching For Beginners

Confident Blogger


Blog coaching for beginner bloggers who have goals of growing their blog into an online business.

If you’re at the stage where you know you want to build a professional blog, that’s ready to be monetized and profitable, this is the coaching package for you.

Perfect for new bloggers and online entrepreneurs looking for guided support as they follow a strategy and roadmap.

What's included

from $1500

blog coaching for established bloggers



Taking your established blog to the next level is your big goal. This package is for those who’ve been blogging for at least a year.

You’ve started your blog and are growing it confidently, but aren’t sure how to monetize it. You don’t want to make stupid, costly mistakes along the way.

This coaching package (10 x 60-minute sessions) is for you if your goal is to make your blog profitable through affiliate marketing, selling digital products and courses, and starting your own coaching or consulting services. 

With me as your sounding board and guide, we’ll find the best monetization strategies for you, create a roadmap for success and troubleshoot anything that comes along the way! 

This package contains the same features as the Confident Blogger coaching package. 

from $1500

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Blog Coaching Profitable 2
PoojaP Nurse Bestie T

"Margaret gave me the clarity and structure I was so desperately looking for while building my blog."

“Before working with Margaret as my blog coach, I constantly felt like I wasn’t doing enough or missing out on something. When I started working one-on-one with Margaret, things just started to make more sense… My blog got on a clear path because of her, and I can’t thank her enough. Her guidance is so valuable… She took a confused, overwhelmed girl and turned her into a confident, focused blogger!”

Pooja – Nurse Bestie 


Blog Growth Boosted


Ideal for bloggers who want to take their existing hobby blog and transform it into a business.  

This package of 5 x 60-minute sessions is designed to help you fine-tune your blog and get started with monetization.

Approximately two 60-minute video sessions per month.

What's included in this Package

from $775

one-on-one Blog Coaching Sessions

Coaching Powered Up


Sometimes you have a few key challenges that you need to overcome. Three one-on-one sessions give you more time in tackling them with my help. 

Book your sessions at any time, when you need them!

Each session includes a 60-minute Zoom video session, post session notes and homework activities.

from $480

Blog Coaching Powered up2
Blog coaching services MB


Strategic Blogging


Need one session with a a blog coach for building a strategy that grows your blog and provides you with smart ways to monetize it? Or learning a blogging skill?

During our blog coaching session we’ll go over your current challenges. We’ll work together to tackle the key obstacle that’s holding you back from blogging success!

What's included in this service

from $165

"I loved working with Margaret!"

When I realized I wanted to work with bloggers, I sought out someone who had the knowledge and experience to help me figure out how I should go about it. Meeting with Margaret was very helpful because we went through where to direct my energy and how to go about appealing to my ideal client. She was so helpful when it come to hammering out my exact services, both what would make sense for me and what would be the most helpful to my ideal client. 

Erin –

Our Process

Blog coaching


We connect

Let’s see if we can work together to achieve your blogging goals.


Coaching Agreement

You approve the coaching agreement that protects us both legally & financially.


Payment & Booking First Session

Once payment comes through, we book our first session and start!

"Margaret's blog audit was worth its weight in gold!"

In the audit session Margaret walked me through several simple changes that made an immediate improvement to my blog. I’ve booked up follow-up coaching sessions with her and can honestly recommend her services.


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years of experience in blog coaching


clients helped


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Total Audience across platforms

My signature program

Grow It: From Blog To Business

Learn the blogging skills and strategies you need to build your blog into a successful business.

From fine-tuning your niche, audience and branding, creating content your readers want and need, building a powerful promotion plan, growing your community and starting to monetize your site to build income streams that work!

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You've got questions? I've got the answers!

Years and years of experiences and expertise in marketing, branding, public relations, business best practices and so much more. I started out as a hobby blogger as many do, and evolved my blog into a separate side business. I’ve made the same mistakes you’re about to make.

With all of this experience and skills, I’m able to steer you away from making the same time-consuming and potentially expensive mistakes I made. 

We do a 15 minute free “get to know you” Zoom chat! We don’t talk about solutions to your blogging problems. We just get to know each other: you tell me about your blog, your goals, and I tell you how I work with my clients. 

We either have the right “vibe” or we don’t. 

Yes – my sessions are usually conducted Monday through Thursday, 8 p.m. EST to 10 p.m. EST, and occasionally on weekend mornings or afternoons (primarily for UK/European clients). 

We can arrange sessions to work with your schedule and mine. In many cases clients take 1 to 2 weeks in between sessions. For some, it can be a month later or more. It all depends on your pace and what’s happening in your life. Although I do pop in to remind you to keep at it!

This is fine – and we can move it without any issues. I just ask that you try to give me some notice (at minimum 24 hrs) as I can potentially serve another client during that missed time. 

No. My programs require payment up front as this signals 110% commitment to learning and working with me.  With coaching, it’s a type of service where you need to be fully invested to get the best results.  If these packages don’t work for you right now, let’s chat to see what we CAN do together. 

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Your next step

Ready to transform your blog and business?

Connect with me today to get your questions about blog coaching sessions answered. Learn more as to how I can help you overcome your challenges and grow your blog business!

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