30 January blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs.

January is a month full of inspiration and motivation. We’re all looking forward to our New Year’s Resolutions and trying to keep them. Blogs are a great resource, so I’m sharing with you 30 January blog post ideas (for 2024) that will help you inspire and motivate your readers!

Think beyond “How to set and keep your New Year’s Resolutions”. Or general New Year blog posts.

January content ideas go beyond resolutions!

Think of topics for January that people want to focus on, such as personal development, a better lifestyle, better health, looking better, feeling better etc. Being “better” is a big January theme.

Every blogging niche can have a motivational and informative list of blog post topics for January.

However, since many of my readers are in the lifestyle category, I’m going to stick to the main niches under this umbrella.

Read on to be inspired with some fresh new year blog topics!

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Timely Evergreen Blog Post Ideas For January PIN

January Blog Post Ideas – Get Inspired Yourself!

January is also a great time of the year to start fresh with your own blog posts.

If you’re planning your blog content, this is the time to think about creating cornerstone blog posts, as well as evergreen and timely blog posts.

So, consider a big topic out of which many subsequent, more in-depth blog posts can be produced.

For example – “Tips for Healthy January Meals”

Subsequent topics:

  • Quick and healthy January meal recipes
  • Healthy vegetarian meal recipes
  • Best diet recipes for
  • Healthy comfort food meal recipes
  • Tips for managing your comfort food cravings with your New Year’s resolutions

See a theme? You can now use these to interlink with your key big topic blog post, which is excellent for SEO.

So plan out your blog post ideas and get started writing your posts!

PRO TIP: I use Airtable to manage my blog posts and to add new ideas to them. It’s free for the basic essentials – all that you really need to create and manage a functional list of blog post ideas that are organized according to your preferences.

30 Blog Post Ideas For January

Let’s look at some content ideas for January that look at a broad range of relevant topics. From eating well to relationships.

Whether you’re looking for January Instagram content ideas or for your blog, I’m sure you’ll find something in this list of 30 that I’ve brainstormed and researched.

  1. Healthy January recipes
  2. January fitness challenges
  3. Cozy home decor ideas for January
  4. Start the new year in style with these fresh fashion tips
  5. How to get past the January blues with these self-care tips
  6. Fun things to do in January outdoors
  7. How to hydrate your skin on cold January days
  8. Best self-development books to read this January
  9. A list of motivational quotes to help you keep your New Year resolutions
  10. How to keep consistent with good habits
  11. January journal prompt ideas
  12. Bullet journal ideas for January
  13. How to start a new side hustle or work from home job (escape the nine-to-five)
  14. Non-alcoholic drinks for January’s “dry month”
  15. How to start off the new year purging old stuff – decluttering & organizing tips
  16. Productive things to do in January to start the New Year off right
  17. Inexpensive ways to have fun in January (post-Holiday spending!)
  18. Places to go in January
  19. How to keep in optimal health in the new year!
  20. How to create your own planner
  21. How to stick to your goals
  22. The best healthy comfort food for January: meal ideas
  23. Best inspirational movies that’ll motivate you to go after your goals
  24. Money-saving tips for the year
  25. Trends – on any key niche subject (e.g. 2024 fashion trends, 2024 beauty trends, etc.)
  26. Nail polish styles for January (winter theme)
  27. Mental health tips for winter days
  28. January activities with little kids
  29. Fun January activities for adults
  30. January date ideas – (twist – healthy January date ideas)

PRO TIP: You can always take some of these January blog post ideas and modify them for your specific niche. For example, “money-saving tips for stay-at-home moms” or “money-saving tips for college students”. See what I did there?

Need More Winter Ideas?

Loved these blog post ideas for January, but looking for more?

If you’re looking for general winter and lifestyle blog post ideas, I suggest these two lists:

If you’re “springing ahead”: 75+ Spring Blog Post Ideas.

Remember, that you can take one big blog post topic, and write several more on that theme.

Think about all of the questions that arise from one key question, and keep going. You’ll never have to wonder what to post in January, ever again!

Woman's hands holding a phone - January blog post ideas.

January Content For Social Media

If you’ve landed here on this post as somebody using Instagram or TikTok, I hope you’re finding my list of ideas useful.

Many of these ideas lend themselves to great visuals.

We love to see “how-to’s” and many of my blog post ideas can be broken down into a series of videos depending on the ideas you can share with your audience.

To make it easier for you, I’ve pulled together a list of winter hashtags that might be useful.

I know for some, micro-blogging on social media is a preference, but the good thing is that these ideas are transferrable.

Hey – let’s connect on Instagram! I’m sharing blogging tips for the near year on my @margaretbournemedia account.

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Do A Blog Series That Helps Overcome January Blahs

Writing “how-to” blog posts can get boring after a while. Luckily there are many different types of blog posts you can be writing.

Here’s a cool twist for you that taps into this list of January lifestyle blog post ideas.

The post Holiday mood can be pretty low for many people. Consider doing something to keep your readers engaged and connected with you! Show them a bit of love.

Create a series of four blog posts – one per week, and perfect for a weekly newsletter.

Theme the series something like “Survive The January Blahs” Blog Post Series”.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Create a free lead magnet on this theme that works for your niche: e.g., four delicious comfort food recipes from your secret recipe vault.
  • Create a two to three-page style guide for looking your best in winter gear.
  • Consider a mini e-book with a collection of motivational quotes or short stories. Whatever works for your audience!
  • Go one step further and create a mini-ebook or even a small course on how to overcome a big challenge, right from the start of the year.

You can use Canva to make design the e-book (my favourite workbook/book designing tool) or create a course with Podia (awesome for courses, digital products and more).

Then look at affiliate opportunities that’ll work with your January blog posts, to monetize them, your newsletter and your social media.

Take it one step further, if you’re offering services. Offer a small program with tips on how to deal with the key issues many people face for your niche. Make it POSITIVE.

People are looking for positive, feel-good and inspirational posts during dreary winter months. They want tips that’ll help them overcome challenges.

Look at ways you can take your blog series and make it into a weekly video for your Instagram Live or Facebook group. I’ll be doing one for my Facebook group – The Blog It Better Society!

You have an interested, captive audience during the winter months, so take advantage and capture their attention!

Write January Blog Content That Readers Love

I hope I’ve provided you with some great January lifestyle blog post ideas.

Before you go… learn how you can consistently get your blog posts ranking in Google searches. Just like this one!

QUESTION: What are any other January blog post ideas you’re considering writing about? If you’ve got a January blog post, share it in the comments below!

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30 January Blog Post Ideas

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