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Build Your Personal Brand

To grow your new online business, you know you have to put yourself out there to attract clients or customers. But how do you do it effectively? How do you get past imposter syndrome? Working with a personal brand coach can help you shape your personal brand positioning and strategic plan… and give your business the boost it needs!

Developing your personal Brand

Frustrated about figuring out your personal brand?

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What makes you special in a sea of similar experts in your niche? 

How do you stand out from others so that people start associating you as a credible source and expert?

I know how difficult it is to figure out your personal brand. After all, I had to go through the same exercise as you with developing my personal brand for this coaching business! 

There is a way to figure it all out in a systematic, organized process that truly does help you get on the road to attracting your dream customers. 

Discovering your brand voice, message and how you communicate online to attract will change everything. 

Working together we’ll go through the process and get you on the road to confidently communicating your brand online and generating the results you want!

One-on-One Personal Branding Sessions

Time to Work With A Personal Brand Coach!

Working with a personal brand coach can help you determine your special positioning – what makes you unique and attractive to your ideal customer. You’ll learn how to create your personal identity and effectively promote your values.

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Just the basics. Work on your brand messaging, tone of voice, style, mission statement and more.

Personal Brand Promotion

Layer up from the basics with promotion strategies for your personal brand and content creation and social media. 

Personal Branding Maintenance

Learn how to build your brand consistently with productivity tips, automations and smart workflows.

The Personal Brand Coach

Let's Get To Work!

Although I’m known as a blog coach, I also have 18+ years PR experience working with brands, CEOs and spokespeople.

In building my business, I’ve taken brand storytelling best practices and applied them to my own personal brand.

I’m sharing personal branding strategies with budding online entrepreneurs. Let’s see how we can work together to build your outstanding personal brand!

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Personal Brand Coaching

Confident Pro


Top entrepreneurs and celebrities have all developed their personal brand. But they needed to start somewhere. 

That somewhere can be a very confusing place. 

This personal branding program guides you through the key elements of building, promoting and maintaining your personal brand. From developing your personal brand toolkit, messaging and values, to smart promotion activities and ongoing maintenance. 

Each session tackles a specific element and leaves you with an activity for the development and implementation of your personal branding plan. 

What's included

from $1320

Become A Media spokesperson

Media Training
For Influencers


Doing interviews with media reporters, podcast shows or even on TV, can be very intimidating… especially if you’re not prepared. 

Learn how to be your own spokesperson for your company, effectively sharing your desired key messages with your audience. 

This session gives you the background information you need to prepare for media interviews or podcasts. 

Learn how to develop key messages and soundbites. 

A series of role-playing activities sets you at ease in front of the camera, microphone or during a call with a reporter. 

Includes a video copy of your role playing sessions. 

from $490

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The Process

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We connect

Let’s see if we can work together to achieve your personal branding goals.


Coaching Agreement

You approve the coaching agreement that protects us both legally & financially.


Payment & Booking Session

Once payment comes through, we book our first session and start!


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You've got questions? I've got the answers!

Although I have the corporate experience in branding like many personal brand coaches, I also have experience as a blog coach. 

As such, I approach personal branding knowing  the challenges of up-and-coming experts and influencers with blog-based businesses. 

We do a 15 minute free “get to know you” Zoom chat! We don’t talk about solutions to your personal branding challenges. We just get to know each other: you tell me about your business goals, and I tell you how I work with my clients. 

We either have the right “vibe” or we don’t. 

Yes – my sessions are usually conducted Monday through Thursday, 8 p.m. EST to 10 p.m. EST, and occasionally on weekend mornings or afternoons (primarily for UK/European clients). 

We can arrange sessions to work with your schedule and mine. In many cases clients take 1 to 2 weeks in between sessions. For some, it can be a month later or more. It all depends on your pace and what’s happening in your life. Although I do pop in to remind you to keep at it!

This is fine – and we can move it without any issues. I just ask that you try to give me some notice (at minimum 24 hrs) as I can potentially serve another client during that missed time. 

No. My programs require payment up front as this signals 110% commitment to learning and working with me.  With coaching, it’s a type of service where you need to be fully invested to get the best results.  If these packages don’t work for you right now, let’s chat to see what we CAN do together. 

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Your next step

Ready to transform into an influential niche expert?

Connect with me today to get your questions about personal brand coaching sessions answered. 

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