16 Types Of Blog Posts To Grow Your Blog And Followers

There are different types of blog posts and formats in the blogosphere. However, what are the most popular types of blog posts that generate blog traffic? And engage readers and often turn them into followers?

This is a question many new bloggers have, as they learn how to create content that generates traffic and engagement.

I was stuck in a rut for quite some time writing long “how to” posts, without realizing that I could be writing shorter, fun posts that still got crazy traffic.

These are types of blog posts that grab the reader’s interest, offer them information in an easy-to-follow format, and result in a longer time spent on a site.

All great things when you want to grow your blog into a successful site!

I’ve pulled together a list of different blog post types that will inspire you to break out of your blog writing rut and try something new!

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16 Types of Blog Posts That Keep Your Readers Engaged

Most Popular Types Of Blog Posts That Get Traffic

As a new blogger, it’s a great idea to explore the most popular types of blog posts to see which ones work with your readers.

For example, my blogs do very well with “how to” and list posts.

Super niche blogs that are on a specific topic may do very well with review posts.

Experiment to see which of these most popular types of blog posts works for you!

1. List Blog Posts

These blog post types are some of the most popular and easiest to write. Also called “listicles”, they can be as short as a few items or as long as you like.

Readers like them because they offer so much content and ideas in one easy-to-read post.

Most often they are a long list of one-liners. For example, I have such a list in my popular post for “100 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Blogs”.

The other kinds of lists are like this post!

Each item in this list includes a few paragraphs (often 2 to 3 paragraphs, or a bit more) explaining about each blog post type and how you can use it for your blog.

I love writing list blog posts because they are fairly quick to write and readers LOVE them.

PRO TIP: Make sure to interlink to relative posts on your site to increase the time spent on your blog.

2. “How To” Blog Posts Or Tutorials

How many times do you find yourself searching on Google or Pinterest with the words: “How to…?”

One of the top reasons readers go to Google or Pinterest is to find answers to questions.

So it’s no wonder the “how-to” posts get huge traffic and are one of the most popular types of blog posts.

“How to…” is one of the most popular long-tail keyword starters. They can also be referred to as tutorial posts.

It’s super easy to come up with topics that start with “How to”. So if you’re ever stuck, just start brainstorming a list for your niche with “how to”.

For this kind of blog post stick to answering one “how-to” question. Don’t try to throw in everything into one blog post on a general subject.

So for example, “How To Pitch Brands For Sponsored Posts” is specific and you keep to that topic. Don’t start adding tips for other ways to monetize your blog or your Instagram account. Stick to the topic of working with brands.

“How To” blog posts usually take a bit longer than a list to create as sometimes you may need to do a bit of research.

Finding Your Keywords For How-To Posts In Google

For a better chance to rank on Google with keywords, do a search of your “how to” post topic.

You’ll find more specific searches that will improve your chances to rank higher.

Here are two places where to search, other than the search bar itself:

  1. The middle of the search result in Google has the “people also ask” box:
Blog post types

2. At the bottom of the search results, check the related searches section:

Blog post types

3. Cornerstone Or Foundational Posts

These are big, long blog posts on a broad topic. They’re broader than more niche “how-to” posts.

They often start with something like “The Ultimate Guide To…” and cover the topic in general terms.

They can have lists that speak to an overview of the specific list topic and then can be broken out into stand-alone blog posts that drill down into the details further.

Technically, this blog post is a cornerstone post.

For example, I can take each of these blog post types and write a bit more in-depth on the do’s and don’ts for each type. They can become “how to” posts on their own.

Cornerstone blog posts can also be the start of a blog series which is my next recommended type of blog post type.

PRO TIP: If you’re organized, you can plan out a month or two of blog posts using cornerstone posts. Brainstorm all the smaller blog posts you can create based on your cornerstone/foundational post.

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4. Blog Series

A blog series is a number of consecutive blog posts on a big over-arching topic.

They can go from broad to niche. Likewise, they can take a reader from one topic to another related topic, or to a “next step in a process” post.

Readers love them, as they can get all the information but in smaller, “bite-sized” chunks.

This also gives you a great opportunity to create an email series. By focusing on a key topic over a span of a few blog posts and emails, you can establish yourself as an expert in your chosen topic.

By giving your readers invaluable information, you’re creating a perception you’re a fantastic source of information and inspiration. It will help you grow your following.

PRO TIP: Make sure you have a relevant opt-in freebie throughout each of your blog post series. If you’re providing great info in your posts and a fantastic freebie, your readers will be more likely to sign up for your newsletter.

5. Review Posts

People love to know what others think of products and services.

Your personal experience trying something out, with both pros and cons, makes for a useful post that readers will want to read.

The trick to getting a product review post to get huge traffic is to focus on good on-page SEO.

For example, I did a blog post reviewing The INKEY List, a skincare brand that had come to Canada. I ensured I used keywords that included ” The INKEY List review” and “Canada”.

If you search Inkey List Review Canada my post on my Suburban Tourist blog pops up on the first page of results.

Like this:

Blog post types

PRO TIP: Product review posts are fantastic for affiliate links. When possible, seek a product sample or service experience via your affiliate partner contact. This makes for a win-win situation. An example of this is my LARQ self-cleaning bottle review post, where I asked for a review sample bottle and gave my readers an honest opinion, leading them to be more likely to purchase the bottle for themselves.

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6. Tools And Resources Posts

Like list posts, tools and resources posts can be a simple list or one with more content under each item.

They are perfect for affiliate links as you can preface the list of tools and resources by noting that you’ve vetted them and recommended them.

Readers want to know what others are using. For example, you’ve probably seen bloggers sharing their blog tools and resources for other bloggers to check out.

Here’s my list of more than 50 of the best blog tools and resources that I use for my blogs and business.

PRO TIP: Organize your tools and resources according to type and use headings to make it easy for readers to find what they’re looking for in your post. You may also want to add a table of contents near the top of your post to make it easier for the reader to find their preferred section.

7. Round-Up Posts

These kinds of blog posts GET HUGE TRAFFIC.

Although you can do a round-up of your own posts on a subject (which is great for your bounce rate and time spent on your site), you can also do one for external links.

The latter is where you can get big traffic.

How? By leveraging the network of bloggers whose links you’ve included in your round-up post.

However, there are some things to consider first with round-up posts:

  • Get permission to link their posts and use their images in your round-up post
  • Reach out to bigger bloggers, medium-sized blogs and new ones for your best bet in getting help in promoting your post.
  • Make sure you choose a topic that’s not for a big general keyword. For example, “Keto chocolate dessert recipes ” versus “Keto dessert recipes”

An example of a round-up post that I did that’s been getting huge, ongoing traffic is my list of the top Canadian up-and-coming lifestyle blogs.

PRO TIP: The bloggers with huge, popular blogs may not get back to you quickly. Always expect that with a round-up post you’ll need to give yourself a few weeks from starting it to actually posting it.

PRO TIP2: Follow up with each blogger whose link you’ve included and let them know when it’s gone live with an ask to help promote it.

16 Blog Post Types That Engage Readers  And Grow Blog Traffic

8. Interview Posts

Another type of blog post that can get you traffic is an interview post.

The key to success is to interview somebody who has some recognition within their community or expertise area, but perhaps not a HUGE amount of their own content online. Less SEO competition!

For example, I once interviewed a fellow outdoor-loving Canadian blogger. When people searched her name online, they would find my blog post on her. I was getting regular traffic to my site for her post.

For interview posts, there are some key things to remember:

  • Have a list of open-ended questions for the interviewee (i.e. those that don’t end up with a yes or no answer)
  • Ask for a headshot photo or other photos that you can use on your site and remember to provide proper credit.
  • You can interview the person over the phone/video chat or by sending them questions they answer via email. Let them know you will do minor edits for grammar, etc.

PRO TIP: Always practice good SEO as usual. Make sure you have the correct spelling of the person you’re interviewing. Like with round-up posts, let them know when the post is live so that they can share it with their followers on social media.

9. Guest Posts

Guest posts have always been extremely popular as a means to create backlinks and good SEO.

They’re also fantastic because you get MORE content on your site, without you having to do as much work. Somebody else does it for you.

Not only this, but guest bloggers will often help promote their work via their networks and with backlinks on their own site (e.g. a published posts section or a “as seen on” section).

Always choose guest bloggers carefully, making sure they’re not duplicating your content on other sites.

Blog post types - guest posting legal requirements

PRO TIP: Always get a guest blogger agreement signed and in place to ensure your blog guidelines and requirements are clear, and you’re protected in terms of copyright. You can get a guest blogger agreement template from my favourite blogging lawyer, Amira from A Self Guru.

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10. Video Post With Text

Videos are a GREAT way to get readers to stick around on your site for an extended period of time.

If you have an embedded video you have readers watch for a longer period of time.

Accompany the embedded content with written content and you have awesome SEO and better opportunities at ranking higher.

One thing you need to remember is that videos should have captions.

PRO TIP: Have links to relevant links on your site on the post so that while a reader is watching your content, they can also open up (in a new tab) more of your posts.

11. Podcast Post With Text

Like with a video post, podcast posts can be a great source of blog traffic. They also have readers spending more time on your site.

Podcasts can be embedded in your posts (yes, this can be done on WordPress).

Like with videos, share the written text or an overview with links mentioned in the podcast.

Also, don’t forget the relevant internal links that’ll keep readers on your site longer!

PRO TIP: Provide links to your other podcast posts at the end as a call-to-action to check out more of them. You may want to separate the podcast links according to their category.

11. New Freebie Post

Why only offer a freebie via an opt-in form embedded in a blog post when you can offer it in a stand-alone blog post?

It’s another source of blog traffic!

For example, I have a blog post for my FREE Pinterest templates. I’ve added some tips on creating beautiful Pinterest pins for good SEO (trying to get to a minimum of 1000 words for Google to like the post).

I included a few examples of the pin templates so that opting in would be more enticing.

PRO TIP: Instead of including an embedded opt-in form, create an “ad” with a button call-to-action that takes the reader to a stand-alone opt-in page, like the one that I created for my free workbook for pitching brands and PR reps for sponsored posts.

12. Quotes Lists

People LOVE quotes.

Think about it – they use them for:

  • Social media posts (Instagram, Facebook)
  • Pinterest (curated quote boards)
  • For creating digital art
  • Their own blog posts

They want to get inspiration for their social media posts, Pinterest, and other quote curation activities. This is why quote lists are one of the best types of blog posts to get huge traffic to your site.

You can create a short or long list of quotes, with added visuals.

I’ve used Pinterest pins with quotes on them to drive traffic to my 50 Inspirational Nature Quotes That’ll Get You Hiking post.

You’ll also find a quote list here: 50 Motivational Quotes For Bloggers And Online Entrepreneurs.

PRO Tip: Always follow good on-page SEO to get your list found on Google and Pinterest. Break up long lists by organizing the quotes under specific headings.

13. Seasonal And Timely Posts

These are great blog post types for boosts in traffic during slow seasons for your niche.

If for example, you’re a gardening blogger, you can find specific blog post topics that’ll be timely for your readers at any time of the year.

For other types of niches, seasonal posts can be broader and related to events such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween or Christmas.

These types of posts can actually be a whole bunch of different types of posts:

  • Gift guide lists
  • Seasonal “to-do” lists
  • How to… lists
  • Quote lists
  • Blog series (e.g. DIY for big projects)
  • Round-up posts

And more!

PRO TIP: Plan seasonal posts ahead of time (2 to 4 months in advance) to ensure your Pinterest pins get traction when Pinterest users are searching for that specific topic.

14. Personal Stories Posts

People love learning from other people, especially from others’ mistakes and transformations.

So stories that start with “How I…” attract readers because they tell of a REAL story. Not just tips.

This is very important for any personal story you share on your site. Always remember to give tips and ideas on how to overcome something.

For example, if I were to write a post on how I overcame the five mistakes I made as a new mom, I’d also share what I should have done instead.

Or if you’re writing about how you lost 10 lbs in three months, share your before and after transformation story.

PRO TIP: Visuals help you tell your story. They’re great from transformation stories. For example, a before and after, side-by-side visual can speak volumes.

15. Posts Sharing Your Opinions On Evergreen Topics

Opinion posts are great. Especially if you’re using strong language such as “hate” or “despise”.

People are drawn to controversy. Just take a look at all the negative media coverage and how we always want to read the sensational stuff.

However, for consistent blog traffic, opinion blog posts should be on evergreen topics. Those that aren’t specific to something in the news or a short-term trend.

For example, take a look at these two blog post topics:

  • Why I Hate Reading Mom Blogs
  • Why I Think XYZ Politician Is Bad For Our Country

The first one is evergreen. Mom blogs are going to be around for a long time.

The second one may not be around for more than 4 years, or however long politicians are in office for where you’re located.

Your opinion may change over time too as the politician may begin doing things that you like. Hey… it’s happened before.

PRO TIP: Like with personal stories, always try to include tips, or “instead, do this” options to provide something of value to your readers.

Always remember that with any blog post type, you need to optimize your content to get traction in Google and other search engines.

Take my free SEO Boost course to learn about on-page SEO!

Craft Blog Posts That Will Help You Position Yourself As An Expert

One thing that’s starting to become more evident for SEO is the ability to showcase your expertise in your niche. We’re talking about EEAT – a part of Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (SQEG).

But how do you do that through your blog content?

The easiest way is a “Transformation Post”. It’s going to be a “how to” post that shows people step-by-step your experience with a “before and after” approach.

For example, if your niche is DIY, show the steps of how to create something from scratch or fix it.

Original visuals are going to be very useful, so don’t forget to document it with photos or video. These visuals can be repurposed for social media, video and Pinterest.

Which Types Of Blog Posts Do You Use?

I hope this list has inspired you to try new blog post types on your own blog.

Try a few different types and see which ones work with your niche audience.

Ultimately, when you’re a lifestyle blogger it’s harder to make money without traffic. So working on content that generates traffic.

There are some blog post types that I have yet to include in my blog (e.g. interview posts, video posts). All in good time!

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QUESTION: Which of these most popular types of blog posts do you find get you the most traffic and keep readers on your site longer?

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16 types of blog posts that get consistent traffic

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