10 FREE Pinterest Pin Templates for Canva - Pinterest Templates for Canva.

Creating Pinterest pins from scratch can be a time-consuming thing. I bet you’re nodding your head in agreement. This is why I created 10 free Pinterest templates for Canva for you to use.

I love designing pins and always am playing around with new templates for myself. I also create them to sell on my Confident Blogger Academy and Resource Collection.

I know that creating Pinterest pins is a hassle, especially from scratch. This is why I pulled together my best free Pinterest pin templates to share with you.

Start designing Pinterest pins that attract interest!

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Want those Pinterest templates for Canva now, without reading further?

Here you go!

Pinterest Success Starts With Great Content

Success with Pinterest is always trying new pin designs, new font pairings and sizes, and image styles to see what grabs people’s attention.

Of course, the number one thing is that you NEED to be creating content that is of interest to a broad audience.

If you’ve got a blog post about the sugar-eating habits of ants, you’re probably not going to get a huge boost in traffic.

So always, create content that you know will get clicks to your site.

The next step is to make interesting pin titles that attract interest.

Tell the reader what information they’ll learn, and the benefit.

For example, “Five Ways To Design Amazing Pinterest Pins That Get Clicks”

The “that get clicks” part is what the reader wants to achieve, so address it. That’s their pain point!

Never use clickbait and then to a “bait and switch” providing information on a completely different topic.

I’ve seen pins like this on Pinterest and comments from Pinterest users complaining about “false advertising”. It hampers your Pinterest following growth.

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Create Pinterest Pins That Look Attractive

So you’ve got great content that you’re aiming to promote on Pinterest.

But the next step is to create attractive pins that entice clicks.

Even with free Pinterest templates, always consider a few things:

  • Use attractive images that are relevant to your content
  • Make sure your fonts are easy to read. Avoid putting the text right to the top, bottom or to the edges of the pin image.
  • Attract clicks with text overlays that tell the Pinterest user what to expect and what the outcome is if possible

For attractive imagery, if you don’t have original photos that you can use, consider paying for stock photos that aren’t as popular as free photos. This can generate more interest and look unique.

A few of my favourites for feminine blogs:

Back To Those Free Pinterest Templates For Canva

Here are some examples of pins I created using these free Pinterest pin templates.

I customized them a bit to fit my theme. YOU CAN TOO!

How To Create An Awesome Blog 1
How To Prioritize Your Daily Work And Hit Your Deadlines 1
Top Ways To Spot A Brand Collaboration Scam 1

I made 10 pins for one blog post in half an hour. Usually, it would take me a few hours.

Here’s a trick I use to have fresh pins on hand for weeks to come.

  1. Write down 10 variations on your pIn titles.
  2. Take a Pinterest template pack of 10 pins, and design them all for that ONE blog post. Use your 10 pin titles.
  3. Save a folder on your computer with the title of the blog post for which you created all those pins.
  4. Download the batch of pins you created Canva to your computer and save it in your new folder.
  5. Create a second folder within it and name it “Already Pinned”. This is so that you can easily keep track of which of the pins from the batch you just created have been pinned by you already.
  6. Pin a fresh pin each week! Use Pinterest, Tailwind or Later if you want to schedule them in advance.

There you go! Keep your pins all organized and ready to go when you need them.

Get the free Pinterest pin templates now!

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Update Into Video Pins

Did you know you can take these pins from my free Pinterest templates pack and modify them into video pins?

Add a few animated “swooshes”, stars or other elements and save the pin as a .MP4 or a GIF file and you’ve got a looping video pin.

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Need More Pinterest Pin Templates For Canva?

If my pack of 10 free Pinterest templates isn’t enough, I have created several more Pinterest template packages that you can use and modify.

Check out this MASSIVE 100 Pinterest Pin template pack!

Pinterest Pin Templates For Sale

Skip all the time to design your own, and quickly customize these pins. They’re less than $.20/per pin template – imagine how much time you would spend creating just one pin design from scratch!

Check out more Pinterest templates in my Confident Blogger shop

One last thing – if you’ve started your side hustle business as a Pinterest virtual assistant, it’s OK to use my free Pinterest templates

However, if you’re looking to use paid pin templates for a client, they should purchase them first. This is the ethical thing to do as it means they aren’t breaking copyright and terms and conditions.

Become A Productive Pinner

Time is precious. You know this as a blogger who is striving to grow their site.

Learn about key productivity tips for bloggers to keep your blog organized. Some will help you become a productive pinner, using your time wisely.

Enjoy my free Pinterest pin templates – I hope they help you drive traffic to your blog!

QUESTION: How often do you need a new pack of Pinterest templates for Canva?

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