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Want to know how to write an About Me page? More specifically how to write an About Me page for a blog? Or your business?

How can you effectively introduce yourself and your blog or blog business site to your audience to convert them into followers and potential clients or customers?

I know the struggle. I’ve changed and tweaked my About Me pages for my sites several times over the years.

In some cases, I did complete overhauls, as I modified my blog niche. I wish I had an About Me page template to help me out!

You know that the About Me page is one of the most important pages on your blog site. It’s one of the most visited pages on blogs and business sites.

However, it’s never easy to write about yourself. It’s just as difficult at times to write about your blog and business.

The About Me page is where your site visitors get a snapshot of what to expect from your blog and what you offer them content and solution-wise.

This is why it’s so important to get it right.

I’ll share what you need to know to write an About Me page that tells your reader what to expect when visiting your site.

In this About Me page template checklist, I’ll break it down into steps to make it easy to follow. You’ll also get a few page examples for inspiration.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting a blog, or if you’re rebranding it, having a great About page is important.

At the end of this post, you’ll find clarity and learn how to write a About Me page that tells your readers exactly how your site can help them.

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An About Me Page For A Blog And For A Business: Are They The Same?

Yes, they are somewhat the same. However, the key difference is your goal.

What do you want the reader to do when they read your About Me page if you’re a blogger?

What about if you’re running a business, such as a coaching business or consultancy? Maybe you’re a freelancer.

The elements on your page will be different, but also in many cases the same.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to write an About Me page for your blog.
    • What your readers need to see at a glance that gives them all they need to read further, subscribe to your newsletter and become return site visitors.
  • How to write an About Me page for your online business site,
    • Whether you’re a solopreneur or run a small online business that offers services/products, there will be additional things you may want to add to an About Me Page that turn visitors into potential clients and customers.

Let’s get started!

Writing Your About Me Page: A Few Key Things To Remember

Just like there is a process for writing a great blog post, there are several things to consider when you write an About Me page.

  • Always remember, the key thing the reader is wondering is “what will following this blog bring of value to me?” Give them a good understanding of how you can help them, particularly with their pain points.
  • Be authentic! Throughout your About Me page, always use your own brand voice.
  • Tell your story. In your biography tell the reader how you got into blogging and why you are passionate about your blog niche topic.
  • Be yourself. Show your sense of humour occasionally, and be real! This is what will attract your readers to your blog.
  • Think about how to promote yourself in the best light, but don’t overdo it. Don’t be negative!
  • Keep your text concise, short and sweet!
  • Avoid clichés. Try not to use overused phrases such as “passionate about” or “love to learn”. Use specific examples to illustrate your points.
  • Avoid grammatical errors: proofread your work or use the Grammarly browser extension to catch them for you.
  • Use SEO keywords in your content: think of how you want your blog or business site discovered in search engines.
  • Add affiliate links sparingly – this isn’t the place to promote other brands. Instead, if you have your own affiliate program, you may want to include it towards the end as a call to action.

If you keep these several things in mind throughout the whole process, you’ll craft the perfect About Me page that presents you and your blog or business in the best way to new readers.

Finally, if you’re writing an About Me page for your solopreneur business, the key elements are the same.

However, you should be hyperfocused on how you can create a transformation for your readers. They want to know what’s in it for them to stick around your site.

Get An About Me Page Template

Itching to get started?

Want to write an About Me page, right now?

Here’s an About Me page template that will help if you’re a blogger. It may also give you a good starting point if you’re a small online business owner or solopreneur.

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How To Write An About Me Page For A Blog

These are steps and tips to consider for your About Me page.

I’ve used some of these for my About Me page on my Suburban Tourist blog About page.

1. Know Your Mission And Vision

Before you begin creating an About Me page, you have to do one preliminary step.

Figure out your mission and vision!

If you didn’t do this, now is the time to figure it out.

Hey… no worries. It took me a while to figure out my blog’s brand identity, and mission and vision statements.

I’m still tinkering with my Suburban Tourist blog’s About Me page as it evolves.

When you were deciding on what your blog would be about, you had an idea of your niche and who you would be writing for.

The same can apply if you have a business site (e.g., a service-based business, coaching, etc.).

  • Think of the niche – what is your blog all about? Your business?
  • Who are you writing for? Who’s your target audience/consumer?
  • Why are you writing about these topics for these people?
  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • Are you inspiring, entertaining or educating? Or perhaps your goal is to persuade?
  • What do you hope the reader will get out of your site?

These questions will help you craft your mission and vision statements. These will in turn help you write the perfect About Me page that will attract your ideal readers and customers.

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2. Share The Blog Mission In The First Section

When you’re creating an About Me page, always think about what the reader wants to know.

The truth is, the About Me page isn’t about you. It’s about what your site can do for the reader.

If you had 30 seconds to explain what your blog or site is about and who it’s for, and what it does, what would it be? The Mission statement is an excellent place to start.

So when you’re starting to write an About Me page, make sure you have a good idea of the blog’s brand identity and purpose.

When somebody visits your About Me page, they probably scan the first two to three paragraphs quickly and then exit the site.

If you don’t have a summary of what your blog is about in that first paragraph, you may lose a potential reader or brand partner.

This first section should contain:

  • Your blog focus or niche in general terms (mission statement)
  • The audience you’re writing for
  • Why you’re blogging on these topics (vision statement)

The first section of your About Me Page should also share what kind of blog topics your readers can expect to see.

This is where a bullet list of your key blog categories is a good idea.

PRO TIP: This is the section where you can also add a paragraph or bullet list of your core values. It’s a great way to attract readers that will love your content.

3. Talk About Your Credibility

Right after the first section, it’s time to talk about you.

You’re positioning yourself as an expert in your blog niche.

Don’t worry if you’re not an accredited expert with a formal education. Even if it’s a hobby, you are more likely more experienced in it than the reader. Avoid imposter syndrome!

When writing your About Me page, you should include something that speaks to your credibility.

This section should be short and sweet.

  • Why are you an expert in the subject matter?
  • What’s your relevant background – have you taken courses, certifications, relevant education, work experience?
  • Is this a lifelong hobby?

Demonstrate why you can provide interesting information based on a sincere interest in the topics covered.

If you have professional experience, talk about it briefly and how you share your knowledge through your posts.

Answer why you are sharing it – i.e. you want to help readers achieve goals, learn something that can help them, etc.

When you create an About Me page, it’s always good to include a photo of yourself.

Add a professional headshot or a well-edited photo taken by you or somebody else. Sometimes you can take great shots with a phone camera with edits in Lightroom.

PRO TIP: If your About page is for your blog business, think about what your ideal client is looking for from you in terms of services or products you sell. Your credibility matters. Your About page is a powerful tool for promoting you and for your personal branding.

4. Share Your Personal Story

Right after you share your expertise, it’s time to add a bit of your personal story to your About Me page.

The keyword here is a bit. The reader doesn’t want your life story.

Depending on how much you want to share with your audience, you can tell them about your family and your interests if they are relevant to your blog. If not, leave this out.

You can create a heading that speaks to the personal stuff, such as “A Few Interesting Facts About Me”.

You can also let them know where you’re located if you have a blog about local activities and places of interest.

You can share a professional photo or a personal photo here. This is the right place to share one of you doing your favourite hobby that’s related to your blog.

A close up of blog writes Margaret and Frank Bourne, standing close together outside in winter gear.
When my blog was about the outdoors, this was my photo of us enjoying a hike.

TIP: Be careful when you write an About Me page as to what kind of interests you share.

Remember, prospective clients, do look at things such as your blog.

NOTE: This is the section where you can focus on your personal branding: be authentic and the real you!

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5. Include A Call-To-Action To Build A Community

Take advantage of an interested audience and include a mailing list sign-up form, embedded in the final section.

The best way to get people to sign up for your email list is to offer them an enticing freebie.

Get them interested in hearing from you with emails in their inbox.

How To create an about me page - creating your email list.

So think about the most useful one that you can offer and insert the embedded form in this section.

Tell them what they will receive weekly, and how the newsletter gives them some sort of exclusive freebie or tips to entice them to sign up.

If you don’t have your email newsletter set up yet, what are you waiting for?

I love using Mailerlite. It’s so easy to set it up and it looks great with embeds on my site!

Setting up and organizing automation is a breeze compared to MailChimp and other platforms.

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Additional Section To Entice Brands For Collaborations

After the upfront sections that speak to your potential readers, you can add a couple of paragraphs and a list of links to product reviews or branded collaborations.


This is so that brands can easily see what kind of work you’ve done with other brands in the past.

They want to see what kind of potential work you can do with them.

6. Add A Contact Me Section To Your About Me Page

This is one of the key things that makes for a perfect About Me Page.

Include a contact form on your About Me page to make it easy for people and brands to get in touch with you.

The best place to add the contact form is right below the section where you talk about working with brands.

You’re bound to get more contact from potential partners if you make it super easy for them to do so!

This is one of the things many people forget to include when they create an About Me page. But it’s a no-brainer!

7. Add Relevant, Attractive Visuals To Your About Me Page

When you create an About Me page you can also brand yourself visually.

Take a moment to head over to my lifestyle blog’s About Me page, and I’ll show you what I mean.

I included a “Welcome to Suburban Tourist” photo that’s big and splashy, with hints of my key colour: warm pink.

If your blog includes your original photography, showcase your skill with one of your best photos.

Add a brief blurb about it and your photography interests. If you have a photo blog, this is where you can feature a gallery of your best photos.

If you don’t have your own visuals, invest in some great-looking stock photography. Check out my favourites from:

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A cropped image of a woman sitting on a bed, using her laptop - how to write an about me page for a blog.

8. Add Headings Throughout Your About Me Page

One of the biggest things that annoys me when I’m reading an About Me page is the verbal vomit I see. Sorry for being so graphic, but it’s true!

Make your text look appealing and easily readable.

When you create an About Me page, you want your reader to take the time to read it. How it all looks is something very important to consider.

A few tips on making it look great:

  • Break up your writing into paragraphs. Use two to three sentences in a paragraph. It’s so much easier to read.
  • Headings help you with your content flow. Edit, edit and do some more editing. I wrote my About Me page about five or six times with edits before I came to a fairly succinct but informative page.
  • Headings help your readers scan through your information quickly. Use the right wording to help them find what they are interested in reading about on your page.

9. Wrap It Up With A Signature (Optional)

If you’re a blogger, you can make your About Me page a bit more personal.

You can add a little “Until next time!”, or whatever else you’d like to add, and then your name in a lovely script or handwritten font. It’s a nice, personal touch and it finishes off your text.

It’s completely optional, so don’t feel like it’s a must-have.

PRO TIP: Create a signature using your favourite font in Photoshop or Canva Pro and save the JPG (or as a transparent PNG). Upload the file to your media library and re-use it every time you finish your blog post.

Add a How To Create An About Me Page Key Elements

How To Write An About Me Page For Your Business

So now you have all of the information you need for an About Me Page for a blog.

Many of these tips I’ve listed above work for a business site as well.

However, you need to take things a few steps further if you’re creating an About Me page for a business.

Add Testimonials And Social Proof

In the sections where you have your biography, and position your niche expertise and credibility, it’s great to include these two things:

  • Two to three testimonials: these can be scattered throughout your About Me page
  • Coverage and content: share links to coverage about you and your business, guest posts you’ve written on other reputable sites (e.g., “As Seen In” section with logos that lead to article links).

Testimonials and social proof can spark interest in potential brand collaborations, coaching or consulting clients and freelance opportunities. Don’t omit these!

Add A Section With A Brief Overview Of Your Services

When you write an About Me page for your business, don’t forget to briefly mention your services.

The best way to do this is to create a table with your key services listed.

Add a link to a separate Services or Work With Me page that elaborates on what you offer.

Include Links To Your Top Resources Or Products

If you’re a course creator or have an amazing series of ebooks and workbooks, highlight them in a section that points to their landing pages.

This entices your site visitor to check out what you’re offering.

Share Your STAR Lead Magnet Offer

Want to impress your site visitor? Give them something to read that showcases your abilities or offers them something of value.

It could be as easy as a few free worksheets, templates or

Include an opt-in form for your free lead magnet.

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Include A Video Of You!

If you’re working on boosting your personal branding to accelerate your business growth, the best way to do this is to add a video of you on your About Me page.


It’s a fantastic way to showcase your personality, share your values, how you help your potential customers or clients, and what your vision is for their success.

People are drawn to the people behind the business or a blog. Don’t hide!

Add A Contact Form At The End Of Your About Me Page

Consider adding a contact form to your About Me page. This gives the site visitor a quick way to connect with you if they love what they’re seeing.

They don’t need to search for a Contact Me page.

There you go! Now you know how to write an About Me page – even if it’s your business site!

PRO TIP: Avoid adding your email address on your About Me Page unless you want to get on email lists of spammers, SEO agencies offering their services and others trying to get their links on your blog.

A Summary Of What To Include In An About Me Page

Now that I’ve given you all these steps to write an About Me page, you can get started!

I would love to see what you come up with for your About Me pages!


  • Tell them about your blog niche, mission and how you can help them, inspire or entertain them
  • Briefly talk about your credibility
  • Be a bit personal and show your humanity
  • Organize your page with headings
  • Be visual with relevant images that fit your brand, you and your blog’s personality
  • If you want to work with brands, make it easy for them to see your work and how they can work with you
  • Provide an easy way to contact you
  • Wrap it up with a personal touch

That’s it!

Drop me a line with a link to your About Me page in the comment section below. I’d be happy to review them and give you feedback.

About Me Page Template And Worksheet

To make it easier for you to write an About Me page, I’ve made an “About Me Page Template” worksheet to guide you.

It goes through the steps from start to finish, giving you prompts and space to write down your notes.

Print it out, write out your information and then start putting it together in a proper post.

You can always tweak it to work with your blog niche or your experience. Get your About Me page template today and get started!

A Few Great About Me Page Examples

Although I’ve laid out an About Me page template to guide you, each blog’s About Me page will be a bit different.

The key thing to remember is that when you create an About Me page you are addressing your “target audience” – the reader you want to convert into an email subscriber, follower, customer or client.

I’m sharing some of my favourite About Me page examples to inspire you with your blogs and website About pages.

About Me Page Examples For Business Sites

One that’s great for a business site is Elle Drouin’s About page. I like how she starts off focusing on the reader and their needs and then flows into her offerings and expertise.

A business site example: I love this About Me page by Gemma Bonham-Carter. She tells you from the start what she does for YOU! (I may have to borrow her style… 🙂 ).

About Me Page Examples For Blogs

This is a lifestyle blogger who has a beautiful, easy-to-read About Me page – Skye from Thriving and Inspiring.

I like this one from Canadian blogger The Best of This Life – it focuses on the topics and site mission and then leads to a link to know more about the site’s editor. The only thing I would have changed here is to have all of this info on one page.

Here’s a different About Me approach, with two sisters who run the Travel Pocket’s blog. I love how they include links with images to their best posts. They do a Q & A for each sister. It works for their type of blog.

Create Your Perfect About Me Page

Now that you know how to create an About Me page for a blog and your new business, you can use it to attract your ideal client and reader.

I’ve provided you with a flow to the content that makes the most sense for the site visitor. Remember, it’s not about you! It’s about them.

What are you offering them on your site that solves their problem and will attract them to stick around to check out your site?

NEED HELP? Work with me during a coaching session to help you fine-tune your audience, your niche and your About Me key messages. Let’s connect!

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QUESTION: What do you find is the hardest part of writing an About Me page? What do you think makes for a perfect About Me page?

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