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Quality backlinks are one of the best ways to boost your site’s ranking on Google. For many bloggers who are struggling with SEO, this is one of the toughest things to develop. If you’re like them, you’re wondering how to get backlinks for free for your blog.

Google is constantly changing its algorithms, as well as the do’s and don’ts – for example, how it views getting backlinks from guest blogging (which is still not dead!).

Then there are the algorithm tweaks that cause havoc on your rankings (I know this all too well!).

Despite all of this, there are some very smart, free ways to get dofollow backlinks to your site. Including some that require minimal effort on your part. They work well with other strategies you should be working on – like personal branding.

In this post, I’ll go over the best blog backlink strategies for new bloggers and those who’ve been struggling to grow their sites. You’ve got lots on your plate, and these strategies won’t overwhelm your busy schedules!

They’ll help you get started growing your Domain Authority (DA) so you can start getting brand sponsorships and improve your blog monetization strategies.

Let’s get started!

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on a product or service, and decide to purchase it, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. All recommended products and services are based on my positive experience with them. For more information, please read my Disclaimer.

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Before We Look At Backlink Strategies… About DoFollow Links

The goal of focusing on blog backlink strategies is to get do follow links.

There are dofollow links and nofollow links. You ideally want do follow links, which point back to your site. They strengthen your site’s authority (i.e. Domain Authority – or DA) as search engines see other sites pointing back to yours.

We’re going to be focusing on generating do follow links!

How To Get Backlinks For Free For Your Blog

As a part-time blogger, with a full-time job, I have little time to dedicate to actively growing backlinks. So I have to be smart about my blog growth strategies and leverage other activities I’m doing at times.

There are some things that I need to regularly do as a blogger to accelerate my site’s and blog business growth. Luckily, my strategies are also my best backlink strategies.

As the saying goes – “Kill two birds with one stone.”

So let’s dive into these strategies so that you can get started getting backlinks for your blog as well!

One point – if you haven’t figured out SEO just yet, take my five-day course on how to get started with on-page SEO, to optimize your posts!

1. Write Awesome Blog Posts That Get Ranked In Searches

The first way to get backlinks for your blog is the easiest way. Your blog posts!

Here’s the thing – you can write a blog post fast, publish it and be done with it. But if you don’t focus on the quality of the post, as well as the on-page SEO, your content will not rank in search engine results.

When you’re not ranking in searches, it’s much harder for people to find that blog post.

As a result, they aren’t linking to your post either. You’re losing out!

So here are the key things to do:

  • Publish well-written blog posts that achieve their goal of either informing, inspiring or entertaining
  • When writing on popular topics make your posts better than those of your competitors
  • Optimize your posts: use keyword research and include intuitive longtail keyword phrases throughout your post for more opportunities to rank in searches

For on-page SEO, remember to add your keywords in the relevant places throughout your post:

  • Post Title and SEO title
  • One heading
  • In your first paragraph or at least as close to the top as possible
  • Added throughout your blog post so that it appears naturally part of your copy
  • In your image title
  • In the alt-text

PRO TIP: The best bloggers understand the value of interlinking their blog posts. They write on topic clusters – a core, general topic from which sub-topics are all interlinked. This helps Google and other search engines better understand your content structure. Always plan your blog content with this in mind.

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2. Work On Your Personal Branding

It’s fine to push out your blog posts on social media, but credibility comes from great content and trust in the person who’s creating it.

One of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your blog is by building awareness for yourself through networking with other bloggers.

Consider all the opportunities for growing backlinks through networking activities:

  • Guest blogging on blogs (I’ll expand on this in a moment)
  • Collaborations where your offering gets featured in a bundled offer
  • Links to your posts on other bloggers’ posts
  • Inclusion of your digital products (courses, ebooks, etc) in their ”Best Tools” pages
  • Links to your content on their podcast or interview blog posts

This is just a brief list of opportunities!

Working on personal branding also means you inevitably build greater awareness for your site and a perception of being credible. You become a niche expert over time. As a result, your content will get referenced by others in their blog posts, etc.

PRO TIP: Make sure your About Me page is up-to-date, with concise information about the purpose of the blog right up at the top of the content. Those who you reach out to will check your site and I’m 100% sure they will click your About Me Page.

Here’s a free mini workbook and template to help you figure out your messaging and content in an updated, reader-friendly About Me Page.

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3. A Smart External Linking Strategy That Builds Relationships & Backlinks

Since we’re on the topic of networking, one of the easiest ways to get backlinks for your blog is to add external links to other bloggers on your posts.

Why do I say bloggers and not other authoritative sites?

Because you’re going to do one thing after you hit publish on your blog post: you’re going to send that blogger an email letting them know you’ve included their link to your post.

This does several things:

  • Lets you introduce yourself
  • Makes their day that you’ve given them a backlink
  • Potentially gives you a traffic boost when they share it on social media/Pinterest
  • They may in the future link to one of your posts
  • Leads to future collaboration opportunities

What kind of external links should you link to?

  • Choose posts that you find are well-written
  • Select those that are ranking well in Google searches
  • The blogger is at a similar level as you, or just a bit above you in terms of following
  • Choose those with a decent Domain Authority (for example, DA 25+) using Moz’s free Chrome extension

NOTE: Don’t participate in a link for a link-swapping scheme. These get penalized by Google. Kept it organic: don’t place any expectations on others to link back to you.

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Network & Pitch Yourself For “Best/Top XYZ” Listicles

4. Broken Links: Pitch Yourself For Best “XYZ” Lists

One of the smartest ways to get backlinks for your blog is to get it on listicles.

This is in a way, partly a networking and personal branding exercise, but also a fantastic way to build backlinks.

Ever come across an older “Top 10 list of…” that’s ranking high in search, but with links that are broken?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your blog or product/service was featured in a “Best of” list? One of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your site is to do this:

  • Find the top-ranking blog content and articles that have a list that’s relevant to your content/niche/product or service
  • Check to see if any of those that are listed have outdated, broken links
  • Find the key contact and send them a note, pitching yourself or your relevant link in place of the broken link
  • Share out the content when it’s updated as a thank-you

PRO TIP: Make sure your content, as well as your blog in general, is professional. Web design and the user experience are important for creating a positive first impression. If your site is looking outdated, update it with a fresh theme. I use fast, easy-to-setup professional themes for female entrepreneurs and solopreneurs from Bluchic.

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5. Guest Blogging For Backlink Building

It’s still one of the best ways to get free backlinks for your blog, even though there are some limitations as to how to do this.

Writing guest posts on topics relevant to your niche once again is a fantastic way to build awareness for yourself and your site, and to get a dofollow link back to it.

For this you’ll need to do a few things:

  • Find a blogger or online publication in the same or similar niche that’s open to guest posts. Sometimes this means sending a brief email (literally two paragraphs at most) to see if there’s interest.
  • Before sending an email, check to see if their Domain Authority (DA) is at least 25 or higher. You can do this using Moz’s free tools. This helps boost your site’s DA.
  • If there’s interest or a submission form, pitch a few blog topics that you haven’t published before anywhere else, nor has the site you’re pitching.
  • Include a bit about yourself and your site, and how you would help promote the post.

If you’re invited to submit a guest blog post you’ll most likely be allowed to include one or two do-follow links to your site.

This is how you get a backlink to your site!

PRO TIP: Avoid reciprocal guest blogging activities. Google may deem them as black hat SEO activities. You can show appreciation for the opportunity by promoting it via social media or in your newsletter.

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Top Five Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Site

To summarize all of these points, the best way to get do-follow backlinks to your site are:

  • Write great blog posts that get ranked in searches
  • Work on personal branding to introduce your great content to others
  • Add quality external links to other bloggers
  • Pitch your site/post to ”Top #” type listicles with broken links
  • Guest blogging

While there are many other backlink-building strategies, these are the easiest that can be part of your other blog growth strategies.

Work smart, with intention, and you’ll see your blog grow faster without as much effort.

QUESTION: What do you think are other ways to get backlinks for your blog? Add them in the comments below!

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