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I’m a Gen X blogger – 40-something, almost 50 (WHERE DID THE TIME GO?) – and an online influencer, and business owner. And I’m not one of the few… I’m one of the many Gen-X influencers, Gen-X bloggers and solopreneurs, making a mark online.

As a blog coach, I’m increasingly approached by women and men in my age group seeking support as they start their blog-based businesses.

Now is the perfect time to start a Gen-X blog and online business.

We are a generation that is uniquely positioned to succeed when it comes to entrepreneurial goals.

A blend of a shrinking economy, ageism and other factors are reasons why many are leaving the 9-to-5 and starting their own businesses.

Blogging and solopreneurship are two areas where many, especially Gen-X women, are looking to make their mark.

This post explores some of the top reasons why you should start a blog or online-based business if you’re in the over-40 crowd.

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Stats About Gen-X Business In Canada And The US

Statistics in Canada show that the number of Canadians over the age of 55 that are starting their own business has tripled in the last 20 years.

Women entrepreneurs are growing too: 40 years ago it was 11%, and in 2018 it was 28%. It continues to trend upward!

In the US, 44% of small business owners are Gen-X according to a 2021 Guidant Financial survey – similar to Canada. Of all small businesses, 34% are owned by women and it’s trending higher.

I did an informal poll in my Facebook group (a blend of Millennials and Gen-X bloggers) and found that 62% of respondents aim to grow their blog into a full-time business.

The results of a Facebook poll showing what is a blogging goal for many bloggers.

So let’s take a closer look at why now is the BEST TIME for Gen-Xers to start a blog and their own online business.

1. We’re Tech Savvy

Many of the Gen-X generation – especially those who were born in the 1970s – tend to be tech-savvy.

Studies on generational tech use in 2019 by Pew Research show that while Millennials are heavy adopters of new technologies, Gen-X is not far behind.

A perception that anybody over the age of 40 is digitally illiterate is a big mistake.

We grew up with computers. Who doesn’t remember the PET computers, Commodore 64 and PC series?

I still have an email address from when Yahoo started offering emails to consumers.

We learned about computers in school and saw the progression of technology in the work world.

And we were there when smartphones became a thing – mostly due to the fact that we have the disposable income to be able to afford them.

Learning new software and apps is not a foreign thing for us.

So starting a blog and website, and setting up an online business is not that hard! It’s a challenge we welcome.

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2. We’ve Got Experience & Knowledge To Share

We’ve been in the workforce for many years and built up expertise in our niche.

And we’ve had years to foster hobbies and grow our knowledge.

Why not take what we’ve learned and extend it into our own business?

Or start a profitable blog based on what we’re passionate about?

Or position yourself as an influencer and monetize your social media?

For example, I blended my years of experience in PR and marketing communications with my blogging hobby. The result is and my blog coaching business.

I love sharing blogging tips and helping others start and grow their blogs into a business. As well, I like working with clients, so it’s a win-win situation!

Looking at your own hobbies and skills learned throughout the years, what could you be doing with a blog or a business?

3. We Want To Be Our Own Boss

Guidant research shows that 29% of respondents started a business to be their own boss.

We want to call the shots, make the decisions and take the risks.

My blogger friend, Daphne Reznik, who runs the Free at 50 blog often shares the benefits of running one’s own business. The freedom to do what you want, when you want is a big bonus of being a solopreneur.

When you’re a blogger – even a part-time blogger using it as a part-time income stream – you’re still the boss.

The great feeling of creating something that’s of interest to others, and that is bringing in an income is something many crave.

As my informal survey shows, 62% of respondents want to grow their blogs into a business.

4. It’s An Income Stream: Part-time Or Full-time

Consider this: you have a blog that’s bringing in $2000 per month in revenue on average.

That can be used to pay off your mortgage faster. Or to add to your retirement savings.

One way or another, having a blog that’s making money, or even a side hustle solopreneur business like mine, is a way to generate an extra income that you didn’t have before.

PRO TIP: Even if you are just starting a blog with the intention of making money, make sure you’re treating it like a business. This includes doing your taxes and including any expenditures for your blog business.

5. We Have An Audience For A Gen-X Blog

Gen-X is using the internet to get information. And we’re using social media!

  • 90% of Gen-X own a smartphone
  • 48% of Americans ages 30 to 49, and 29% of those ages 50 to 64 use Instagram
  • Gen-X are using the following social media in order of popularity: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok

These stats from the generational tech stats from Pew Research and this study about Americans’ use of Instagram, as well as this Forbes article about Gen-X using these 2020 stats on social media usage.

Gen-X bloggers and influencers, as well as solopreneurs, are relatable to an audience that does go online to find information and inspiration.

However, there’s one caveat that we need to consider: authenticity.

Authenticity Rules

Being authentic is very important to Gen-X.

We’re natural skeptics, so truthful, credible and authentic blogs, businesses and influencer activities are going to win us over.

This is why personal branding is important for our age group.

Consider this when creating your blog, social media account branding, or business.

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How Do You Start A Gen-X Blog?

Just like you would a regular blog!

I’m not going to repeat the complete process here, as I have a complete blog post about how to start a blog and make it profitable.

And then there’s my free Launch It – Start A Blog Course & Toolkit:

Launch It: Start A Blog Free Course - Gen-X Bloggers, Business Owners and Influencers grow in 2023.

However, here’s a general plan for starting a Gen-X blog or business site:

The learning part and building part starts now.

To get you started, I’ve brainstormed and researched over 50+ blog topics for midlife blogs for various lifestyle niches.

PRO TIP: Make sure you choose a font that’s legible and larger in size. Many WordPress themes have a default setting for a small font. Make it easier for your audience to read your blog or website on both a desktop and mobile device.

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Best Gen-X Bloggers To Check Out Today

Want to learn more about some of the best Gen-X bloggers out there?

I’ve compiled a brief list of the best Gen-X blogs that I enjoy popping into to read occasionally:

The Jennifer Chronicles – A Gen X Blog

Jennifer shares personal life experiences in her faith, childhood, family and motherhood blog for fellow Gen-X Americans (and frankly Canadians too!).

Cyndi Spivey

Cyndi inspires women over 40 to look and feel their best with fashion, beauty and makeup tips. She delves into home decor topics as well.

Technomadia Blog

Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard demonstrate that Gen-X is tech savvy, showing how they can be digital nomads, blending travel, tech and life on the road. Their blog shares tips on travelling and how to be successful digital nomads.

Retire By 40

Joe Udo shares financial tips for those approaching 40 – however many tips can apply to those over 40. He offers insights into how to gain financial freedom in your 40s.

An Opportunity: Gen-X Blogs Written By Men

While women write many Gen-X blogs, there’s a golden opportunity to create well-written Gen-X blogs by men.

Men’s topics are under-represented online. So guys, consider starting a blog for guys your age!

In general, what I’m seeing is a great opportunity for those over 40 in the Gen-X generation to start and grow blogs. They can go beyond topics that are specific to our generation.

We’ve got lots of wisdom and thought leadership to share with younger generations!

PRO TIP: Younger generations are leaning into nostalgia. Classic men’s and women’s styling is seeing a revival as society is looking back to the “good old days”.

Is A Blog For Women Over 40 A Good Idea?

Absolutely yes! You’ve got knowledge, skills and something to share with the world.

Many Gen-X bloggers are women.

Whether you are starting a blog over 40, or starting an online business… or becoming an influencer, it’s a great time to do so.

You’ve got all the tools for success. All you need is a plan, consistency, and a desire to succeed.

Is 40 Too Old To Start A Business?

No! It’s the best time to start a business. According to a National Bureau of Economic Research study, the “mean founder age for the 1 in 1,000 fastest growing new ventures is 45.0”.

Because you’ve had years of progressive experience and building your skills, you’re better primed for starting and building a successful business when you’re in your 40s and up.

How Expensive Is It To Start A Blog When You’re Over 40?

On average it costs anywhere between $250 and $1000 to start a blog or online-based business. This includes self-hosting costs, a WordPress theme, plugins, stock photography, online software and courses.

It helps to work with a blog coach who can share insights, useful time-saving hacks and tips and instructions on best practices if you’re looking to jumpstart specific skills such as:

  • content generation
  • SEO
  • Pinterest
  • social media strategy
  • email marketing
  • monetization strategies

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Do I Need To Focus On Fashion As An Influencer Over 40?

The simple answer is no. There are many other niche interests that women over 40 have!

Consider wellness, fitness, travel, home decor, relationships, personal development, career advice, business and entrepreneurship and even parenting (there are many first-time moms in their 40s!).

Get Started With A Blog Or Business Today

If you’ve been dragging your heels, even though you dream of starting your own business, why wait?

Making extra money or a full-time income by being your own boss can be very fruitful.

Your work will benefit YOU!

QUESTION: Have you considered becoming a Gen-X blogger or business owner? What’s holding you back?

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