Best tips for growing blog traffic - tips for lifestyle bloggers.

The question pops up all the time on every single blogging forum and question site. There are numerous entries on this topic in Quora or Reddit. What are the best ways for growing blog traffic for my new blog?

I’m no newbie when it comes to blogging, but for many years, I was a hobby blogger. In late 2018, I switched gears and started to focus on making this blog into a little business.

To make it a profitable blog, I had to increase my blog traffic FAST.

These posts are a collection of strategies I used to boost my traffic and my audience.

It all starts with great content, that’s promoted smartly! Read on to get my tips!

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Tips For Growing Blog Traffic

My Best Tips For Growing Blog Traffic

How did I boost my blog traffic?

To do this, I researched, tried strategies and focused on elevating my blog to the next level.

The result?

A whole bunch of in-depth blog posts sharing my tips, strategies and approaches to increasing blog traffic!

Always remember, that not every strategy will work for you. Try them out and if they aren’t improving your blog traffic within a month or two, try something else.

Growing Blog Traffic With Easy Key Strategies

If you’re struggling with growing blog traffic and have little time to dedicate to your blog (whether you’ve got a part-time job or are a new mom), I share some key strategies to consider.

From using key social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), to other key strategies that help boost blog traffic, there are many ideas here that I implemented that helped really grow my blog community and traffic.

Using Pinterest For Growing Blog Traffic

Pinterest is by far the number one driver of blog traffic for many bloggers, including myself.

Although Google is great for organic traffic from search engines, Pinterest is a HOT source of traffic for any blogger with a key audience being women.

For this, I’ve drafted a few key Pinterest posts that will help you fine-tune your Pinterest activities and get the most of out this fantastic visual search engine.

Need Pinterest templates to design beautiful pins fast? Here are 10 free templates for you!

Taking Pinterest To The Next Level With Tailwind

While Pinterest is fantastic to grow blog traffic, it can take some time and effort with manual pinning.

This is why I LOVE to use Tailwind for Pinterest to help boost my Pinterest pin visibility. Tailwind Tribes are an awesome way to get my eyeballs on my pins and drive more traffic to my site.

If you’re not using it already, give Tailwind a try.

Read more about how I become a Tailwind convert, how I found some pretty cool tricks to make my Pinterest marketing strategy even better, and the best Tailwind Tribes you can join.

Good SEO For Blog Traffic Growth

Google is still one of the best sources of organic blog traffic for many people.

Although certain topics can be very saturated with competition, you can still stand out and get blog traffic if you’re implementing good SEO practices for each and every blog post.

The longer you blog, and create amazing content, the better your Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) will be, increasing your ranking. A good place to track this is Moz and the site’s free SEO tracking tools.

For this, you need to always consider key on-page SEO activities:

Develop Your Own Promotion Strategy

Grow your blog using promotion strategies that work for your niche and your audience!

I’ve given you some ideas and tips, but you need to make a promotion plan for yourself. It might take a bit of trial and error to determine what works best to attract readers to your site.

I hope these tips will be useful to you!

QUESTION: What are the key things you’re struggling with when it comes to growing your blog traffic?

Growing blog traffic with different blog promotion strategies.

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