A flat lay in beige of a sweater, socks, book and glasses, and a wood tray with a cup of coffee and an iPhone with a visual - The best winter wallpapers for iPhone lock and home screens.

I spend quite a bit of time on my iPhone, doing blogging stuff. And I love to make my home and lock screens look beautiful. So I’ve curated this list of 50 free winter wallpapers for iPhone to make your phone experience just a bit more fun and aesthetically pleasing.

These winter wallpapers in iPhone HD quality, are based on free stock photos that I’ve collected and saved over time.

They make me feel great, so I’ve curated this collection of the best winter backgrounds for phones for you!

These photos are all free to use and are credited. There are a few of mine included!

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How To Save These Wallpapers On Your Phone

Whether you are saving it to your home screen or lock screen, the best way to get these winter wallpaper iPhone screen photos downloaded is to view them on your phone itself.

So follow these steps:

  • Open up this blog post on your phone.
  • Scroll down to an image you want to save on your phone.
  • Hold your finger on it until the little box pops up prompting you to share, save, etc.
  • Save the image to your camera roll.
  • Find the image in your camera roll and click the icon on the bottom left hand that looks like a document with an arrow pointing up.
  • Scroll to “Use as a wallpaper”.
  • Set it as your home screen or lock screen.


Winter Landscape Wallpapers For iPhone

Sunshine and snow – what a beautiful combination in the woods:

Icy, cool blues for a wintery scene in the mountains:

Winter Wallpapers For Iphone Winter Landscape W Li 21
Photo by Will Li on Unsplash

Fancy a bit of pink in your winter scene? This one is gorgeous:

Or is icy blue more your style? How about this snow-covered forest scene?

Majestic snow-covered mountain scenes do it for me all the time:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Snow covered mountains
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger: Pexels

There’s something magical about snowy reflections like these:

A sunrise or sunset on a snowy scene:

Another gorgeous winter reflection on the water scene in this winter iPhone wallpaper.

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Hut Reflection on Water
Photo by Luca Chiandoni from Pexels

Snow plus night and stars, and aurora borealis? Stunning!

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Winter Aurora
Photo by Tobias Bjørkli, on Pexels
Winter wallpapers for iPhones Winter Aurora over mountains 1
Photo by stein egil liland on Pexels

Sometimes you want a dreamy, frosty landscape in an iPhone home screen wallpaper like this one:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Frosty Tree Forest
Photo by Jakob Rosen on Unsplash

Snow-covered branches and ground in an icy blue, overcast view – like this one from one of my photos:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Snowy tree
Photo credit: Margaret Bourne

A lone tree in the frosty woods in monochrome creates a striking, minimalist phone screen wallpaper:

One final photo in this collection of a frozen lake…

Cozy Winter Wallpapers For iPhone

Candles and interiors are your thing?

I’ve compiled some of my favourites from a variety of free stock photo sites that you’ll love!

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Cozy Candle Kaboompics
Cozy Christmas-Winter candle from Kaboompics

Candles create a warm, cozy mood:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Cozy Candle
Photo by Joyce G on Unsplash

A bit of holly and candles on a winter weekend afternoon – bliss:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones light a candle
Photo by Nida: Pexels

A cozy mood on a chilly night:

Some winter afternoon hygge moments:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Hygge bed
Photo by Yura Lytkin on Unsplash

Winter Road Wallpapers For iPhone

Winter travels through gorgeous snow-covered areas are amazing for stress-relieving road trips. Bring that awesome feeling to your every day with this collection of winter road wallpapers for your phone.

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Winter Road
Photo by Tim Stief on Unsplash

I’m very partial to this winter road scene for an iPhone wallpaper.

And this winter road scene:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Winter Road Scene

Winter Coffee Wallpapers For iPhone

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a hot cup of coffee in the winter. Some of these may be hot chocolate, but really… coffee is life, am I right?

A cozy collection of winter coffee wallpapers for phones, for the coffee lovers out there! And a few hot chocolates included too!

Winter wallpapers for iphone Cup of Coffee
Photo by Nica Cn on Unsplash

What’s better than coffee in bed on a cold winter’s day? Nothing. Really… nothing.

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Cozy Coffee in Bed Kaboompics
Photo by Kaboompics

Maybe coffee is not your thing – maybe this hot chocolate iPhone wallpaper is what you’re seeking:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Hot Chocolate Holidays
Photo by Taryn Elliott: Pexels

Maybe early Winter in a slightly more temperate climate is your thing… with a cup of coffee, like in this winter aesthetic wallpaper:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Hot Coffee Lights
Photo by Ioana Motoc: Pexels

This looks so decadent… I’m gaining weight just looking at it:

Makes me think of a lazy Saturday afternoon, reading a book with the fireplace going:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Cozy Time
Design: Margaret Bourne – Photo by Ioana Motoc: Pexels

My last of my favourite coffee phone wallpapers. I can taste the cappuccino now!

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Coffee and a Candle
Photo by Loow Invernissi on Pexels

Winter Urban iPhone Wallpapers

Winter in the city has its own magic. Here’s a mix of some of my favourite urban winter scenes that are perfect for iPhone wallpapers.

Starting with this night scene of a snowy walkway in Mississauga, Ontario.

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Snowy winter path at night 1
Photo credit: Margaret Bourne

Fresh snow in the Upper West Side, New York:

Holiday lights in London are always amazing!

Not really the city, but this scene from Whistler, Canada gives me the feels:

Winter Aesthetic iPhone Wallpapers

Minimalist or not, this selection of winter aesthetic iPhone wallpapers speaks to winter weather, mood and vibe.

A pretty, pink-hued image that’s perfect for your home screen.

Snow falling quietly in the woods makes an excellent wallpaper for your lock screen.

Sometimes the perfect winter aesthetic iPhone wallpaper is something with a candle and sweater, and tea….

Perhaps you’re looking for some Holiday glitter:

Not glitter, but bokeh… it’s all about bokeh wallpapers. And I’m partial to this peachy, warm pink one.

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Pink Bokeh Twinkly Lights
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

More soft tones with a little bird in the winter:

Nature is so beautiful when snow-covered in early winter.

Snow-covered logs wallpaper for iPhone screen is a favourite:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones snow covered logs
Photo by Akwice on Pexels

Well hello there – we’re just enjoying the snow:

This little one is trying to stay warm:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Winter Sparrow
Photo by Grigoriy on Pexels

More snowy trees in the woods:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Snow On Pines
Snowy pine trees – photo: Margaret Bourne (that’s me!)

Love boats? Check out this one in frozen waters in Toronto:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones ship in icy waters
Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

Holiday Aesthetic Wallpapers for iPhone

A few Holiday-themed wallpapers for your iPhone!

A holly wreath:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Holly wreath
Credit: Kaboompics

A little Happy Holiday cheer:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Happy Holidays
Design: Margaret Bourne, Photo credit: Kaboompics

Pines and spruce are the highlight of the season:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Christmas Pine
Photo by Noé Villalta Photography: Pexels

Rich green holly with red splashes:

Festive flavours and scents of the Christmas season:

Winter wallpapers for iPhones Holly 1
Photo by Katie Azi on Unsplash

A nativity scene ornament:

And a yummy-looking Christmasy scene!

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