How to use Idea Pins To Grow Your Blog And Online Presence

Many bloggers often ask – why should I waste my time using Idea Pins when they don’t produce outbound clicks to my site? While this may be true, there are several very good reasons to invest some time in using them to promote your blog. I’ll share with you how to use Idea Pins to grow blog traffic, and how to use them for personal branding and building your online presence.

Consider all of the big bloggers in your niche and how they are known for their thought leadership and knowledge. What is the one key thing they have in common?

An online presence!

They tap into social media, networking and Pinterest to grow a following.

Idea Pins are a great tool for building your online presence and personal brand. After all, Pinterest is one of the top platforms where people go to find interesting solutions and people to follow.

This is why I’m recommending new bloggers embrace Idea Pins, even though they may not bring your blog traffic… just yet.

In this post, I’ll explore:

  • A bit of the background on Idea Pins, what they are and aren’t
  • Tips on how you can use Idea Pins to boost blog traffic
  • How to use Idea Pins on Pinterest to consistently grow your position as a niche expert
  • Idea Pins best practices for bloggers
  • Idea Pins examples for inspiration

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A Bit Of Background On Idea Pins

When Pinterest announced Idea Pins (formerly known as Story Pins), many bloggers weren’t too thrilled with the fact that they couldn’t add a link to them. After all, we’re used to Pinterest being a big driver of blog traffic!

Much has changed since 2020 when the Pinterest team started changing their goals. That is, they wanted to better monetize the site and keep people on it longer – like a social media platform.

Idea Pins keep people on the site longer. As a result, Pinterest is focusing on promoting Idea Pins.

If you’re using Pinterest on your phone, you’ll notice “Watch” right next to “Browse”. This is where you’ll find Idea Pins Pinterest is featuring.

On your desktop, when you’re in your home feed, you’ll see featured Idea Pins under “Today”. They are included in featured themes.

You’ll also sometimes find Idea Pins sprinkled throughout results when you do a search.

How to use Idea pins to grow your blog

Pop in occasionally to research as to what other content creators are doing! It’s a great way to get inspiration for your own Idea Pins!

What Are Idea Pins?

If you’re wondering about tips for how to use Idea pins for bloggers, the best way is to check out what others are doing.

Take a quick look through the Idea Pins featured in the “Watch” section in the app, they are all informative and helpful.

Essentially, they are:

  • Inspirational
  • Educational
  • No longer than 60 seconds
  • With up to 20 total pages per pin
  • Static pages that you scroll through or a video (my preferred format)
  • Saveable to boards (so make them so awesome somebody wants to save them to their board!)

Idea Pins are a great way to showcase your knowledge on a niche subject. Go beyond simple tips and share something that will wow your audience and make them think “this person has some interesting things to share… I want to follow!”

Idea Pins are not a way to get clicks to your site. There is currently no way a blogger can add their own URL link to an Idea Pin. You can tag products from verified sites and affiliate links, but not to your own blog.

HOWEVER, you can still include a link to your blog post AFTER you’ve uploaded your Idea Pin. You add it in your comments!

How To Create An Idea Pin

Idea Pins can be created on Pinterest itself, using editing features to add text, etc. Or you can design an Idea Pin in Canva or Photoshop and upload it to Pinterest.

Remember to have these elements:

  • An introduction slide or visual that tells the Pinterest user what your Pins ia about.
  • Several slides or a video that gives a few valuable tips, or a brief how-to, etc.
  • A final slide with a call-to-action (e.g. Visit www. myurl. com for more tips!)

You can use your desktop to upload your Idea Pin slides or video, or your phone app.

Here’s a walkthrough of how to add a video Idea Pin:

How To Use Idea Pins To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Now that I’ve given you the basics, you’re still probably wondering how to use Idea Pins to grow your blog and blog traffic.

Here’s the blog growth strategy with Idea Pins:

  • Share Idea Pins that demonstrate your knowledge in your niche topics
  • Take a few helpful points from your blog posts and make them into a short Idea Pin slideshow or video
  • Create amazing content that makes people want to follow you!
  • Be consistent

Why should you be doing this?

  • People love to follow smart, helpful people. If you’re showing up in searches with your Idea Pins or when they hit “Watch”, you’re bound to get more followers.
  • More followers mean more people seeing your video and static pins in their home feed.
  • More static pins in their home feed mean more chances they will click on the pin and visit your site.

It’s as simple as that.

So, essentially Idea Pins help you grow your follower base, making it more likely for them to engage with your video and static pins.

How To Use Idea Pins To Grow Your Online Presence As A Niche Expert

When you think of experts in your niche, do you ever wonder how they got there?

The answer is this: by putting themselves and their thoughts/ideas out there! They promoted themselves wherever their key target audience was and continues to be.

Here are a few top niche bloggers dominating on Pinterest and using Idea Pins. Check out their Idea Pin examples for inspiration:

Emily Henderson – Home decor

Example of a style blogger using Idea Pins. Grow your blog with Idea Pins

Maegan Tintari – Fashion/style blogger

LoveMaeganIdea Pins

Cade and Carrian from Oh Sweet Basil (food bloggers)

Idea pins best practices - how to use them for your blog.

Take a look through some of their simple but well-put-together Idea Pins that drive interest to check out their static pins!

For business-related blogs (blogging, social media, VA services, etc.) consider doing a simple cover like a static pin you’d usually create.

How Often Should You Create Idea Pins To Promote Your Blog?

While you may be tempted to create a fresh Idea Pin every day, I recommend spacing it out to one or two Idea Pins a week. It will take you a bit of time to craft one that’s well-thought-out and designed.

Take your most popular blog posts and create one Idea Pin for each. This will give your potential audience a great idea of what kind of content you’re creating and whether you’re worth following!

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Idea Pins Best Practices

Not every Idea Pin will be the same. However, I’m sharing some Idea Pins best practices to help you get started!

  • Use your best visuals: avoid blurry, dark images you’ve taken with a phone. Edit them to look great!
  • Idea Pins need structure: an introduction, body and conclusion (with a subtle call-to-action)
  • If it makes sense, include yourself in a brief video either speaking or doing something. Make sure to look put-together (you’re personally branding yourself too!)
  • Use text overlays: use Pinterest SEO best practices as these will help your Idea Pin be found in searches
  • Use a series of static images to illustrate your points (bonus tip: use your own photos that include you!)
  • Consider using a voiceover for a video or a series of static images made into a video
  • Try to keep to a consistent brand palette and style

For this last point, here’s an example of my Idea Pins. They’re all using my brand palette with consistent fonts and style elements.

Example of branding in Idea pins - how to use Idea pins for your blog.

If you’re wondering how to use Idea Pins to promote your blog, here are a few ways you can do so:

  • Feature tips from a blog post and use a mobile phone screenshot of the blog post as one of your final slides, with a call to action to “READ MORE – Link is in the comments”
  • Do a video of you talking about quick tips, or show a “how-to” process
  • Lists are great to keep people interested in scrolling more: do a top 5 or top 10 list
  • Start with a question and give them the answer
  • Do a showcase of your favourite products as a gift guide
  • Show a before and after with a call to action to a link in your comment to read how you did it
  • Introduce your blog topics or services: set the context and offer the solution with a call-to-action to visit your site

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A Few Great Idea Pin Examples

What’s the best way to get inspired? Watch many Idea Pins and analyze them!

What do you like about them, and what could be better?

I’ve included a few great Idea Pin examples for you for inspiration:

An example of an engaging Idea Pin that generates comments.

A “how-to” type Idea Pin video with a voiceover.

Be creative! Go beyond simple slides. You can get some fantastic inspiration from TikTok videos (just don’t make it a silly TikTok video).

To Summarize It All…

Now that you know how to use Idea Pins to grow your blog, it’s time to get started designing!

Choose your top blog posts that are doing well. Design a few Idea Pins and see how they do.

Remember, that much of this is trial and error for your niche. See what works with your key audience. Produce a new Idea Pin once a week for fresh content and a boost in impressions.

Need some Pinterest pin templates? Here is a batch of 10 free ones for you!

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How To Use Idea Pins To Grow Your Blog

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