Key Pinterest Best Practices - Top Pinterest Tips for 2024

For many Pinterest is frustrating, overwhelming and confusing. However, it’s one of the most powerful ways to promote your blog content. So it’s time to brush up on key Pinterest tips for 2024 to help you pin like a pro.

Pinterest marketing strategies for bloggers will always be evolving as the platform changes its business focus. In 2024, it will continue to be on making it a shopping destination, however, there are more opportunities for us content creators.

If you’ve been pinning for a while, there are a few adjustments you need to make to your Pinterest marketing strategies.

For new Pinterest users, this post will get you started with Pinterest best practices!

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Key Pinterest Tips For 2024

If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, I recommend you read my ultimate beginner’s guide to easily set up a business account on Pinterest.

OK! Let’s get started with some of the key Pinterest tips for bloggers.

Whether you are a new Pinterest user or have been using it for a while, one of the key things to note is that it’s placing more value on engagement on pins.

Pinterest is now promoting that it’s a social media platform, as well as a shopping platform.

It wants people to stick around longer, so Idea pins are now very popular (and they don’t link to anything, unfortunately).

One of my best Pinterest tips for 2024 is to focus on Idea pins.

Idea pins are great for building awareness for your site, your personal online presence and for building a following on Pinterest.

Ultimately, they do help boost traffic, but in a convoluted way. The best Ideas pins are those that inform and interest others to learn more.

Video pins are popular too, however, it’s harder to find how to click on the link.

Case in point:

Pinterest tips for 2022 - best Pinterest marketing tips for bloggers

Yet, Pinterest marketing is still one of the top ways to promote your blog posts.

If your pins are getting saves and outbound clicks (formerly called link clicks), they will get more visibility in the long run.

Comments and “likes” or “hearts” are also ways you get engagement on pins.

Getting found in searches is one of the key ways to get found, so continue to focus on including the right Pinterest keywords in titles and descriptions.

Putting effort into creating amazing pins and content that you use on the site will take you far with your results.

There are several key Pinterest activities you should be doing no matter the algorithm changes, but in this post, we explore some of the new key things to focus on this year.

So what are the Pinterest tips for 2024 that you should keep in mind?

1. Experiment With Different Pin Formats

Pinterest has been experimenting with different pin formats, so why shouldn’t you?

It introduced Idea Pins a couple of years ago. They were good for building awareness for your profile and boosting your following.

Since then Pinterest has kind of combined Idea Pins with video pins. I prefer to latter and keep it simple in terms of design.

Video pins are fantastic as a teaser to get somebody to click on your link to learn more.

It’s time to go beyond static pins and flex your creative muscles!

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2. Create “Fresh” Pins

One of the most important Pinterest marketing tips for new bloggers is to make sure you’re always creating fresh pin content.

Pinterest wants to see fresh pins. It could be a fresh pin for a new blog post, or for an older blog post. As long as the pin itself is new.

While you can still create new pins for older posts, try to create a completely different-looking pin for it, with new text and imagery.

Fresh means a new design, text overlay pin title and description. You can recycle the latter with a few word changes, but try to add a new design and text overlay.

3. Pin Design Best Practices

One of the most important Pinterest marketing strategies is to create attractive pins.

Pinterest has recommended a few specifics for what makes a well-designed pin.

These are:

  • 1000 x 1500 px (2:3 ratio)
  • Fresh images (not overused)
  • Text overlay – easily readable

If you’re still creating pins that are horizontal or are poorly designed, you’re not getting the most out of Pinterest.

PRO TIP: Consider using fonts that are sans serif, bolded. Experiment to see if pins without handwritten/script fonts get you more traction. Pinterest can “read” your pin’s text, so make it easy for it to pick up what you’re saying.

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Need some fresh Pinterest templates for Canva? I’ve got some for you!

4. Pin Fresh Pins

One of the most important Pinterest marketing tips is to keep pins new and fresh.

Although it’s still OK to re-pin your pins, Pinterest wants to see an emphasis on new pins from content creators.

Consider this: if one of your pins is showing up everywhere, every day, do you think users will be more likely to click on your pin? They probably won’t. If anything, they see it as overkill.

By pinning fresh pins daily, you’re avoiding the perception of being a spammer.

5. Pin To A Maximum Of 10 Boards… If You Must

Here’s one of my updated Pinterest tips for 2024: stop re-pinning!

Although Pinterest recommends pinning to no more than 10 RELEVANT boards, it’s increasingly evident that re-pinning your own content does nothing to boost visibility. Re-pinning too much also increases your chance of being labelled as a spammer.

If you’ve been used to pinning to more than 10 boards, stop! Pinterest is really focusing on quality pins over quantity.

MY STRATEGY: I’ll pin only once to the most relevant board. If the pin doesn’t pick up any traction, I just create a new one, with a fresh design and new keywords.

I create a new pin, pin it to a relevant board, and that’s it!

6. Quality Over Quantity

There used to be a time when the top Pinterest users were pinning more than 50 pins a day.

Not only was it an exhausting activity, but it was focusing on quantity over quality.

Creating attractive, well-designed pins takes a bit of time. Setting them up for pinning also takes time, even when you’re scheduling them.

Now Pinterest is recommending no more than 25 pins a day. This reduces, once again, the chance of being flagged as a spammer.

I pin a maximum of 5 fresh pins a day. I just don’t have the time to create 25 pins. And less is sometimes better.

7. A Minimum 2-Day Interval Before Re-Pinning A Pin

Another of the key Pinterest tips for 2024 is if you must re-pin, then do so at intervals of at least two days apart. Ideally 3 to 7 days apart.

Once again, to avoid spamming, Pinterest is recommending a minimum of two days before re-pinning a pin.

To make it easier for yourself, re-pin it one week later. For this, you’ll need to keep a tracker of some sort (e.g. a spreadsheet) to know when you pin a pin for the first time.

8. Pin One Fresh Pin Per Link Per Day

This is a rule that’s been around for a while. Don’t make a batch of pins for one post and pin them all on the same day.

This will get you flagged for spam. So try this instead: pin Pin A on Day 1, Pin B on Day 2. If you have more pins, pin on the subsequent days.

9. Focus On The Text On The Pin

One of the most important things that many content creators overlook is the text on the pin itself.

This is what attracts people to click on the pin.

Try out different pin text overlays, with dynamic words that are usually used in advertising. Experiment to see what grabs Pinterest users’ attention.

Think a bit like an advertiser when it comes to the text overlay. Just don’t use clickbait titles that don’t deliver with the content itself.

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10. Create Content For Pinterest Users

This is a no-brainer in this list of Pinterest tips and tricks.

If you want to have success with your blog, you need to also consider what people are interested in reading about in terms of your blog niche.

What answers can you provide to their problems?

Broader topics that answer big questions are the most successful, as MORE people will want to read them. If your content is very niche, you’re going to have fewer people searching for it on Pinterest.

So for example Blogging Tips For New Bloggers versus Blogging Tips For New Food Bloggers.

However, you might find the most success by finding a sweet spot – a topic that’s of interest to many but few write about. So, find these “low-hanging fruit” opportunities and fill the gaps.

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11. Pin Your Own Content As Much As You Can

Another Pinterest tip for 2024 is to continue to focus on pinning your content as much as possible.

Pinterest has indicated that content creators should be pinning only their own content.

This is great because you can solely focus on promoting your posts – not those of others.

Try to avoid re-pinning from others, but if you do, keep it to a minimum.

NOTE: If you have just started blogging or just started your Pinterest account, it’s totally fine to re-pin from others. As long as you’re pinning relevant pins to your relevant boards!

A Few More Pinterest Marketing Tips

One of the most important things to note for Pinterest tips for 2024 is the audience and following you need to have to succeed.

Although in the past having a large Pinterest following wasn’t necessary, it’s now becoming more relevant.

You want to have Pinterest followers that are truly interested in your blog niche and what you’re sharing.

They will engage more with your content. Your pins will appear in their home feed, as well as their “following” tab.

So to generate followers who’ll engage in your content, try to be consistent in pinning your own content over that of others. Remember the 90% of your content, and 10% re-pinning others’ content rule if you’re a new blogger!

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QUESTION: What are some of your best Pinterest tips for 2024? What’s working for you?

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