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May is one of the most beautiful months and one that’s exciting, especially for moms in many countries around the world. Mother’s Day is only one of the reasons to love May. I’m sharing a list of the best May blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs so that you can capture the interest of your readers!

Seasonal blog posts, including those that celebrate specific months, can be a great way to boost your blog traffic.

I always see a rise in my specific blog posts that relate to a seasonal or specific month event.

That’s why it’s always good to sprinkle your evergreen, general blog posts with the occasional seasonal/monthly posts.

And so, I’m sharing with you inspiration for specifically May blog post topics.

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The Best May Blog Post Ideas

May is a month when Spring is in full bloom.

We’re spending more time outdoors and it’s great to get away from the home for a change.

People are looking for ideas for day trips and things to do outdoors.

Blog posts on travel ideas are perfect, as readers want to know where they can go to soak up the sunshine, explore and do something different after a long winter.

It’s also a time when there’s so much fresh produce coming into grocery stores.

So it’s the perfect time for Spring food and drink blog post topics. We start to see asparagus in season (my favourite!).

Aside from delicious foods to be eaten, there are also cute outfits to wear! It’s time to start breaking out the T-shirts and in some places, shorts!

Here are popular blog post ideas you should consider writing about for this time of the year! And if these don’t suit you, I have a long list of Spring-themed blog post ideas for you to check out as well.

  1. Top things to do outdoors in May
  2. X special celebrations in May
  3. X fun things to do in May in (your area/town/state or province)
  4. What activities can you do in May?
  5. What are the key themes for May?
  6. Fun May activities with kids
  7. May DIY crafts for kids
  8. A step-by-step guide to crafting a kid’s Mother’s Day card
  9. Ways to celebrate Mother’s Day as a family
  10. How to celebrate Memorial Day / Victoria Day with kids
  11. Easy recipes to make with kids with May seasonal vegetables
  12. May 2024 style trends
  13. Cute outfits for May
  14. Monthly style report for May
  15. The cutest skirt trends this May
  16. Cute summer sandals to shop for in May
  17. May nail polish ideas
  18. Cute light casual looks for May days
  19. Places to explore outdoors in May in XYZ (add your region/town, etc.)
  20. Top places to travel in May
  21. The best road trips in XYZ in May
  22. Attractions to see in May in XYZ
  23. Best hiking trails for May hikes in XYZ
  24. Delicious asparagus recipe ideas that are super easy to make
  25. The best finger food recipes for May entertaining
  26. Easy weeknight recipes with May seasonal vegetables
  27. The cutest Spring-themed cupcakes
  28. Delicious cocktail recipes to make this May
  29. May table decor ideas
  30. Spring patio decor ideas
  31. Spring front door decor ideas
A woman carrying a basket full of flowers - May blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.
May is perfect for exploring florist shops and gardens. Photo credit: Kaboompics

Don’t Waste Time Promoting Your May Blog Posts

Since May is such a gorgeous, colour-rich month, it’s time to promote these blog posts on Instagram.

People are looking for inspiration and will seek a seasonal dish to try, the cutest outfit or place to travel to during a road trip.

I’m sure you will be swamped doing stuff too!

My best tip is to promote your new blog posts on Instagram by designing the posts and scheduling them in advance. To do so you can use any of these schedulers:

This frees up your time to do other things, like taking new photos while doing stuff outside or just enjoying a lovely day in your backyard.

To help you out with hashtags, I have a Spring hashtag list for you to help you figure out which ones you may want to include in your captions.

Also, check out these Spring quotes to beef up your blog posts and social media content.

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Aim To Publish Your May Post No Later Than The Beginning Of April

To give Google enough time to properly index your blog post, aim to publish it in early April. This also gives you enough time for Pinterest to index your pins.

Ultimately, you want your organic traffic to come in at the right time, while you also promote your May blog posts in May.

Share with me your May blog post!

Need more blog post ideas?

Check out these:

Need to brush up on how to optimize these posts? Check out my free SEO boost mini-course:

And lastly, if you’ve been stuck in a blogging rut, try writing a different type of blog post.

You may find you’ll like the challenge of trying something new. Not to mention the traffic boost with these popular blog post styles.

Enjoy your Spring!

QUESTION: What May blog post ideas should I add to this list? Any that you find popular?

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