30 Fall blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs.

I love the month of September! It’s one of my favourites of the whole year – colourful, harvest, fresh starts. So many words can describe it. It’s also one when people are asking so many questions, so it’s time to look at 30 September blog post ideas for your blogging inspiration.

Big things happen in September: back to school, getting back to productive routines, cooler nights and sweater weather.

There are so many September post ideas to explore!

It’s also a time when many bloggers start getting ready for the busy Holiday season. So I’ll be sharing a few tips that’ll help you with Gift Guides and more!

Now, read on for my list of exciting September blog post topics!

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30 September Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Blogs

It’s an exciting time of the year, and there are so many topics you can write about!

September is a transition month: from Summer mode to Fall mode.

The weather changes, affecting our activities. In general, people are still going places and doing things outside, because it’s cooler and more comfortable.

So these September blog post ideas reflect these interests!

  1. How to get into a productive routine in September after the summer break
  2. Bedtime routines for easy, productive Monday mornings
  3. How to ease into a back-to-school routine: tips for parents & kids
  4. Delicious school lunch meals for kids
  5. Easy, healthy snacking tips for kids
  6. How to get more sleep: returning to a regular sleep routine in September
  7. Places to go in September in XYZ (your regional area)
  8. Daytripping destination within an hour from XYZ
  9. Best places to see changing leaves in your area
  10. September harvest festivals in your area
  11. Best restaurants to explore in XYZ in September
  12. Easy weeknight recipes for busy September days
  13. Recipes including September fruits and vegetables
  14. New Fall whiskies to enjoy
  15. How to fall in love with whisky cocktails
  16. Coffee drink recipes for September
  17. Cute September outfits for cooler days
  18. Best new sweaters for sweater weather
  19. September hair trends and easy styles
  20. Cute September nail polish ideas
  21. September home decor ideas
  22. How to style your front porch in September: fall decor
  23. How to style your entryway in September
  24. Frugal home decor finds for September decor
  25. DIY home decor craft ideas for September
  26. Fun September crafts to do with kids
  27. Places to explore with kids this September
  28. How to teach kids about harvesting food & easy recipes
  29. September bucket list for families
  30. Tips for where to go apple picking with kids

August And September Are The Time To Start Holiday Gift Guides

If you’re a blogger that does Holiday gift guides or wants to do them, August and September are when you can start pulling together your gift ideas.

Aside from publishing September blog post topics, August is when you can start researching and writing down your gift lists.

To get blog inspiration and update your blog content calendar.

In some cases, you can seek samples for your own photography (recommended), and your social media push.

Putting together amazing gift guides takes longer than regular posts.

NOTE: Take advantage of gift guides to use affiliate links where it makes sense. Monetize your gift guides!

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Remember – SEO is important to get your content found!

Want to know a trick I use to get traction on gift guides?

Re-use your old gift guide blog posts to improve the chances of your blog post on gift guides ranking higher. The older the post, the greater the page authority it has.

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September Blog Topics That Speak To Your Audience

September is an exciting time! There’s much to do and the month will fly by. Your readers will be looking to keep productive, return to regular routines and do fun stuff before Winter sets in.

So, give them stories on topics that are of interest and most relevant for this month. I hope you find some inspiration in these September blog post ideas that I’ve brainstormed for you!

Need more blog post ideas?

Check out:

And since it’s Fall, let’s make your phone lock screen gorgeous with over 50 beautiful Fall wallpapers for iPhone screens.

Don’t forget to use some lovely Fall quotes in your posts!

QUESTION: What else should I add to this list of September blog post topics?

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