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Wondering how to grow your blog business? The smartest way is to start working with other bloggers. This is why I’m sharing this complete guide to networking for bloggers. Learn how to connect with other bloggers and see your blog grow exponentially!

But how do you get started? 

What are the best ways to network with bloggers? 

What are some of the best ways to go about networking for bloggers? 

I’ve created a Facebook group community that offers opportunities for bloggers to network. That’s only one way – there are so many others.

Read up and let’s get you creating a community of blogging friends that will help you boost your site faster. 

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The Benefits of Networking For Bloggers

You might be wondering, why should I network with other bloggers?

Having blogging buddies can make things much easier. There’s so much more to blogging than just creating great content.

Being a successful blogger means you need to go beyond your own limited sphere.

Why should you network with other bloggers? Here are the top key reasons why:

  • Referral traffic: more eyes on your blog content from collaborations
  • Learning opportunities: learn from others who have more expertise in your blog niche or related niches
  • Partnerships and collaborations: there’s power in numbers – from guest posts to cross-promotion, you can generate powerful blogging and business opportunities.
  • Increased exposure: get your blog showcased on other blogger’s blogs, websites or social channels.
  • Backlinks and SEO: Relationships with other bloggers can lead to valuable backlinks to your site.
  • Mentorship: Building friendships with more experienced bloggers gives you access to good advice that can help steer you from making mistakes or help you make better decisions.

These are just some of the key benefits of networking for bloggers. Putting yourself out there and building networks can reap so many rewards!

Let’s delve into how to do this.

How To Start Building Your Blogging Network

Now that you know why you should start building your blogger network, how do you do it?

There are several key ways you can get started connecting with other bloggers – even as a beginner blogger.

Let’s look at the top methods of networking for bloggers.

1. Start Making Connections With Other Bloggers

Want to know how to connect with other bloggers?

It all starts with genuine interactions with other bloggers.

It might sound obvious, but there’s more to it than just sending off a generic message and crossing your fingers for a reply.

So, where do you begin?

  • Identify fellow bloggers in your blog niche and reach out to them. Provide a genuine appreciation of their work and hint about a potential connection.
  • Engage with their content, leaving thoughtful conversation-starting comments.
  • Share their content on your platforms.

Every time I’ve genuinely reached out to other bloggers this way, I’ve managed to build new friendships.

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2. Join Blogging Communities To Meet New Bloggers In Your Niche

One of the top methods for networking for bloggers is to join groups and communities for bloggers.

Here are some of the top types of communities to join:

  • Facebook groups
  • Subreddits on Reddit
  • X (Twitter) – there are several hashtags for this and accounts
  • LinkedIn groups

Each community has its rules and etiquette, so make sure you’re following them to ensure you don’t get booted out.

For example, many groups are strict about promotional activities.

Join my Facebook group for bloggers: The Blog It Better Society.

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3. Connect For Guest Posting And Collaboration Opportunities

Another fantastic way to build a blogger network is to seek guest posting opportunities and collaborations.

This sounds easier than it is, mostly because bloggers get inundated with requests for “guest posts” that aren’t anything but link-building schemes or brands seeking to place “advertorials”.

How do you do this successfully?

  • Make your presence known via social media first
  • Add genuine comments to their blog posts
  • Send an email response to their newsletter with a thoughtful response

Your initial goal is to make the blogger aware of who you are and build a rapport.

Once they know you, they can be pitched for a guest post.

PRO TIP: Seek opportunities where you know guest bloggers are welcome. Google “guest blogging opportunity” along with your niche or similar keyword phrases and you’ll find them.

How to connect with other bloggers build friendships

Make genuine connections & grow them

4. Invite Bloggers For Q & A Interviews – For Your Site Or Social Media, Podcast

People love to be noticed and promoted by others. What better way to connect with other bloggers than to do a series of interviews?

Much like you would seek out somebody for a guest posting collaboration, get to know the person you’re going to interview first.

They should be:

  • Relevant to your niche, if not in the same niche
  • At the same level or just a bit more ahead of you in their blog or business
  • Open to working with you to introduce you to their audience

When you’ve found the right people do the same as you would for my first tip – start making connections.

Follow and engage with their content and when they are showing interest in your work, invite them to do an interview.

Your interview could be something as simple as sending them a series of email questions for a blog post.

It can also be more interactive such as a podcast or live video on Instagram or Facebook.

5. Build Blogging Friendships While Attending Blogging Events

The easiest way to build your network of blogger friends is to attend blogging events.

While this may seem difficult for introverted bloggers, for those who are more socially inclined, blogging and blogging-related events can result in many lasting friendships.

Here are some of the top blogging events to consider attending:

  • Content Marketing World
  • Mom 2.0 Summit – mom marketers
  • FinCon – financial content expo
  • TBEX – North America, Europe, and Africa for travel bloggers
  • Social Media Marketing World

PRO TIP: Come prepared to network. Business cards are still a thing, and sometimes an easier way to remain top-of-mind with people you meet than a digital connection.

6. Connect With Other Bloggers Through Email Outreach

Some of the best blogging friendships have started with me responding to an email newsletter from a blogger I respect.

How do I do it? Here are my steps to engaging via email:

  • Offer a compliment, remark on the content or pose a thoughtful question.
  • Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and say that you hope you can somehow work together in the future.
  • Once you get a response suggest a 15-minute chat over Zoom

I’ve made it a practice of doing 15-minute “get to know you” chats after reaching out to these bloggers.

The results are great: new friendships mean referrals for business, and support when it comes to new product launches.

So start connecting with other bloggers as soon as you can to grow your blog faster.

PRO TIP: Make a great first impression. If you haven’t invested in a good webcam for your laptop or computer, check out my favourite one that I use for all of my coaching and business Zoom chats: the Logitech C922.

Create A Blogging Network Database

When you meet many people in your niche and relevant niches, it can get very confusing.

I know this from experience! I’ve made the mistake of forgetting people that I met a couple of years ago.

It can be quite embarrassing when they remember you, but you don’t remember them!

What’s the solution? Keep track of people in your blogger network by creating a database of contacts.

You can create a list in Google Sheets and keep it simple.

Or you can delve deeper with a CRM-style system with Airtable. It’s free to join and use (quite extensively) and a perfect way to manage all your interactions and opportunities with other bloggers.

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Connect With Other Bloggers And Grow Your Blog!

Now you know about networking for bloggers and the key strategies you can start using today.

Which one will you choose?

The easiest is to start participating in blogger Facebook groups.

However, all of these methods work and can quickly grow your blog.

My last tip is to always think of how you can help your network of blogger friends.

Drop in to say hi and share a tip or opportunity that can help them.

When you help others, they will be more likely to help you too!

Before you go, take a moment to get my free About page workbook that’ll help you spruce up your About Me page.

You’ll want to make a great first impression with new blogger friends!

QUESTION: What do you find to be the hardest about connecting with other bloggers?

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