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So you’ve been added to a private Facebook group that you know will be of benefit to you – whether it’s learning something new or promoting your blog. But if you’re not following Facebook group etiquette and rules you may be booted out of the group fairly quickly.

That’s because Facebook group owners that care about creating a great experience for all members do not have patience for rule breakers and opportunists.

I’ve been in many groups over the past few years. I’ve also broken some rules and experienced being “booted out” from a Facebook group.

It’s unpleasant, especially if you’ve put some time and effort into growing a network and presence within a group.

I learned the hard way from my mistakes and want to make sure you don’t make them as well.

Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, these Facebook group etiquette tips and participation tips will help ensure you get the most out of the groups you’ve joined.

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5 Facebook Group Etiquette Tips

You know that being part of a Facebook group can be extremely beneficial to the growth of your blog or online business.

Facebook groups are where you can:

  • Get answers to questions that are holding you back from success
  • Promote your blog or business (depending on group rules)
  • Boost traffic to your site
  • Build awareness of your blog and business, and yourself as a niche expert
  • Build a network of new associates and online blogging/business friends that will support and collaborate with you

The benefits are great.

So you want to be sure you’re in good standing according to group rules and more.

Essentially, I’m telling you… don’t be an a**hole member.

I’m sharing with you my observations from my own Facebook group – The Blog It Better Society – and from other Facebook groups for bloggers and businesses that I’ve been a part of over the years.

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1. Follow The Group Rules

Every well-run Facebook group has rules.

It’s your job as a Facebook group member to familiarize yourself with them and keep track of changes.

When rules are changed usually the group Admin will let you know.


If you’re not sure your post or comment content is acceptable always ask the Facebook group admin first.

This also applies to the quality of your posts.

In most Facebook groups, it’s not permissible to share any content or comments that are offensive, derogatory, or demeaning of any kind.

Stick to the rules of polite society.

2. Don’t Just Drop A Link And Run

One of the biggest Facebook group etiquette faux pas bloggers can make is not fulfilling the ask in a “daily thread”.

In groups where you get to promote your blog content, there are “daily threads” – or activities.

There is usually a requirement to help others who are participating in that daily thread.

This help can be anything like sharing their post, commenting on it, pinning it to Pinterest, etc.

This requires extra time on your part to fulfill the necessary task.

An error many bloggers make is participating in too many daily threads.

Some legitimately forget which daily threads they have participated in, and haven’t completed their required tasks.

And some bloggers willfully ignore the tasks.

Those who are habitually ignoring tasks get removed and banned from groups.

What’s the best way to avoid this?

Follow the group rules!

In many Facebook groups, there’s usually an ask to “Like” others’ posts that you’re helping out. When you’ve done all that you need to do you write “Done” or “Completed” under your own entry.

This helps the Facebook admin skim through and see if you’ve actually done your duty as a participant.

PRO TIP: People sometimes “like” and write “done” when they actually haven’t done the task. Sooner or later the truth comes out. Once again, don’t be an a**hole Facebook group member.

3. Help Others Out And Build Your Personal Brand

I know time is precious and you want just to promote your content or business as quickly and as easily as possible.

But one key Facebook group etiquette rule is that you should be helping others out.

Dropping a link and lurking the rest of the time doesn’t help build your personal brand.

It’s noticeable when you’re in it for yourself.

The best Facebook group members are those who take a moment to comment or share a tip when somebody asks a question.

4. Use The Search Bar For Answers

Chances are that the question you’re about to ask has already been asked.

Did you know that you can use the search bar in the Facebook group to see if your question has been asked before?

On the right-hand side, you’ll see the magnifying glass icon. This pops up in mine, and should look similar for you:

Facebook group etiquette search bar

Use a keyword to see if a similar question has been asked.

This saves the Facebook group admin from answering the question or other group members from answering it again.

PRO TIP: Check whether the Facebook group admin has created any Guides. These are often a collection of posts, articles and other useful information that can help you get the answers you need on specific topics.

5. Don’t Poach Clients Or Promote Your Business That’s Similar To the Facebook Admin’s

This Facebook group etiquette rule is specifically for those running a business.

Imagine this: you’ve started a Facebook group and you’re working hard to grow it with quality members.

You’re engaging with them, and helping them out. It’s a marketing strategy to grow your coaching business.

Along comes a member who promotes similar content in daily threads.

They answer questions and include self-promotion “I actually work in this field…” or “I’ll be happy to share more with you – DM me”.

Wouldn’t you be furious that they are leveraging YOUR hard work to gain clients without putting in much effort?

So don’t poach clients, or promote your business without the Facebook admin’s blessing.

PRO TIP: Do not actively direct message people in your Facebook group to build your clientele. This is still considered poaching and bad practice. You’ll only gain the reputation of a cheat in your niche community.

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A Few Additional Tips To Get The Most Out Of Facebook Groups

There are a few minor tips that will help you get ahead in a Facebook group and be in good standing with the admin.

  • Avoid using Tailwind or other scheduling tools for Pinterest pin threads. Pin in real-time so that it’s obvious you’ve done the task.
  • Interact regularly: if you disappear for a long period people will forget about you.
  • Participate! When you join in on threads or comment on posts you’re building awareness for yourself and your own personal brand.

Learn more about how Facebook groups can help you boost your blog or business.

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QUESTION: Tell me about Facebook group etiquette that you see broken all the time!

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