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What are some of the most gorgeous yet super functional, best feminine WordPress themes for lifestyle and business blogs for 2024? Whether you’re starting a blog or scaling up to an online business, having a great theme is important for creating a first great impression.

If you’re looking for WordPress themes for female bloggers or WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs, this is the right post for you!

I’ve researched many and used themes from several web designers over the years. To make it easier for you to choose one for your blog, I’m listing my top 10 favourites for design, ease of use and functionality.

Whether you are starting a blog, or updating your existing blog, this is the post you’ll want to read.

These are feminine WordPress themes that will make your blog look professional. This will give your site visitors a great first impression, and with great blog posts, keep them coming back!

So jump ahead and check out my favourites!

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on a product or service, and decide to purchase it, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. All recommended products and services are based on my positive experience with them. For more information, please read my Disclaimer.

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But First… Start A Blog!

If you have a blog and are updating it, you can skip this next section.

However, if you don’t have a blog yet, I recommend getting started with a new self-hosted WordPress blog.


Learn step-by-step how to start a self-hosted WordPress blog, and make it profitable!

Before Choosing A Blog Theme – A Few Key Considerations

I know you may be eager to shop around for a beautiful WordPress theme for your blog, but have you considered these things first?

  • What kind of WordPress are you using? If you have purchased a plan through, unfortunately, you’re in the wrong spot. You’ll need to be self-hosting (with a hosting provider such as NameHero or BigScoots etc.) with (free + paid hosting package), which gives you much more flexibility and freedom to build your perfect website. Read all about hosting providers and why you need a self-hosted blog.
  • What’s your comfort level with learning new processes and software? If you’re a quick learner, something that uses a page builder such as Elementor or Divi might be worthwhile. Some themes require this as their framework or for page building.
  • Consider your blog goals. Do you want to just blog and monetize with affiliate links and sponsored posts, or are you planning to offer services? If it’s the latter, you’ll want a blog theme that’s geared toward businesses (using Elementor as a page builder is best).
  • Work within your budget – how much are you willing to spend? A premium theme may be more expensive, but it will work for you for a few years. Depending on your tax situation in your country, you may also be able to write off the purchase of a blog theme as a business expense.

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What To Look For In A WordPress Theme

Now that you’ve looked at your own personal key considerations, there are a few that are specific to the blog theme itself.

When it comes to the theme itself look at these factors:

  • Is it responsive and mobile-ready?
  • How customizable is it? Can you change fonts easily?
  • Is it easy to customize without extra knowledge needed?
  • Do you need to purchase add-ons for extra customization (this is not necessarily a bad thing, but does it work with your budget?)
  • Does it work with plugins such as WooCommerce, which gives you the power to monetize your blog by turning it into an e-commerce site (online shop)
  • Is it fairly lightweight and not overly bloated?

REMEMBER: You’ll always need a caching plugin to make your WordPress theme run fast.

I recommend WP Rocket – the best $49 I invest in my site each year to load super fast. Even with an Elementor-based theme, I’m passing Google’s Core Web Speed Vitals without any issues when I use WP Rocket and optimize the technical aspects of my site.

Here’s how well I’m doing with

Example of how WP Rocket caching plugin can help pass Google Core Vitals

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

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How To Choose The Perfect Blog Name For Your Blog Brand

Top Feminine WordPress Themes For Blogs And Solopreneur Businesses

Before you check out my list of favourites, I want to point out that there are several factors used to create this list:

  • SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly
  • Easy to customize or with crystal clear instructions
  • Great support
  • Customization and functionality: make it work for your needs
  • Visually appealing design

Choosing the perfect blog theme for your site is sometimes a tough thing.

Sometimes a theme may look amazing but be out of your league when it comes to ease of use.

Other times, you would like more functionality and more options.

Personally, I always check out the free live demos to see what the site has the potential to look like, what it includes and my first impression.

Here are my top 10 favourite feminine themes for bloggers:

1. Kadence & Restored316

Kadence is a super fast, light WordPress theme that has many options for bloggers. Build the blog you want with Kadence blocks, and import a starter template that speeds up the process.

While you can work with the free version, when you upgrade to a Kadence bundle, you get access to powerful customization tools.

Build the perfect blog to your needs and liking quickly – no special coding needed!

Level Up Kadence With Restored316 Themes

In some cases, the free templates from Kadence aren’t what you need or will require much time to customize.

You can purchase additional Kadence templates with pre-made website designs. The Kadence theme is the parent base, and the template theme becomes the “child” theme.

Where you can get beautiful, feminine Kadence child themes is Restored316.

Here’s one of the themes from Restored316 (photo credit):

Feminine WordPress themes homestead theme

Restored316 has many themes to choose from that work with different needs – from blogger to service provider.

NOTE: To use the Restored316 themes you will need Kadence first. Check out the instructions on the Restored316 site when you purchase your theme.

IDEAL FOR: Lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers, solopreneurs, coaches, consultants and more. There’s a little bit of a learning curve required, but the template format speeds things up. Restored316 has great customer service and documentation that will help guide you.

2. ChicBoss

Chicboss - Feminine WordPress theme for bloggers

I’m partial to this theme because I’m using it for this site!

What I love about this WordPress theme for female entrepreneurs is that it’s classic and minimalist in its design.

ChicBoss from Bluchic is ideal for bloggers, as well as coaches or consultants. Because it’s fairly easy to learn how to use Elementor with Bluchic’s video instructions, you can easily use ChicBoss to update your site and transform your blog into an online business.

REQUIRED: Self-hosted WordPress site

IDEAL FOR: Hobby bloggers ready to scale up to a business blog; solopreneurs with coaching or consulting business-selling services & digital products.

3. CheerUp – Food, Blog And Magazine Theme

Feminine WordPress Blog Themes Cheerup Theme

The second theme on my list of top feminine WordPress themes is one that I know very well. It’s the Cheerup theme from ThemeSphere (available on Envato Themeforest).

One theme, 14 designs, and over 1000 layout customizations.

Although it was first published in 2016, it was recently rehauled in 2024 and it’s AWESOME.

The recent updates to the core platform have greatly speeded it up. When paired with a caching plugin (I use WP Rocket) and if you optimize your images, it loads fast.

This is an easy-to-use and super customizable theme from Themesphere that I’m currently using for my lifestyle blog – Suburban Tourist.

Here’s the page speed test I did with Lighthouse for my blog:

Screenshot of the page speed test with Lighthouse for the Suburban Tourist blog.

What I LOVE about this theme is that you don’t need anything else – no Genesis, Divi or Elementor.

There are several different design layouts to choose from for style: from a food blog and magazine layout to various styles of lifestyle blogs (fashion, travel, etc.). Just choose the layout demo you like, and it automatically adds the styling.

You can then customize it as you wish, with sliders, colour palettes, etc.

It’s easy to set up, and well documented with a customer service add-on that’s great when you’re just starting.

Purchase once, and you get new design layouts and updates for free.

IDEAL FOR: Beginner bloggers with a blog niche in the lifestyle blog category

4. Harper

Best feminine wordpress themes - harper theme from 17th avenue

Making number four on my list of feminine WordPress themes for bloggers and solopreneurs is Harper from 17th Avenue.

This premium theme using the Genesis framework is stunning and ideal for anybody in a niche in the lifestyle category.

It’s easily customizable, Gutenberg optimized, SEO optimized and has all the must-have options and features of a gorgeous blog. What’s nice is a Shop My Pages customizable page, which is great if you’re promoting affiliate products.

One of my coaching clients is using this theme – it is perfect for anybody who is looking for a minimalist, classic styling.

IDEAL FOR: Bloggers heavily focused on affiliate marketing (shop my post feature). A slight learning curve is involved with the Genesis framework – so this is a theme for anybody who is open to new challenges.

5. Camille

Best feminine wordpress themes - Camille theme from Pix and Hue.

At number six of my top 10 feminine WordPress themes for lifestyle blogs, business and creatives is Camille from Pix and Hue.

I stumbled upon Pix and Hue recently and am impressed by the attention to detail and style.

Camille is a lifestyle blog, using the Elementor (free) platform. It’s a bit more advanced because you’ll need to learn Elementor. However, the theme comes with detailed how-to videos and you get 6 months of customer support.

What I like about Camille is the affiliate “shop the look” feature that you can include in your post – like this:

Best feminine wordpress themes - example of affiliate shop the look funtion.

NOTE: You’ll need to have access to Photoshop to customize the line graphic used around the theme. To customize the fonts, there’s an additional fee for a special plugin.

REQUIRED: Elementor (free)

IDEAL FOR: Serious bloggers who are open to learning how to use Elementor or are familiar with it. Great for anybody focused on affiliate marketing. Also great for freelance creatives (e.g. photographers, web designers, etc.).

6. Harlowe James

Best feminine wordpress themes - Harlowe James theme from Pix and Hue

A super feminine, light and airy WordPress theme from Pix and Hue is Harlowe James. This is probably one of my favourite themes for lifestyle bloggers from this web designer.

It holds a worthy spot at #6 of my top feminine WordPress themes for several reasons.

Like the Camille theme, you’ll need the Elementor plugin (free version). This theme also has the affiliate custom product slider feature so you can feature affiliate links stylishly.

You get 8 custom-designed Elementor pages, 10 blog layouts and a theme that’s optimized for Gutenberg. It’s fully responsive for mobile.

NOTE: You’ll need to purchase separately a plugin that gives you font customization features.

REQUIRED: Elementor (free)

IDEAL FOR: Same as Camille – for bloggers and solopreneurs who aren’t afraid to use or learn Elementor. Also for small business owners who want a simple but elegant theme to showcase their services.

7. Selena

Best feminine wordpress themes - Selena theme from Pix and Hue

Selena is a premium theme from Pix and Hue that uses Elementor Pro (subscription required) and is chock full of goodies – from the standard website theme to sales pages, a podcast page, opt-in pages (short & long), portfolio and more.

WOW. I’m tempted to get this theme next!

This theme showcases your content in strategic layouts, with flowing, soft lines. It makes it aesthetically pleasing and a fantastic experience for your site visitors.

REQUIRED: Subscription to Elementor Pro

IDEAL FOR: Service providers: coaches, consultants and freelancers.

8. ChicSpark

Feminine WordPress Blog Themes ChicSpark

Need a designer website without a designer cost for your business site? Bluchic’s ChicSpark is number eight on my top 10 feminine WordPress themes for bloggers and solopreneurs because it is not only beautiful, but it’s also functional!

Using Elementor (free), you can easily create a site that shows off your strengths, knowledge and services.

You get all the page templates and layouts you need to showcase your business.

IDEAL FOR: Bloggers with a service-based business.

9. Mia Rose

Feminine WordPress Blog Themes Mia Rose

Whether you are a food blogger, travel or fashion blogger – heck, even a self-care blogger, Mia Rose from 17th Avenue is a versatile, stylish blog that works.

I added it to this list of top feminine WordPress themes because it’s so flexible and well-designed. You can easily apply pre-designed demos (food, travel, fashion) or use one of them to work with your theme.

It also can be modified into a business blog, with a portfolio, landing, services, “shop my favourites” and a pricing page with a stylish pricing table.

NOTE: This theme runs on the Genesis Framework (free). The theme you get is a child theme.

IDEAL FOR: Bloggers who want to scale up to a blog business; solopreneurs offering services, seeking a beautiful theme but functional theme to make a great first impression.

10. Lets Blog

Best WordPress Themes Lets Blog 2

Lets Blog from ThemeGood is a gorgeous but easy-to-use WordPress theme, perfect for new bloggers.

Choose from 10 different layout types and use the Live Customizer to select the look you want. This is what makes this theme super easy to use!

This theme is LOVELY – with details that elevate it and make it ideal for lifestyle blogs. Well documented and easy to set up, SEO optimized and mobile ready – ThemeGood themes are well done and always updated.

REQUIRED: Self-hosted WordPress website.

IDEAL FOR: Beginner bloggers in lifestyle, food, fashion, travel, etc.

Other Lightweight Blog Themes To Consider

Now that you’ve had a chance to peruse my list of feminine WordPress themes, you have some options.

However, if you’re looking for simplicity and a lightweight blog theme, there are a few to consider that aren’t on this top ten list.

The downside to these is that they aren’t designed to be pretty. They’re very simple – but customizable.

They often have annual costs associated with their premium features. So if you plan to upgrade, you have to factor in this cost.

On the flip side, you get a fast-loading theme.

Check out:

  1. Kadence
  2. OceanWP
  3. GeneratePress

Make Your Blog Shine With A Gorgeous Blog Theme

Now that you’ve got some inspiration for feminine blog themes, you can find the right one for you!

Remember, that blog branding also includes visuals such as:

  • A gorgeous blog logo that fits your niche and audience – learn how you can create a blog logo in a matter of minutes and with little or no budget.
  • Design elements and video (works best with themes that use Elementor)

Whether you’re starting a blog or rebranding it, take some time to create a blog or business site that you are proud of and that works to build your personal brand.

QUESTION: What are some of your favourite feminine WordPress themes for blogs and businesses? I’d love to know what you’re loving and using as a blog theme!

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10 Gorgeous Feminine WordPress Themes For Bloggers And Solopreneurs

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