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If you’re like me, October is one of your favourite months. I’m not talking about just pumpkin spice – there’s so much more to do during this month. And your readers will want to know all they can do and experience. To help you with your content, I’m sharing popular October blog post ideas for Fall 2023 fun inspiration.

Halloween is a big end-of-October event in North America. There’s the Canadian Thanksgiving in the earlier part of the month.

And so many things to do with harvest events, foods, cooler temperatures and outdoor adventures!

The summer blogging traffic slump is over, and your readers will be looking for fresh ideas, tips and inspiration for Fall activities.

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31 October Blog Post Ideas For Fun Fall Inspiration

October Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Blogs

I brainstormed all of the top popular things to do in October, as well as key celebrations to create this list. You can modify some of the topics to work with your blog niche.

  1. How to bake a pumpkin pie
  2. A roundup of pumpkin pie recipes (choose a type of food – e.g. desserts, savoury dishes, etc.)
  3. Comfort food recipes that will warm you up on chilly October days
  4. Drinks that’ll warm you up: Fall cocktail ideas
  5. How to make mulled wine
  6. Scary Halloween cocktails to make at home
  7. How to make caramel apples (October 31 is National Caramel Apple Day)
  8. How to create a cozy Fall outdoor living space
  9. How to plant bulbs in the Fall
  10. Front porch Fall decor tips
  11. The October aesthetic: how to create a cozy atmosphere at home
  12. Spooky home decor for Halloween parties
  13. Cute sweater outfits
  14. How to style boots
  15. Fall scarf style tips
  16. How to wear plaid stylishly
  17. Halloween makeup tips and tricks (for adults, for kids)
  18. How to make 5 easy Halloween costumes at home
  19. How to make the perfect Jack O’Lantern with kids
  20. Fun Halloween crafts to make with kids
  21. DIY leaf art craft ideas
  22. October photography challenge: nature hike edition
  23. The best hiking trails to explore this October for Fall colours near XYZ (see what I did with my Fall
  24. Best October day trip destinations (get inspired with my 5 beautiful Fall drives from Toronto post)
  25. October bucket list of family-friendly activities
  26. October Fall Festivals near XYZ
  27. Journal prompts for October
  28. Great books to read this October
  29. Classic scary movies to watch this October
  30. The ultimate Halloween kid-friendly playlist
  31. Romantic October date ideas

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Need More Blog Post Ideas?

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Remember to use SEO best practices for on-page optimization, and always write great posts with your reader in mind!

Now, more than ever, I’m finding it’s important to think about your reader first, and SEO second. So start with great content on topics that your readers want to read!

Save Time: Schedule Your Blog Promotion During Busy October

Things can get very busy in October! promote your October blog post topics on automatic with scheduling tools.

There are other tools you can use: Tailwind (for Instagram or Pinterest) or SmarterQueue. There’s also Later, and you can use the free scheduling tools on Meta Business for your Facebook page and Instagram posts. Canva Pro can be used as a scheduler as well.

Scheduling your posts and content will free up time to enjoy October.

Batch your Pinterest pins in advance! Speed up your batching process with my 10 free Pinterest templates for Canva.

Finally, remember to start posting your Holiday posts in October to give them enough time to be indexed on Pinterest and Google.

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Want something fun for your phone lock screen? I have pulled together over 50 gorgeous free Fall wallpapers for iPhone lock screens.

QUESTION: What other topics should be added to this list of October blog post ideas?

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