November blog post ideas

It’s one month closer to the end of the year, and it’s a busy month full of activities leading ever closer to the Holiday season. Your readers are in planning, buying and preparation mode for Christmas and the New Year. Give them inspiring content with 30 November blog post ideas on popular topics. 

What should you write about in November for your blog niche? 

From preparing for the Holiday season, US Thanksgiving, Black Friday and setting goals for the New Year, there are many things to focus on. 

There are outdoor adventurers and cool hikes, indoor activities for cozy Saturdays with a cup of tea… and the ever-popular Fall aesthetic. It’s really in “full bloom” at this time of the Fall season.

So, grab your notebook and jot down some of my ideas below that appeal to you the most!

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Fun November Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Blogs

I like to keep my lists pretty straightforward for monthly posts. So, I started with food and finished off with general topics. Choose the ones that work for your blog niche, or that you can modify.

So let’s go with these blog post ideas: 

  1. Harvest vegetable recipes for busy weeknights
  2. Delicious leftover roast turkey recipe ideas
  3. Apple cider drink recipes 
  4. Thanksgiving dinner classic recipe ideas to make with kids
  5. How to celebrate Thanksgiving on budget
  6. How to get organized for the Holiday season
  7. How to save money this Holiday season
  8. Alternatives to Holiday cocktail parties
  9. Easy Thanksgiving  DIY decoration ideas 
  10. Thanksgiving tabletop decoration ideas
  11. How to create a cozy personal space for cool rainy days
  12. Fall bedroom decor ideas
  13. Fall living room decor ideas
  14. Holiday exterior decor ideas and cool trends
  15. Holiday DIY decoration ideas
  16. Holiday gift guides (for him, her, kids, hostess, etc.)
  17. Best Winter outerwear: coats, jackets and more
  18. How to wear a toque and beanie stylishly (showcase a few)
  19. Ways to style your scarf fashionably
  20. How to wear baggy big sweaters stylishly
  21. Easy to maintain fall hairstyles 
  22. November nail polish style ideas
  23. Best skincare tips for November weather
  24. Things to do to de-stress before the busy Holiday season
  25. Journal prompts for November
  26. Things to enjoy in November that’ll make you happy
  27. Fun family outings for November
  28. Places to explore this November in XYZ
  29. Romantic November date ideas
  30. Best Thanksgiving-themed films

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Don’t forget to promote your content on social media!

For Instagram, check out this list of over 100 Fall Hashtags For Instagram and over 100 Autumn quotes for posts and captions.

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A Few More General November Blog Topics

If my list of November blog post ideas isn’t inspiring you, there are a few more topics you should consider for this month:

  • Gift Guides! Early November is the latest I would recommend for gift guides.
  • Black Friday deals (for your niche)
  • How to get your home ready for winter (exterior, interior)
  • Daylight savings time
  • Pumpkin patches and places with photo-worthy scenery
  • Indoor activities
  • Car maintenance for winter
  • Planning for the New Year – getting a head start on goals
  • Wrapping up goals from this year, quickly and to satisfaction
  • Planning a winter getaway

One last tip – don’t forget to add affiliate links to your blog post!

People are shopping during November. This is the perfect time to promote products you know and love and to make extra cash. It’ll cover your Holiday gifts!

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How To Stand Out & Boost Blog Traffic In November

Other than writing on November blog post topics people are searching for, there are a few ways to boost your blog traffic this Fall.

Since it’s a busy time of the year, and there are so many searching on popular topics MANY bloggers write about, you’ll be competing for clicks. 

So, here are a few tips on how to get people to check out your post and stick around reading it. 

  • Focus on your SEO blog post title – the one that shows up in search engine results. Use keywords your readers would use, but also power words that entice the reader.
  • Make your actual blog title speak to a solution or benefit. So instead of “Holiday Cocktail Party Ideas” use “5 Sparkling Holiday Cocktail Party Ideas, That’ll Wow Your Guests” I like to use CoSchedule’s Headline Studio – an analyzer – to check my title’s clickability quotient.
  • Visuals matter! Your feature image should attract and work with the topic. Use visuals that haven’t been overused. Consider using stock photo sites with photos you can purchase.  Check out Deposit Photos, or Creative Market for general stock photos. There are many gorgeous feminine stock photo sites with memberships and individual collection packages where you can find unique photos as well.

Finally – Pinterest LOVES seasonal content. If you can pin a whole batch of pins on your November topics sooner than later, you’ll find your pins showing up in searches on time. In November!

Use my free Pinterest templates for Canva. They’ll help you quickly design fresh pins for your new November blog posts.

Give Your Readers What They’re Seeking This November

People are constantly looking for ideas, inspiration and solutions. This is so very true in November.

It’s a busy time of the year, and we want quick answers and results. So if you can deliver content that helps facilitate this, you’re a winner. I hope these November blog post ideas help you out!

After all, everybody wants to enjoy Fall days, whether outdoors or cozy at home, before the super busy Holiday season hits us.

Make it happen, and you’ll be a blog favourite for many of your readers!

Before you go, check out these 100+ Fall quotes for Instagram posts and captions.

QUESTION: What are some November blog post ideas that should be added to the list?

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