pIN IT BETTER: A blogger's guide to Pinterest

How To FINALLY Master Pinterest, So You're Getting Results Fast!

Stop spinning your wheels, trying to figure out Pinterest! Get past the overwhelm: learn everything about Pinterest so that you can implement strategies that work to grow your blog traffic.

 Go beyond the basics so you truly understand the power of Pinterest, how to create clicks to your site and build a powerful online presence!

Pinterest driving you nuts?

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You’ve tried to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest, but everything you do doesn’t seem to be working! It takes you forever to design pins, and pinning pins is a chore with little results. 

You’re doing everything other veteran bloggers keep saying are the best practices, but NADA… no clicks to your pins. Your “impressions” are in the toilet, and your account isn’t growing. You’re ready to throw in the towel and call it quits!

You're not the only one

Here's why you may be struggling...

PIn it better course: Pinterest course

Learning how to use Pinterest can be overwhelming. Exhausting! Frustrating! From mastering the platform to learning Pinterest strategies, there’s so much to learn! 

I get it… 

I’ve been there. I had my Pinterest account for many years before I really understood how to use it to grow blog traffic. With a new Pinterest account for this site, I’ve had to start from scratch, growing my presence and generating clicks in a tough, competitive niche subject. 

Throw in Pinterest algorithm changes, glitches and spam filters, and all the “rules” for fresh pins, and it’s downright frustrating. 

Start Using Pinterest smartly

What if I told you learning how to use Pinterest like a pro was doable?

Imagine designing a pin, pinning it to Pinterest and seeing it get traction with clicks over time? What if pinning no longer seemed like a pointless exercise? Imagine seeing your followers grow, your account looking professional and on brand, and your pins getting regular re-pins.

From learning the basics, to understanding the nitty-gritty details of using keywords, designing “fresh” pins and pinning to relevant boards, this course will prepare you to feel confident in using Pinterest in your blog promotion activities. 

And actually get results! Like these:

Example of a successful Pin - Pin It Better Course
Successful Pinterest pin that's gone viral - Pin It Better course.

Your life before the course:

Your life after the course:


Pin It Better: A Blogger's Guide To Pinterest

A complete guide to getting you started on Pinterest like a pro. From setting up your account, learning to design pins and pin using smart strategies that work! All at your own pace, with guided activities for each section to get you started implementing what you learn.

Pinterest Course


What Students Are Saying About Pin It Better

Pin It Better Testimonial Tahmina

Pin It Better is a detailed and easy to follow guide for bloggers who are trying to utilize Pinterest to increase traffic to their blog site. 

It is an all-encompassing course that explains the platform, the algorithm and the how-to steps for creating value-added pins along with some winning strategies for long-term success on the platform.

– Tahmina, Emmaya & Us

ali Share to Inspire

There’s so much value in this course! I was struggling with how to grow with Pinterest because of the Algorithm changes when I found Margaret’s Pin It Better course. I had a clear understanding of the updates, pinning strategies, and finding the right keywords. The course gives clear and detailed instructions to set up your profile for success, effective pinning strategies, and making clickable and beautiful pins too.

– Ali, Share to Inspire

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

Learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site! Get the step-by-step guide to setting up your Pinterest Business account. Set-up your Pinterest boards. 

Discover secret ways to finding keywords, and learn how to design attractive, “fresh” pins in Canva. Find out how to pin to Pinterest and my tested strategy to growing your Pinterest clicks and getting consistent traffic to your site.

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Setting Up Your Pinterest Account

Get The Basics

In the first few modules you’ll learn the basics about Pinterest, who’s using it and what kind of content you should be creating to be most successful. 

Learn why you need a self-hosted site, and how to set up your Pinterest Business account and Rich Pins.

keywords & setting up your profile

Create A Pro Profile

In these sections, you’ll learn all about keywords and how to set-up your profile to look professional, organized and attractive to potential followers.

Pinterest Course 2
Pin It Better 5

Design gorgeous pins

Create Click-worthy Pins

Learn what makes a “fresh” pin, and design tips and tricks to make attractive, click-worthy pins. 

Get Pinning!

How To Pin & Pinning Strategies

Learn the basics of how to pin to Pinterest using various methods. Discover what’s working with Pinterest in 2022, based on the latest algorithm. Find out how to use Pinterest and Google analytics to find your best performing pins. 

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Is This Course For You?

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Go through each module, at your own pace. Learn, test things out and become a master at using Pinterest. 

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Meet Your instructor

Hello, I'm Margaret!

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years, and using Pinterest for the past few years to grow my Suburban Tourist blog, as well as this new site. 

As a marketer and public relations professional, I understand how Pinterest can be an invaluable tool to create awareness and interest in YOUR content. 

I share my Pinterest knowledge, and effective marketing strategies with my students and blog community. However, an in-depth course is a better way to teach the ins and outs of Pinterest. How to use it to grow your blog traffic and achieve your blogging goals.


You've got questions? I've got the answers!

Results are based on a few things: your blog niche (some do better with Pinterest than others), time, and the effort you put into implementing tips and strategies. 

You can take the course at your own pace. 

Yes. You get access to the course material at any time. When any material is updated, you’ll receive and email newsletter with details. 

Many similar courses are created by veteran bloggers who are basing their knowledge on strategies they use on well-established Pinterest accounts. To best help you, I’m sharing tips based on the recent launch (Sept. 2020) of my new @MargaretBourneMedia account. So I’m giving you tips for situations that you’re probably encountering yourself right now.

Your results will depend on your efforts. I strongly recommend pinning at least one pin a day, consistently for a few months. It takes a bit of time before you really start to see your content getting indexed and clicks to your site growing.

As this is a digital program with immediate access to the contents, there are no refunds. However, if you have any questions, feedback or concerns, please contact me. 

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Ready to start using Pinterest with confidence and getting results?

Enroll now and get begin mastering Pinterest!


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