How To Finally Start Blogging Confidently Like A Pro...Within A Few Short Weeks


Start blogging confidently with a strategic growth plan, key blogging tips and essential knowledge. Go from beginner blogger to pro blogger, ready to build your blog business!

You have a goal in mind, but the journey to get there is frustrating, daunting and frankly a bit scary. You’ve invested so much in a self-hosted WordPress site. There’s so much to learn!

How do the pros make it look so easy? What should you focus on first? How do you avoid making stupid mistakes that delay your progress? How can you start feeling confident that what you’re doing with your blog isn’t silly and that you’re actually “doing it right?”

This course is YOUR GUIDE and resource for building on your blogging skills, figuring out what works for you and your blog niche, and adopting the best mindset to grow your blog into a business!

Discouraged And Needing A Plan?

Grow your blogging skills course - Blogging course for new bloggers

After blogging for a few months, you’re ready to quit. Or maybe you’ve been blogging for a while, and now you realize it’s time to switch gears. Your blog isn’t growing. 

No traffic to your site. You aren’t sure if people like what you’ve published. And the idea of promoting your blog has you feeling overwhelmed.  

You’ve tried to figure things out by reading blog posts and trying out free courses, but there’s only so many hours in a day.  

You need to get results sooner than later. This searching for answers and learning part is taking FOREVER.

You’ve invested time and money into your new blog. Some days you consider just quitting. Some days you’re driven to rise to the challenge and push yourself.  If others can do it, so can you! 

You’d LOVE to do 10 sessions with a blog coach to become a power blogger, but it’s just way out of your budget. $1500+ is just not feasible! An affordable course that covers a general growth strategy, blogging tips and inspires you with a positive mindset would help you get on the right track… and give you the boost you need! 

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You're not alone!

Many new bloggers feel overwhelmed because...

Grow It Course For New Bloggers spmb6

Becoming a professional blogger is a time-consuming, intensive experience that can take years if you don’t have blog goals, strategies and blogging tips. 

It’s so easy to get lost in all of the advice from various “blog experts” – many of which have faked it into their blog coach positions. 

Becoming a successful blogger requires you to learn so many skills.

It’s overwhelming. Confusing. Time-consuming. And you don’t want to make mistakes that’ll keep you from achieving your blog goals. 

Achieving your Blog Goals made easier

What if it was easier and quicker?

Imagine if blogging came so much easier. Without thinking – “Am I doing this right?” Imagine knowing that your content was interesting and helpful to your key audience. That your promotion activities would generate traffic. That your blog was actually starting to make money

What if you could have a roadmap to success? As if you had a blog coach right there with you, every step of the way. Helping you by-pass months, if not years of research, trial and error and trying new strategies that may or may not work.

Your life before this course:

Your life after this course:


Grow It: From Blog To Online Business

A step-by-step roadmap and lesson plan to becoming a professional blogger, ready to launch your online business – confidently, without the stress and with achievable goals in place!

"Easily one of the most knowledgeable, professional and approachable blog coaches out there."

Margaret’s Grow It: From Blog To Online Business course helped take me from feeling overwhelmed to feeling encouraged. Margaret breaks down blogging into manageable steps, with activities to put your knowledge into practice on everything from SEO to branding to monetization. […] I came out of the course with a solid plan to rebrand my blog and better connect with my audience. I can’t recommend Margaret enough! 

– Chloe,

Chloe Grande 2

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

Imagine having 10 blog coaching sessions! This course will guide you through the key goals and key skills for new bloggers. You’ll also adopt a money mindset and learn how to effectively manage your time and blogging activities.

Grow it course Module 1 mbsp

Module 1

Growth Strategies, Mindset & Goal Setting

You’ll go over top level growth strategies as a new blogger, how to adopt a growth mindset and set your goals, smartly. 

Module 2

Key Blogging Skills & Goals

This next module is broken down into five sections that go over key blogging goals and skills you need to scale up to power blogger!

Module 2 Key Blogging Goals Grow It Course
Grow it course for new bloggers - business planning

Module 3

Business Planning

This module explores your next steps after you’re comfortable with key blogging skills. You’re now ready to take on your next challenge. Start planning for your official business launch!

Module 4

Time Management

Learn how to balance growing your blog and getting into business, with real life! This module explores how to make it all doable with smart strategies and activities to get things done.

Time management and getting organized as a blogger

Bonuses (value $275+)

Enroll now and you’ll get the course (equivalent to $1,500 in blog coaching), AND $275 in these bonuses!

Social Media Grow It Course PROMO

A $125 value

Social Media & Blogging Templates

Get access to over 100+ Instagram post and story templates, Pinterest templates, workbook and checklist templates, Facebook templates and more!

Grow Your Instagram Account MBSP (600 x 600 px)

A $75 value

Grow Your Instagram Ebook

Learn how to position yourself as a niche expert on Instagram and grow a following of truly interested followers. Turn them into fans and customers!

Instagram Content For Bloggers Guide and Workbook MBSP

A $75 value

Inspiring Content

Get past content creation block with engaging Instagram content ideas for the full year! Including caption prompts and content creation strategies. 

A Total Value of $1775!

Get started growing your blog into a professional site – today.

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Lucie from Green Slice of Life blog

"This course helped me see my blog as a business."

There’s more to blogging than writing posts and clicking “publish”. Margaret Bourne‘s Grow It course goes over all aspects of blogging, from determining your audience to monetizing strategies from the start! … By defining my niche and my audience, I’ve been able to start to grow and monetize my blog. Shortly after implementing some of the strategies found in this course, I landed my first two sponsored posts. I still have to implement many of the strategies I’ve learned, but I’m thrilled to see my blog moving in the right direction!

– Lucie, Green Slice of Life

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Meet Your instructor

Hello, I'm Margaret

I’ve been blogging for over 15 years, alongside a career in PR and marketing. 

In the beginning, I struggled, learning things the hard way.

I’m sharing my learnings with others, so that they can become professional bloggers and online business owners faster.

Whether it’s through my blog posts, courses, eBooks and resources, I’m here to help you blog confidently and profitably!


You've got questions? We have answers!

Results are based on a few things: your choice of blog niche (the focused the better and some are easier to grow than others), time, and the effort you put into implementing tips and strategies. 

You can take the course at your own pace. 

Yes. You get access to the course material at any time. When any material is updated, you’ll receive and email newsletter with details. 

This program is based on my top coaching package, with the same insights you would learn from me: based on my knowledge, skills and experiences in marketing, business and blogging.

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