Discover The Secret To Growing Your Instagram Account Easily & Quickly!

You know Instagram is great for positioning yourself as a niche expert, attract followers and customers.

But how do you grow your Instagram following with the right kind of people when you’re so busy working on your blog or online business? 

In this 56-page Grow Your Instagram ebook, you get smart strategies for creating compelling content that attracts and engages the right people. 

Best of all…save time with over 1000 hashtags from top niches to get you started with your hashtag lists!

What if it could be easier to grow your Instagram account?

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You don’t want spam followers! You don’t want followers who are following you in the hopes you’ll follow them… and then they ghost you. 

You want REAL FOLLOWERS who are truly into what you’re sharing. They check out your links & possibly become customers and clients.

But you don’t have time to spend hours using strategies that don’t work. 

Here’s the truth: there are ways to attract followers without spending hours every day on Instagram. 

You can greatly shorten the time you spend on Instagram by using proven, smart strategies for growing your account!

Get Instagram followers without
social media burnout!

Imagine spending 30 minutes a day on Instagram and continuously growing your account.

It’s not how many followers you gain. It’s the calibre of followers that counts. And all it takes is a bit of creating content and engagement on part. How awesome would that be? 

Instead of blindly looking to follow anybody and everybody to make it look like you’re a popular expert, find out how you can get the most out of Instagram without the STRESS, without the WASTED TIME, and without GAINING THE WRONG FOLLOWERS!

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Grow Your Instagram: Guide And Workbook

This 56-page book is designed for bloggers and growing online entrepreneurs. It’s a one-stop-guide on how to grow your Instagram account! With all the key tips on how to develop engaging content and engagement strategies to grow your account with the best type of followers: those actually interested in what you’ve got to share with them!

INCLUDED:  1000 popular hashtags and a hashtag list worksheet!

What’s inside this Instagram Growth e-book?

Section 1: Growth strategies

Smart growth strategies that don’t consumer your time.

Section 2: Creating Great content

Tips on how to create compelling content.

section 3: Engage To grow

Learn how to engage others to grow your account.

section 4: Grow with Hashtags

Hashtag list growing strategies for your account.

section 5: Hashtag lists for top niches

Over 1000 hashtags for the top niches.

section 6: account maintenance

Tips on how to maintain your follower lists.

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This e-Book is for you if:

A Bit About Me

Hello there… I’m Margaret! Over the past 20 years I’ve worn many hats: PR professional and marketer, blogger… and more recently blog coach and course and e-book creator. 

I work with bloggers to help them grow their sites into successful blogs that earn money. 

I’ve grown several Instagram accounts and found the secret to success was not how many followers, but the quality of followers was most important.

I’m happy to share my knowledge with others who want to grow their presence on Instagram and attract people to their sites and businesses!

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Have questions?

Yes and no.  As I note, it’s not the quantity followers but quality. It all depends on the popularity of your niche, the quality of your content and how much time you put into growing your account. 

You can download the book as a PDF to read it at any time. 

As with any digital products there is no refund. 

Once you purchase the book, you’ll be provided access to the book on Podia. 

As this is an ebook, and not a course, new editions will be available for purchase if there are drastic changes to Instagram best practices. 

I wrote this book to answer many questions that bloggers and new online entrepreneurs have about branding themselves and growing their Instagram account.  For those seeking additional help or a one-on-one visual (Zoom chat) walkthrough with tips, I offer these through blog coaching sessions. 

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