What If Your Blog Could Start Ranking In Searches And GETTING MORE TRAFFIC Sooner Than Later?

You want to get your posts found on Google, but how the heck do you do SEO? You’ve heard it before: you’ve got to start doing SEO for your blog posts, right from the start. But what is it, how do you do it, and why does it sound to difficult? 

In Optimize It: A Guide To SEO For Blogs you get an in-depth intro into what SEO is, how to get set up with Google Analytics & Google Search Console, how to find relevant keywords and how to add them to your posts like a pro. Included are tips on what to do after you hit publish to grow your ranking in searches faster, the basics of using Google Search Console and get started with backlinks.

What if it could be easier to figure out SEO?

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You’ve heard all the more established bloggers tell you, SEO is important to growing organic blog traffic. But the idea of figuring it all out seems like a gargantuan task.

Not to mention, some of the most popular SEO courses out there cost an arm-and-a-leg. You just don’t have the budget to cover a course that’s more than $100.

Here’s the truth. It’s doable. I learned SEO all on my own by reading MANY articles, trying things out… failing and winning. It took me a long time.

But what if you could speed up the process a bit by learning the basics of what you should be doing with your blog posts so you don’t miss out on growing you blog from the start? 

Get blog traffic to your site easily & quickly...without breaking a sweat

Imagine sitting down to write a blog post, and optimizing it without breaking a sweat. 

Knowing how to find the best keywords, how to add them throughout your post, and create content that brings in blog traffic? 

Instead of actively promoting your blog posts, you can be doing other things with your site while blog traffic comes in from Google and other search engines. A little bit of effort in optimizing your blog with good on-page SEO practices can go a long way in driving traffic back to your site!

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Optimize It: A Guide To SEO For Blogs

This guide is designed for beginner bloggers and those wishing to learn more about SEO.  It helps you understand what on-page SEO is, how to find the best keywords and how to add them to your posts. Find out more about the power of interlinking and using quality external links. Discover what steps you can take after publishing your post to get it ranking higher faster. Finally, get a brief introduction to the importance of backlinks and how you can get started growing them for your site. 

Included: A three-page Blog SEO worksheet and checklist that helps you get used to optimizing your blog posts like a pro!

"...this book got me motivated because Margaret breaks it down in a way that is easy to digest and implement."

– Daphne, Free at 50 

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What’s inside this blog SEO e-book?

Section 1: what is Seo?

Learn about on-page SEO versus technical SEO.

Section 2: seo basics & Keywords

Find out why SEO is important and all about finding keywords.

section 3: optimize your posts

Learn how to optimize your posts before you hit publish.

section 4: SEO boost After Publishing

Find out how you can boost your SEO when you publish your posts. 

section 5: Brief Intro
To Technical SEO

A brief introduction to speeding up and optimizing your site with technical SEO tips.

section 6: About Backlinks

Get a head start on growing your backlinks and driving even more traffic to your site.

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Optimize It SEO Worksheet

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“If you are looking for an SEO e-book that teaches you the basics and is easy to follow, then Margaret’s  Optimize It:  The Beginner’s Guide To SEO For Blogs is the one for you. The book is packed with tips that you can implement immediately and without expensive apps.  But the best thing is that it is EASY to follow, even if you are not tech-savvy!  It is the most informative SEO e-book that I have found and without the high price tag. I can’t wait to tell my current client’s that they need this e-book!”

– Christina Woodcock, Savvy Bee Studio

A Bit About The Author

Hello there… I’m Margaret! Over the past 20 years I’ve worn many hats: PR professional and marketer, blogger… and more recently blog coach and course and e-book creator. 

I work with bloggers to help them grow their sites into successful blogs that earn money. 

I learned SEO the hard way: through years of reading and trial and error. Now, many of my blog posts are appearing on first pages of Google searches! 

I’m happy to share my knowledge with others who want to grow their organic blog traffic, and see their posts rank in Google searches!

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Have questions?

This book has examples on how to optimize blog posts created in WordPress, however many SEO tips (like finding keywords,  will apply to other platforms as well. 

You can download the book as a PDF to read it at any time. 

As this is a digital product that you get access to immediately, there are no refunds. However, if you have any feedback or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me

Once you purchase the book, you’ll be provided access to the book on Podia. You can download it and use it on your computer/mobile device, and print it out.

As this is an ebook, and not a course, new editions will be available for purchase with new tips for the latest SEO best practices.

I wrote this book to answer many questions that new and intermediate bloggers have about SEO. For those seeking additional help or a one-on-one visual (Zoom chat) walkthrough of how to optimize a blog post, I offer these through blog coaching sessions. 

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