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For some, working from home is a struggle to get things accomplished on a daily basis. Many freelancers, solopreneurs and bloggers work from home offices successfully. How do they do it? Learn about the five best work from home tips and tricks to achieve your daily goals… like a boss!

So, how do they do it?

There’s no magic formula. The tips you’ll find shared here may or may not work for everybody. You will have to try them and perhaps adapt them a bit to work for yourself.

As somebody who works from home with a full-time job and a side-hustle business, I’ve used all of these methods over the past few years.

The key to achieving your daily goals is to find a process that works for you, and stick to it! Routines can be disrupted easily, but it’s important to get back to being productive once again.

OK, so let’s get started!

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5 Easy To Adopt Work From Home Tips And Tricks

It doesn’t matter if you are working from home with a full-time job and an employer to whom you report. Or if you are a solopreneur with a part-time side-hustle or blogger, working for yourself.

These work from home tips are universal and super easy to implement!

Working from home is absolutely fantastic for many. Consider all of the benefits:

  • Short commute (from the kitchen to home office space)
  • You can take a break without being side-tracked by an annoying fellow co-worker
  • You don’t have to share a bathroom with strangers
  • Sleeping in until a decent time before starting work is a huge bonus
  • If you don’t want to work from your home, you can pop into a coffee shop – nobody is stopping you!

The list goes on.

Yes, there are distractions, especially if you have little kids at home – including those who are being homeschooled.

However, the benefits outweigh the downsides.

So, to slay your work-from-home routine, I’m sharing my tried, tested and true work-from-home tips.

1. Create A Quiet Zone To Concentrate On Work

Fewer distractions mean you can get things done, better and faster!

The top tip from my list of the best work-from-home tips is to create a quiet space to work.

One, preferably with a door because video chats with co-workers should not be interrupted by little kids wandering in asking to be taken to the potty.

Whether it’s a spare bedroom that’s been turned into a home office (like in our case), a room that’s rarely used (e.g. dining room), or your basement, creating that private area makes a huge difference.

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If you need to concentrate or speak privately with a co-worker or client, it’s a wise decision to create that personal, quiet space for work.

It also helps you mentally create a place to “go to work” to get things done.

PRO TIP: When you’re starting a blog with the goal to make it into a business, there’s a tendency to just use your kitchen table as your main work area. Your mindset is important. Designate a private area where you can concentrate and focus on your goals. It makes a world of difference!

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2. Invest In A Comfortable Desk And Chair

I don’t know about you, but I hate working from my bed, cross-legged and aching after a few hours of twisting around like a pretzel. I need a comfortable desk and chair to do my work!

Ergonomically correct, comfortable chairs and desks can make your work experience at home a dream.

One of my key work-from-home tips is to invest in home office furniture that makes you feel comfortable.

With a chair, you’re going to be sitting in it for at least 8 hours, so you might as well feel good.

With desks, it’s good to have something that will be big enough to hold your computer, a spot for writing notes, a cup of coffee, etc.

Check out FlexiSpot for ergonomic chairs and standing desks. I’ve used these in the past for work and they are a great way to keep your body from feeling like it’s stuck in a sitting position. This makes standing and doing some work easy!

3. Create A Daily Work Routine

When do you work best? In the morning? Or after lunch?

Next on my list of work from home tips and tricks is to create a perfect work-from-home routine that capitalizes on your daily rhythm and flow. Leverage the periods when you are most rested, focused and able to handle tasks!

Also, take into account your daily tasks: a morning workout? Taking the kids to school? Picking them up after?

For example, we have a productive morning routine, where we get up, get cleaned up and dressed, have breakfast, and then start the day.

I start doing some of my blogging tasks at about 8:15 and then start my full-time job at 9 a.m.

I start my work day by updating my to-do list, checking emails and responding to more urgent emails.

Take a coffee break - woman pouring water into a coffee filter. Tips for working from home.
Don’t forget to add a tea or coffee break to your daily routine!

Here are some important things to consider in your daily work routine:

  • Create a wake-up and “get ready for the day” routine that works for you and your family
  • Tackle easy work tasks and to-do lists first thing in the morning
  • Take breaks for coffee/tea – this gets you up from your chair and moving around
  • Consider taking a brief walk outside during your lunch hour – it’s good for your body and mind
  • Share your daily meeting schedule with others in your home over breakfast to minimize interruptions
  • Wrap things up at 5 p.m. because you deserve a break

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4. Time Block Your Day

Whether you use an online calendar or a daily planner, another one of my work from home tips is to time block your activities in chunks.

This helps you get organized and actually accomplish what you need to get done!

Another important tip is to give yourself three to four key priorities to accomplish each day. Unless you have a huge project you’re working on, or meetings throughout the day, try to list out three to four big activities and tackle them.

For example, I’ll shut my office door for four periods throughout the day:

9:30 – 10:30 – Key activity #1: Urgent emails and tasks that need to be dealt with ASAP

10:30 – 10:40 – Coffee/bathroom break

10:40 – noon – Key activity #2 – whatever it may be

1:00 – 1:30 – Answer emails that come through during lunch hour

1:30 – 2:50 – Key activity #3 – whatever it may be

2:50 – 3:00 – Coffee/bathroom break

3:00 – 4:30 – Key activity #4 – whatever it may be

By 4:30 p.m., I’m making notes for my to-do list for the next day.

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5. Keep Social Media To A Minimum

Unless you work in social media or marketing, try to keep checking your social media to a minimum.

This is the last of my work-from-home tips, but it’s one that really helps you stay focused on achieving all of those goals I just mentioned above.

Sure, you can check your social media quickly during a coffee break. But the problem arises when you’re lured into checking it during what should be your work hours. Productivity will suffer!

Most importantly, don’t post during what should be work hours!

Here’s a smart tip: if you’re planning to post, use a scheduling tool such as Tailwind, SmarterQueue or Later.

Smart Work From Home Tips For Bloggers & Small Business Owners

If you’re looking to quickly batch-create Pinterest pins and content, I have one tip for you:

This can be done anywhere – on your desktop computer or on mobile.

So if you need a break from your office space, grab your phone or tablet, a cup of coffee and start batching Pinterest pins.

Task batching is a smart way to achieve your goals faster, and it’s a great way to work smarter at home.

To make it easier for you, I’ve designed 10 free Pinterest pins in classic designs that you can use to quickly create your pins!

Adapt to batching as much as you can and you’ll find your time is spent wisely.

Adapt These Work From Home Tips To Work For You!

As I mentioned, these are just tips that you can consider for your situation. See which ones help you be more productive throughout your work day.

Remember, the top work-from-home tips include:

  • Create a private, quiet zone for work
  • Invest in a comfortable chair and desk
  • Create a daily work routine that fits in with your lifestyle
  • Time block your day
  • Keep social media to a minimum

Whether you are a blogger, a solopreneur or freelancer, a coach or a consultant, working from home like a pro can take some time to get used to! Finding your groove will come over time.

I hope these help you with your productivity and help you achieve your daily goals!

QUESTION: What’s one of your tips for working from home?

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