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The travel blog niche is a very saturated one – general travel blogs that are very much like magazines can be extremely difficult to grow. This is why you’re here to figure out which of the travel blog niches (2024) you should consider for your site.

Because it sucks when you start blogging with a niche in mind and you find that it’s nearly impossible to grow your blog or monetize it.

For example, every “lifestyle blogger” knows that it’s near impossible to quickly grow their lifestyle blog when they can’t really define their audience.

So, niching down when starting a travel blog is a very good thing.

In this post, I’ll share some key tips on the most popular travel blog niches, and which ones are profitable.

You’ll learn how to choose the best one for you!

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Reasons Why You Need To Niche Down With Your Travel Blog

When you’re starting a new blog, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of just writing about everything under a blog category like travel.

However, as I’ve mentioned, it’s much hard to stand out in a sea of thousands of other travel bloggers.

I know this because I once had an adventure travel blog, back in the day.

When you’re choosing your blog niche, you’ll need to do some soul-searching before you start looking for the perfect blog name and blog hosting.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should niche down with your travel blog:

  • It’s easier to become a topic expert and build an audience that’s interested
  • Better for SEO: with a targeted niche, search engines will understand your expertise better, ranking your posts higher
  • Travel-related brands and businesses want to partner with niche experts
  • It’s easier to monetize a travel blog and be profitable when you’re a niche expert

Focus on one specific niche within the travel niche, and you’ll find growing your blog much easier in the long run.

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Choosing The Best Travel Blog Niche For You

Before we jump into looking at the top blog niches, let’s look at how to choose the right one for you.

What do you love talking about when it comes to travel?

If you met me in an elevator what would you say is your favourite thing about travel?

That’s your passion… and that’s what you should be writing about in your niche travel blog.

If you’re writing about something that you’re not passionate about, you’ll find yourself feeling bored or that the topics are out of your league.

The writing part of blogging should come easy for you, with as little research and time spent blogging as possible.

But if you need a bit of help defining your travel niche, here are several top travel niche ideas.

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Top 32 Popular Travel Blog Niches

While this list of the most popular travel blog niches may seem long, it’s just the start.

I’ve shared with you some of the best travel blog niches that you can consider for your new travel blog.

Once you’ve read this list, you’ll probably narrow down your travel blog niche to a list of five or so.

Your friends and family can help you determine the travel blog niche that suits you best.

After all, they probably hear you talk about a specific set of topics in one of these niches!

1. Adventure Travel Blogs

I used to have one of these that focused on hiking activities in and around Canada.

Adventure travel and outdoor activity travel blogs are extremely popular, particularly among weekend warriors.

These are blogs that focus on activities such as hiking, skydiving, rock climbing, mountain biking and other extreme sports.

Top Adventure Travel Blogs: The Adventure Junkies | Expert Vagabond

2. Solo Travel Blogs

Next on my list of top travel blog niches is solo travel blogs.

I wish there were more solo travel blogs for the UK when I was planning my solo trip back in 2008.

These are blogs that cater to people who enjoy travelling on their own. For this kind of blog, readers are looking for tips, advice and personal stories for inspiration.

Top Solo Travel Blog: The Blonde Abroad | The Adventurous Kate

3. Fashion Travel Blogs

If you’re a lover of travel and fashion, this is the right blend of blog niches that has a huge audience.

Share outfits and packing tips for various destinations.

There is a huge audience of women AND men wanting to know how to pack and what to pack.

Top Travel And Fashion Blogs: Travel Fashion Girl

4. Hotel, Transportation And Travel Gear Review Travel Blogs

This is a super-focused travel niche-style blog type that focuses on reviews.

You can stretch it to include travel gear, hotel and transportation reviews as well.

A super-focused niche site on just reviews for the travel industry.

Top Hotel, Transportation and Travel Gear Review Blog: Nomadic Matt | Clever Journey

5. Travel A Country Niche Blog

You can do very with a travel blog niche that focuses on only one country… or one area. For example, you run a blog that’s about travelling around Scotland or travel in Asia.

It works best if you’re living there and can provide first-person experiences.

This is where you become an expert, sharing tips, destinations, culture, food, and travel within the country tips.

Top Travel A Country (or Area) Niche Blog: Rick Steve’s Europe

6. Luxury Travel Blog

This is a very specific topic in the list of travel blog niches.

It may increasingly have a smaller audience, as the economy falters worldwide. So, you need to be aware that you will have a very specific audience for this kind of niche travel blog.

For luxury travel blogs you should include posts on high-end destinations, luxury accommodations, extravagant experiences and fine dining.

Top Luxury Travel Blog: A Luxury Travel Blog

7. Budget Travel Blog

The opposite of a luxury travel blog niche is a budget travel blog.

It’s increasingly a growing trending niche so you may want to jump on this niche sooner than later.

As a budget travel blogger, you’ll be sharing money-saving tips, the best travel deals and strategies for travel on a tight budget.

Top Budget Travel Blogs: The Budget-Minded Traveler | The Poor Traveler

8. Culture Travel Blogs

Some blogs are less about tips, and more about interesting information. This is the case with the travel blog niche that focuses on culture.

For blogs like this, you’re focusing on local cultures, traditions, languages and customs.

Top Culture Travel Blogs: Time Travel Turtle | Borders of Adventure

9. Food and Culinary Travel Blogs

If you love food and trying foods of the world, you need to be writing a food and culinary travel blog.

While you may be thinking of a blog full of recipes, this is more about local cuisines, food markets, cooking class reviews and culinary adventures.

Top Food And Culinary Travel Blogs: Legal Nomads | The Travel Bite | 2 FoodTrippers

10. Digital Nomad Lifestyle Travel Blogs

Some people prefer to travel the world instead of sitting in an office or working from home.

The best thing is that you can work remotely if you have a job that requires only a laptop and a wifi connection.

This travel blog niche is one of the most popular with younger readers.

Focus on remote work while travelling, co-working spaces, productivity tips and balancing work and playing tourist.

Top Digital Nomad Lifestyle Blog: The Lifestyle Hunter

11. Family Travel Blog

One of the most popular travel blog niches is the family travel blog.

You know as well as I do that travelling with little kids is never easy. Even if you don’t have kids, you know what it’s like. The crying baby/temper-tantrum-prone kid in the seat behind you on a flight is a great example.

But running a family travel blog can also include tips on kid-friendly destinations, accommodations and activities.

Top Family Travel Blog: World Travel Family

12. Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Travel Blog

Next on our list of travel blog niches is one that’s currently in the media spotlight.

However, leaving a small carbon footprint is always important, even when you’re travelling.

A sustainable and eco-friendly travel blog focuses on responsible travel, conservation efforts, eco-friendly accommodations, and ethical wildlife experiences.

Top Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Travel Blog: Green Global Travel

13. Historical And Cultural Sites Travel Blog

This travel blog niche is for history lovers.

I confess I’m prone to reading these as I love planning my trips around history.

These blogs focus on historical landmarks, museums, significant cultural sites and architecture from around the world.

Top Historical And Cultural Sites Travel Blogs: Traveling Thru History | Archaeology Travel

14. Wellness And Spiritual Travel Blog

There’s a huge trend toward self-care, wellness and spirituality right now.

So starting a blog that blends all of these things with travel makes a huge amount of sense.

With a wellness and spiritual travel blog you’ll be publishing posts on wellness and spa retreats, yoga and meditation practices, pilgrimage sites, self-care while travelling, and places for relaxation and self-discovery.

Top Wellness And Spiritual Travel Blog: Spiritual Travels | Roam and Thrive

15. Photography Travel Blog

Photography and travel go hand-in-hand, so it’s no wonder it’s on the list of top travel blog niches.

There are many gorgeous travel blogs with photography as the key focus.

As a photography travel blogger you’ll be sharing posts with your gorgeous travel shots, tips on how to get the best shots, and photo editing techniques.

You may also want to share tips on cultural practices when taking photos in different countries.

Top Photography Travel Blog: Stuck In Customs | Finding The Universe | Hand Luggage Only

16. Off The Beaten Path Travel Blog

This is for those who love to explore places that haven’t really been heard of before.

For this kind of blog, you’re going to be sharing destinations that are hidden gems that are lesser known. You may also want to post on cool travel experiences that aren’t considered very typical for tourists.

Top Off The Beaten Path Travel Blog: Off Path Travels | The Broke Backpacker

17. RV And Van Life Travel Blog

I’m seeing more RV and van life travel blogs these days, as people ditch their expensive mortgages and turn to the life on the road.

For a RV and van life travel blog, you’re going to be sharing tips on how to travel with a recreational vehicle or converted van and the best places to visit and stay.

Top RV And Van Life Travel Blog: Vanabond Tales

Travel blog niches woman in a van on a laptop

18. Wildlife And Nature Exploration Travel Blogs

This is a very specific type of outdoor travel blog – no crazy physical adventures with this type of blog.

You’ll be posting stories on wildlife safaris, marine life encounters, birdwatching, nature conservation efforts and perhaps photography tips for capturing animal shots.

Top Wildlife and Nature Exploration Travel Blog: The Wildlife Diaries

19. Festival And Event Travel Blog

If you love music, festivals and events… and you can’t miss Glastonbury or Burning Man, you may be best suited to write a Festival and Event travel blog.

You’ll be publishing posts on attending and experiencing cultural festivals, music events, and local celebrations from around the world.

Top Festival And Event Travel Blog: That Festival Life

20. Romantic Getaways Travel Blog

If you’re about destination weddings, elopements and romantic trips, you may be the perfect romantic getaways travel blogger.

You’ll be writing about the world’s most romantic destinations, honeymoon spots, and intimate travel experiences. Share tips for packing “special” romantic items too!

Top Romantic Getaway Travel Blog: Couple Travel The World

21. Health And Wellness Retreats Travel Blog

Specializing in health and wellness retreats is a very niche travel blog topic. But it’s one that can be extremely successful.

There is a special audience that is looking for getaways that help de-stress and calm the mind, body and soul.

You’ll be focusing on spa getaways, wellness resorts, and yoga retreats.

Top Health And Wellness Retreats Blog: The Travel Yogi

22. Accessible And Inclusive Travel Blog

If you’re a wheelchair traveller, why not start a blog?

Share your experiences and tips and tricks on how to have a great time exploring the world.

With this kind of blog, you’ll be informing readers of tips for travellers with disabilities, highlighting accessible destinations, accommodations, and experiences.

Top Accessible And Inclusive Travel Blog: Wheelchair Travel Worldwide Tips + Resources

23. Cruise And Ocean Travel Blog

There is a huge audience for cruise travel blogs.

Personally, I’m not one of them, but I do know of many in my circle of family and friends who love the idea of taking a cruise vacation.

As a cruise and ocean travel blogger, you’ll be writing about various cruise experiences, yachting and things like island hopping and coastal exploration.

Best Cruise And Ocean Travel Blog: Cruise Maven

24. Winter Sports And Skiing Destinations Travel Blog

If your passion is exploring the slopes of the best skiing resorts, and things like snowmobiling, this is the perfect travel blog niche for you.

Covering skiing, snowboarding, and winter sports destinations, as well as winter wonderland getaways.

Top Winter Sports And Skiing Destinations Travel Blog: Wild Snow

25. Haunted And Paranormal Travel Blog

If the idea of spending a night in a spooky haunted hotel room thrills you, you may be best suited for a blog about haunted and paranormal travel topics.

You’ll be sharing posts about haunted places, ghost stories associated with places and supernatural aspects of travel.

Top Haunted And Paranormal Travel Blog: Travel Triangle

26. Literary And Book-Themed Travel Blog

This is a fantastic pairing for a blog. Consider how many authors were inspired by places they travelled to.

How many great stories are set in famous places?

If you love books and love to travel, this is a perfect match.

As a literary and book-themed travel blog writer you’ll be writing about destinations from famous books, the world’s best libraries, and walking in the footsteps of top authors.

Top Literary And Book-Themed Travel Blog: Travelling Book Junkie

27. Train And Rail Journey Travel Blog

If your dream vacation is a long trip on the Orient Express, this is the niche for you.

With a train and rail journey travel blog, you’re going to be sharing train travel experiences, the best scenic rail routes and luxury train journeys.

Top Train And Rail Journey Travel Blog: The Man In Seat 61

28. Motorcycle And Road Trip Travel Blog

There’s something to be said about taking a road trip by motorcycle.

If this is your thing, why are you blogging about your cross-country road trips, motorcycle adventures and the open road?

Best Motorcycle and Road Trip Travel Blog: Motorcycle Diaries

29. Disney Travel Blog

Some people LOVE anything to do with Disney.

If you’re somebody who’s visited Disney on numerous occasions and can share invaluable tips and tricks, it may be time to start a Disney travel blog.

Top Disney Travel Blog: Planning The Magic

30. Wine And Culinary Tours Travel Blog

One of the best types of travel blog niches is a wine and culinary tours blog.

This is extremely niche as it caters to anybody who loves wine and travel.

I know it’s a huge opportunity because the wine region just southwest of where I live – the Niagara region of southern Ontario – sees huge crowds during the summer period at the various wineries.

As a wine and culinary tours travel blogger you’ll be sharing posts on wine regions, vineyard tours, wine-tasting experiences and wine and food pairings.

Top Wine And Culinary Tours Travel Blog: Winetraveler | With Husband In Tow

Blog About What You Love To Do

I truly love blogging and marketing, so it was a no-brainer to create this blog and business.

My best recommendation for aspiring travel bloggers is to narrow down your focus. It’s so much easier and you’ll be less inclined to quit your blog due to blog traffic growth difficulties.

If you make a name for yourself as a niche blog travel expert, doors open up for you and you’ll see better ways to monetize your site.

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Check out my list of favourite feminine WordPress themes for bloggers and solopreneurs for inspiration.

Now go and start your dream travel blog!

QUESTION: What travel blog niche are you considering and why?

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