How To WIN OVER Readers, Customers And Clients... And Achieve Your Goals Faster!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have people talking positively about you and your blog or businessRaving about how you have the ideas, products or services that get results?And your blog or business thriving, growing and making money?

Learn how to smartly and efficiently implement personal branding strategies to grow your online presence and your blog or business faster!

Step out from behind your blog or business, and attract readers, clients or customers by being your authentic YOU!

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How To Win Over Readers, Clients & Customers



Discover how personal branding can become part of your blogging and business activities, and how it all helps you quickly scale up!

Learn how to confidently develop your own winning personal branding plan, how to implement it, and how to measure your success.

Build your personal branding plan with a 20-page printable workbook that guides you along the way.

What’s inside the ebook?

What is personal branding?

Why it's So Important For Bloggers And Solopreneurs

How to determine your personal brand plan

Strategies for promoting your personal brand

How to create a content strategy for your personal branding

How To Measure Success And Change Strategies To Achieve Your Goals

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"A must read for bloggers who want to connect with their audience and grow their brand."

“Not having a personal branding plan in place was the nail in the coffin for my last blog. How could I write for my audience if I didn’t know how my writing should sound? What exactly was the goal of my words? I did not know what I was trying to do. Margaret’s book has helped me define my WHY and how I want to relate to my readers.  She has helped me find my authentic voice with her insightful strategies and tips. I’ve been able to regroup and refocus on my vision for my blog.  And now I have a clear plan of how to reach my goals thanks to this e-book!”

Krystian Howe, With Love, Me


Building Your Personal Brand

In this 50-page personal branding ebook, discover how personal branding can become part of your blogging and business activities, and how it all helps you quickly scale up! 

The 20-page workbook helps you put your thoughts and strategies on paper, so you can build your official personal branding plan easily, without feeling overwhelmed.

The ebook contents include:

What People Are Saying About This Book...

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"Using this book and workbook will set you up for success..."

… This book flows and covers it all. From the “why” of personal branding to literally sharing hashtags that make sense and even brand descriptors, using this book and her workbook will set you up for success as you create your voice and your own personal brand. She discusses it all, including networking and collaborations. In my personal blogging (and solopreneur journey) branding my Free At 50 blog, I’ve found Margaret to be an outstanding resource and her expertise in this book focused on branding, and the strategies you need to create is no exception. I highly recommend grabbing your copy ASAP.

– Daphne Reznik, Free at 50

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This e-book is for you if:


This ebook gives you the basics of personal branding, and strategies and tips on how to build your own personal branding plan. It gives you the insights and ideas that you can use to promote yourself, and grow your business or blog. 

I’m available to answer questions at any time! Just send me an email at margaret @ and I’ll explain if anything is unclear. 

Once you’ve purchased the e-books, you will have access to download the two PDF files containing the ebook and workbook.

You can pay via PayPal or Stripe (major credit cards accepted).

Unlike courses, with ebook purchases there is no refund policy. 

Hello, I'm Margaret

…The person behind this book! 

I’ve worked with many brands over the years, including with CEO and brand spokespeople who needed to live, breath and BE the brand. They needed to be niche experts in their own industries. 

I applied these personal branding lessons and have made my blog coaching business a successful side-hustle.

Taking these learnings, as well as the best online marketing strategies today, I’ve written this ebook specifically for bloggers and freelancers/solopreneurs in mind. 

It’s hard standing out among a sea of other “experts”. With this book, I help you with the overall strategies and tips that will get you started on creating your own authentic personal brand!

Margaret Bourne 2022
Karen Online Blog And Business Help

"Full of helpful information to help you stand out..."

“I think when a lot of new bloggers and entrepreneurs think about branding, their first thoughts go to the visual aspects – colour schemes, logos, etc. This eBook offers so much more beyond that!  It’s full of helpful information to help you stand out, connect, and set the desired tone of your entire business. It covers strategies to get yourself seen and heard as well as insightful ways to make genuine connections.
This is a fantastic guide for anyone wanting to really understand why branding is so important and really take it to the next level.

Karen Meder Whitfield, Online Blog And Business Help

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Get started today, on building your personal branding plan and your journey to blogging and business success.

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