Free blog post template and workbook.

Free Blog Post Template

Blog Post Template Workbook

Get started on your journey to writing great blog content with a FREE Blog Post Template Workbook! Use these easy-to-use templates and tips for crafting compelling content in a blog format that engages your readers. Get started on your journey to writing great blog posts! 

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Blog post formatting tips and an infographic with an outline


Blog post template workbook printable


Blog post checklist to make sure you’ve got everything before hitting publish

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"It helps me write posts easily and quickly - and I'm sure I'm not missing anything!"

Margaret B Blog Branding Toolkit

A little about me

Hi, I'm Margaret

Blogging is my passion – my creative outlet and my hobby turned business. 

With over 20 years in PR, marketing and content creation, I share tips and tricks for crafting blog posts that delight readers. 

Through blog coaching and informative resources like this blog post template workbook, I help new and growing bloggers become confident and profitable content creators.

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